To Orwell Today,

Hi there,

I came across your excellent page while researching how to refuse a smart meter. I am in Oshawa, Ontario, and have been fighting the water meter people for about 3 years now. We have an old analog water meter in our basement and they want to replace it with a "mandatory" smart meter. I just received another threatening letter yesterday saying that they would cut off my water if I don't abide bylaw #89-2003 Section 16.

I read with interest on your page that smart meters aren't mandatory but that some form of meter is. Do you know if this applies to Ontario as well? I have enlisted the help of a city councillor who got them to stop harassing me for about 8 months but now it's ramping up again. I do not want smart meters on my home!

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated!


Greetings Barbara,

Among the Smart Meter articles and emails on my website over the years there are links to stories and info from people all over the western world attempting to refuse and remove smart meters for electricity and water.

In a quick overview I notice that some links are no longer updating, or no longer exist, so it seems the fight against smart meters is not as active as it used to be. Wireless "smart" technology -- in phones, homes, appliances, cars, cities and even in humans themselves, is advancing so fast that it's becoming almost impossible to live "under the radar".

As far as it being mandatory, that is what the governments -- municipal, provincial and federal -- have always been saying in varying degrees, but they make exceptions when people put up a fight. It seems they allow some form of "grandfathering" clause -- ie until a person moves, or dies, they can keep their analog.

It used to be that vaccination was volunatry, but now they are forcing people to vaccinate their children, or themselves, or they won't be allowed to go to school, work or receive any form of government benefit due to all citizens. But there are still holdouts.

So I guess all you can do is keep doing what you've been doing -- refusing to allow a smart meter in your home.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, October 2017

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Thank you very much. I'll keep you posted if they actually do cut off my water supply as they've been threatening to do. Should make an interesting newspaper story if they do this to a household with a one and a three year old.


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Jackie Jura
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