To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

I wonder what you make of the latest world crisis. I refer of course to the effects of volcanic activity in Iceland and consequently the shutdown of all air traffic in Europe. Am I the only one who questions this absurd situation where health and safety appears to have gone berserk. We have a situation where this decision has been made with little in the way of actual proof of possible calamity to flights. There are now 150,000 British subjects stranded in the world unable to return to the UK as there's no flights into our airports. There's now a special government war cabinet called "Operation Cobra" which meets today to find a way through this mess. The Unions are calling for the airways to be operational again, as are many of the commercial airlines and businesses. Millions of pounds are being lost daily from the economy. Is this a coincidence, or what, that all this is occurring within the British general election campaign and shortly after the death of the Polish leader and his team from an airplane disaster? This is in many ways similiar to 9/11, although there's no acts of terrorism. I wonder what ORWELL would have made of this had he been around. I wonder also if this is some sort of planned event to see how people coped and to control movement of the masses all based on FEAR.

I would be interested to know what's your take on this, given that ORWELL himself always looked outside the box.

All the very best,
Ray Wills

Greetings Ray,

It sounds like you've done your "1984" homework and can well imagine what Orwell's take on this would be. See BIG BROTHER ORDER OUT OF CHAOS & WEATHER-FOOD-WATER-AIR CONTROL

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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