To Orwell Today,

Who bombed Spain?

Just when you thought the war was slowing and all that mattered was who gets fired from The Apprentice, the evil strikes again!

An attack of this magnitude does not come about by scattered, disorganized forces. Besides the ETA has never done anything like this, and flat out deny it. Either the attack went better (bigger) than expected or they really had nothing to do with it.

Al-Quds didnít immediately step up either which is surprising giving the magnitude and careful planning required. One would expect, letters, tapes, even video to have been carefully constructed and distributed in advance to maximize the impact. No, responsibility for "Spainís 911" was emailed to a London paper.

What if public interest within the US was waining. What if Americaís biggest ally was under investigation? What if the war hadnít done enough to stop Americaís economic decline? How could we keep the Americans on their toes, help out Tony Blair and justify the need to spend more money on the war machine? What if the CIA bombed Spain?

Corey Kaye

Hello Corey,

You might like to read my new poem, WHO YOU GONNA BLAME? OSAMA!

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Jackie Jura

Madrid blasts: Who to blame? (collusion of Eta splinter-group sympathetic to Islamic al-Qaeda?) & Europe rethinks war on terror (Europe's 9-11 is 11-M). BBC, Mar 12, 2004

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