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I am about to sit a GCSE exam on 1984 and am quite frankly terrified. I feel totally un-prepared and was wondering if you could give me any tips or ways to revise. If there were any scenes that you thought were particually good to write about or revise? If you knew any good websites to help me revise or if you had a few materials yourself?

I would really appreciate this as my exam is on thursday and although i have been working on the book for a while for some reason all of a sudden i just feel like i am going into the exam not knowing what to say. Its probably nerves but i would really, really appreciate it if you could help.

Thank You,

Greetings Gabriella,

I suggest you look at the list of 45 themes from "1984" on the left side of the Home Page of "Orwell Today" and read those that are easy to understand or imagine, for example 3.Surveillance or 20.Thought Police & Snitches or 16.Ministry of Truth (Lies).

Then take a look at the news stories that are listed under the heading "Today's Orwell" on the Home Page and see Orwellian events that fall under those particular themes. For example, in yesterday's news I posted a story about a university in Canada planning to train students to listen in on conversations of other students and report back if they overhear "sexist, racist, homophobic etc" comments. This is a perfect example of the "1984" theme "Thought Police & Snitches".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Thank you so, so much!

It will really help. :)


Jackie Jura
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