To Orwell Today,

Dear Ms Jura,

I came across your website by chance whilst looking for online essays comparing Orwell's 1984 with Stalin's Russia.

I am impressed by the amount of research that seems to have gone into creating it, and I may well buy a copy of 'Russia's darkness is rising' by Martin Sieff after reading your review....

I am very interested in what you are doing. You seem to be operating as a kind of one-woman news agency, with reference to certain selected topics.

I think the parallels between Orwell's vision of Oceania, Eurasia etc. are striking too.

-Toby Brace

Greetings Toby,

I'm glad you came upon ORWELL TODAY while researching comparisons between "1984" and Stalin's Russia. Much of the nightmare world that Orwell describes in "1984" he took directly from his knowledge of life in Russia since the Communists, under Lenin, came to power in 1917.

Orwell knew that most people in the Western World (Oceania) knew very little about the horrors inflicted on the Russian people under Stalin (whose side we joined in WWII and whom Roosevelt and Churchill lovingly referred to as "Uncle Joe"). Orwell wrote "1984" to enlighten us and warn us about such a system's future manifestation as Capitalistic Communism (what he referred to as "Oligarchical Collectivism") throughout the entire world. I attempt to explain this in the essay CORPORATE COMMUNSIM.

That book you reference as "Russia's Darkness Is Rising" is actually "Darkness At Dawn" by David Satter.

Russia Dark Dawn

It was reviewed  by Martin Sieff in the article I transcribed as the essay RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO, and under which I link to other articles and essays on the subject of Communism, Stalin et al.

I like your appraisal of my website as a "one-woman news agency". That's close to how I describe it myself, although I use Orwell's term "a minority of one" operation.

It's great to have you as an ORWELL TODAY reader and I hope you continue with your research into Stalin and "1984".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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