To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

I really enjoyed reading Mike's tongue in cheek THINKERS ANONYMOUS email. It really says it all.

You're not meant to think or question BIG BROTHER. If you do you're branded or seen as not being normal, just as in GEORGE ORWELL'S 1984. The masses are indoctrinated by REALITY TV, MEDIA, CHEAP ALCOHOL, DRUGS and PORNOGRAPHY so as not to think or wonder and question.

At the present time we are all bombarded with messages of FEAR over the deep recession, effects of unemployment, loss of our homes via mortgage debt etc. There's an atmosphere of uncertainty about the future and the PROLES turn to these addictions to blot thinking out.

Our forefathers looked up to great thinkers and orators, inventors, writers etc but now the PROLES look up to loud lewd obnoxious Reality TV Stars, sex perverts and crude operators. Thinking is no longer an art form as in the time of great thinkers like Plato, Einstein or Shakespeare, which is a great pity.

All the very best,
Ray Wills

Greetings Ray, glad you're not an abstainer when it comes to thinking.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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Jackie Jura
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