To Orwell Today,

Great website, keep telling the truth. Thank God for the internet, the only place on the planet where you can actually FIND the truth in the first place.

Can we do a page on the UK Surveillance state, because that's what it is.

- The UK has more and larger databases of its citizens than anywhere else, including a DNA database of 1 million innocent children under 10 years old.

- We have more CCTV cameras than China, which has ten times the population.

- We have RIPA, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which gives almost any petty town hall bureaucrat the power to use covert surveillance on you for almost any reason.

- There are now 267 official bodies which have a legal right to force entry to your home.

- We have the ISPs using PHORM and Deep Packet Inspection to monitor everyone's use of the Internet.

- GCHQ scans all emails and SMS for keywords.

- The police have made a concerted effort to prevent anyone videoing them as they go about there business of oppressing the populace. It's now almost impossible to hold a political demonstration, and if you video or photograph the police you stand a good chance of being arrested (except there's no law preventing you videoing/photographing).

- You do not have a right to silence.

- You do not have a right to Jury Trial.

- You do not even have a right to legal assistance.

- You can now be detained without trial for 60 days.

- You can be stopped and searched on multiple pretexts.

- Inquests can be held in secret at the government's whim, and the report from the inquest sealed for 100 years (this has already happened to prevent us proving Dr David Kelly, the weapons expert, was murdered by the state to keep him quiet about the false claims made by Tony Blair's government regarding Iraq's WMDs.)

As you can see, there's plenty of evidence we are well into a totalitarian state, which of course is necessary as the European nation most likely to resist the New World Order is the independent-minded English. The first step is to set up the United States of Europe, an open and declared aim of the EU, but the English have to be destroyed as a nation first - this is why the EU is methodically stripping the English of there national identity, and why more than 3 million immigrants have been allowed in in the last 10 years.

-Steve Skepper

Greetings Steve,

Yes, thank God for the internet, and thank God for Orwell - without him we'd have nobody.

Thanks for the update on the Orwellian situation in the UK. We're almost as bad (and worse in some areas) here in Canada, USA and the rest of Oceania.

Great to have you as a reader and contributor.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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