To Orwell Today,

Please tell me if we have an American Embassy in Jamaica. If so, who is the ambassador. Tranquility Bay needs to be shut down. I have contacted a congress person with no luck.

- Ethel

Greetings Ethel,

I did a google and see that the USA does have an embassy in Jamaica, located in Kingston:

Brenda LaGrange Johnson, US Ambassador to Jamaica

It's not only in Jamaica that American children are being abused, but also at home. See the latest news update from CAICA (Coalition Against Institutionalized Child Abuse):

Use of Shock Therapy and Aversives on Mentally Ill Children, by Isabelle Zehnder, CAICA, September 20, 2006
There is great debate whether the use of shock therapy at the Judge Rotenberg Center for children should be allowed to continue, or if it should be banned altogether. Ironically, parents are fighting to keep shock therapy legal and in practice at this center, claiming it makes a difference in the lives of their children....

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