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Love your site. On the topic of witchcraft and satanism I have been looking into the term Pharmakeia which was used in the Greek versions of the bible.

Pharmakeia has different meanings in Greek but in the Bible it used for 'witchcraft', 'sorcery', 'spells' via drugs and drug induced enchantment.

There are many passages in the NT warning about the Pharmakeia and how via drugs one can lose will power and be led from God.

Look at society today. If you can make the historical connection between drugs and sorcery, which I think you can, our society is definitely possessed.

There is another Greek term, Hegemonikon, used by the early pagan philosophers and later by Arab and Renaissance magician/philosophers that is very important.

The Hegemonikon was the magical 'seat of the soul', meaning even more than neurology or physiogonmy alone; the Hegemonikon was the soul's communications center linking the physical with the spiritual, what modern scientists (magicians?) call consciousness.

20th century cybernetics uses a similar concept of a communications center: the 'affective tone totalizer' that could be directed and 're-programmed' for elite control of the masses.

Via drugs (pharmakei), phantasms (imagery media) and cybernetic social programming the modern sorcerer-scientists are after age-old ideas of soul-reality-possession; they are after the collective Hegemonikon (heart) of the masses.

It is striking, the 'change of heart', that society has undergone in such a short time since Roe v. Wade, the 1960s and the complete dessimation of Christian sympathies.

Why do the elite not just murder millions? They have done this but Satan is hell-bent on turning God's creation into a hell-hole and every time he ruins a soul he and his minions believe (falsely) that they gain strength. They live by 'schadenfreude', pleasure out of other people's misery, and love abuse and material and spiritual possessions.

Spiritual warfare is stronger than ever and people have to realize that sorcerers use the body to access the soul. Drugs have a definite spiritual implication on both the individual and mass psyche.

Thanks for defending the truth,
Andrew Coyle

Greetings Andrew,

Thanks for your explanation of the historical connection between drugs and sorcery.

Manipulation of the mind and body to try and find the soul of man is one of the evil practices being perpetrated against human beings by scientists today - just as Orwell said in "1984".

14.Scientific Experimentation and 42.The Party Tells 'Why'

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Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Thanks for posting my email and the very pertinent Orwell links.

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