To Orwell Today,


I am a middle school student in San Diego. I just wanted to thank you for the fun resource with sing along songs in the car. I had a fun time reading the article.

I want to suggest another one that readers might like. It's called Educational and Fun Songs to Sing with Your Kids in the Car:

"Let's face it, car rides with kids can be rough.
They're strapped in with nowhere to go and little to do.
Many parents hand over their phone or iPad to occupy their tots.
However, research has shown that increased screen time
may be detrimental to a child's social development.
On the other hand, singing with your children
has been shown to increase language acquisition and development.
So, ditch the apps and try some of these great sing-a-long songs!"

Hopefully some other people find it entertaining.

All the best,

Greetings Laura,

Thanks for your suggestion of another resource with songs for children to sing along to while in the car. I've listened to some of them and they are fun and educational.

I agree with the premise that children are exposed to too much screen time where they are "watching" instead of just listening and observing the world around them with their own eyes. Listening to the songs and learning the lyrics is a great way for them to increase their language skills and develop their imaginations -- using their own brains. And it's definitely entertaining for the whole family, including the driver.

When my grandchildren come to visit I like to put on book tapes of stories and nursery rhymes while they are busy colouring or drawing or doing puzzles. Next time I'll play these sing-along songs for them because you don't have to be in a car to enjoy them.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Reader Taylor sends a link to sing-along-songs to entertain children on car trips


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