It's amazing how much things have changed
since the invention of the 386/66 computer isn't it?
Somehow those last 3 numbers ring a bell.


Hi Orwell Today,

Your web site is interesting. I just heard on my radio station today, December 8, 2003 (QR77 in Calgary, AB, Canada, Radio 779AM), a little about the veri-chip. Someone from the company was talking about its benefits. I had read prior reports on the internet that this was only for the purpose of identifying people and it would be voluntary. I had also read some reports that this is not likely to remain voluntary for long because if the company is going to sell the machines to scan the chips, they need to sell a lot of chips to make it worthwhile.

I also read on the internet that this chip would be great to use for medical purposes, -- It was all wonderful things of course, such as being able to locate a doctor quickly if you needed medical help, and he would have immediate access to your records. It could also be used to track the young and old if they wandered. Naturally nothing but the positive effects were touted.

I had also read somewhere on the internet that there was no need to worry about this being connected with the Mark of the Beast, where you would no longer be able to buy or sell without this mark.

No need to worry? Well they were talking on the radio today about encouraging banks to use it because it would help solve identification problems and fraud. Once the banks start using it, it's not hard to imagine that soon the chip will no longer be voluntary as they say but mandatory. Banks run the country, and they can do pretty well what they want.

I can see the time coming when money won't be printed at all. Instead people will be allotted points for their work, and will buy and sell everything with points. When they disobey the government they will be automatically punished with points, and these points will be deducted from their chips automatically. This will save the banks a lot of money because they won't have to go around printing money and they won't have to worry about fake money. It now costs the bank about 2 cents to make each $100 bill, but why spend the 2 cents and have all of these problems to boot?

They say on the net that this chip has the capability (or will have) to be connected to huge databases over the internet. Once people have it, they will be able to track your every movement and every financial transaction.

I guess the biblical prophesy is true -- the time is coming when we will no longer be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Although no one can say for sure that the veri-chip is this mark, one can't deny that if it isn't, it will definitely lead to the actual mark.

I really do believe that we are no longer run by a democratic society, but by anarchy, which is totally controlled by the rich and devised in a way that it "appears" we have a democracy. Most people must've learned by now that no matter what they ask of their politicians, the final answer will really depend on what the large corporations want. After all, these are the people who are electing them.

Most people must have also realized, by now, that many of the communities in their city are being bought up by large corporations, and then the people not only have to pay city taxes, but also extra taxes to the owners of these corporations. People also have to obey the rules of these corporations. I myself live in one of these communities. Although I do not live in a condominium, I still have to pay the corporation money to live in the district. These large corporations are the true people that are controlling the cities, the provinces, and the government. In my mind, this is nothing but anarchy displayed in a way that it appears to be democracy. We are all being run by people we can no longer control. They look good because they wear white collars, but we should see them as they really are.

It's amazing how much things have changed since the invention of the 386/66 computer isn't it? Somehow those last 3 numbers ring a bell.


PS - Oh, this product sells for $199 US, by the way, and is now awaiting FDA approval.

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MONDEX MARK OF BEAST (plans to replace money with biochips embedded in people). Snopes, Apr 5, 2004

Subdermal RFID chip coming soon (walking around with chip in your arm carrying personal/financial information being scanned without your knowledge). Register, Dec 8, 2003


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