To Orwell Today,

Hi there,

I just wanted to send you over a quick thank you! I came across your page WHOLE WORLD IN THEIR HANDS this morning with the lyrics and the song.

With holiday season among us, my family and I have a long eight hour drive ahead of us. I have been trying to compile a long list of songs that we can learn in the car to help keep my kids entertained. You have some really great songs and links that I have added to my list and just wanted to thank you for creating it.

My daughter Michelle has been helping me look for songs we can learn in the car and came across a great article with tons of songs -- Songs to Sing in the Car for Kids

We thought you might want to add to your page and that your visitors might also enjoy this article! Let us know what you think!

Happy holidays to you,
Taylor Roberts

Greetings Taylor,

So glad you enjoyed the version of HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS that you found on my Orwell Today website.

Thanks for sending the list of sing-along-songs for kids to learn on car trips -- that'll be a fun way to fend off the "Are we there yet?" moments.

Happy holidays to you too.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Reader Laura sends a link to Educational & Fun Songs to Sing with Your Kids in the Car


Jackie Jura
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