To Orwell Today,

What inspires a "great thinker"? Does GOD inspire them, or does something else?

Those who rely solely on their own human "imagination" to come to develop an explanation, or some conclusion about something, or develop some "theory" to explain things, or who make judgements according to human experience think they are wise, but are they, really?

To say that humans are very, very, limited in their ability to understand things that their own senses cannot experience is an understatement! Take for instance the spectrum of light that humans "see" in. It's a very narrow band of light in the electromagnetic spectrum, yet this very same spectrum has many other types of light that humans cannot "see". The other humans senses are just as limited as well.

It is highly arrogant of human beings to think that their conclusions, theories, and judgements are the only explanations for the nature of the Universe. To prove the point many astronomers have said that the more humans find out about the nature of the Universe, which was created by GOD, the more confused they become, and the more questions are created, rather than answered!

Divine inspiration, on the other hand, is given from GOD. This inspiration is NOT from any humans "imagination". This "inspiration" enables those chosen by GOD to actually understand things in a way that appears foreign to those whose minds are "veiled", still relying on their own "imagination". Those who rely on human "imagination" to offer up explanations, conclusions, theories, and judgements about the nature of the Universe will, one day, find out just how wrong they are.

-Lance Blanck

Greetings Lance,

Thanks for the food for thought.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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