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"In his latest column for the New Statesman, John Pilger asks why so much western journalism looks at the world through a one-way moral mirror, and discovers that at the root of this censorship by omission is a more subtle attack on our collective memory".

It is about the rewriting of history. He who controls the present controls the past ...

Amazing to read that 10 years after their country left Vietnam, a third of Americans were not sure which side their government had supported. Eastasia? Eurasia?

-Stephen Maule

Greetings Stephen,

Typical New Statesman article (a notoriously anti-American publication) for portraying Oceania as the bad guy and not having a critical word to say about Eastasia (China) or Eurasia (USSR).

I can understand why lots of Americans don't know who or what they were actually fighting for, or against, in Vietnam. During the Vietnam war the Capitalists (USA-Oceania) never bombed Haiphong Harbour in Hanoi which was where the Communists (USSR-Eurasia) were shipping in supplies to help the OTHER Communists (China-Eastasia) arm the North Vietnamese for use against Americans and South Vietnamese. 55,000 Americans died in Vietnam and thousands were taken prisoner.

12.Ministry of Peace and KOREA, VIETNAM & GULF WARS

But thanks for bringing up the New Statesman because it reminds me of George Orwell. He despised Kingsley Martin, editor of the New Statesman, because in 1937 he refused to publish any of Orwell's Spanish civil war articles...


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