Here's part of an email exchange:


You said, "Anyhow, i really don't know what synergy i can contribute,... i have no experience with making websites, so i am afraid i am certainly not the best person to ask. If there was anything i would add, i would consider a section on theories about the JFK assassination. That's all i have to say i guess. Thank you again for bringing your site to the world!"

You contribute synergy to me just by acknowledging you've read the site and commenting when something strikes a chord. The work I do with the website is my contribution to the cause of freedom. What really gives me the motivation to continue is I compare myself to a soldier fighting for his country. Our nation accepts our young men donning uniforms and going off to lay down their lives for us. How can we expect them to die for freedom if we won't even speak out in its defence? I fight not by donning a uniform and throwing my life on the line that way, but instead by picking up the pen and writing. The website is how I get the writing out into public domain.

As well I'm motivated to keep fighting for freedom by the moral support I receive from the readers of this site.

... so you ARE providing synergy.