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~ Jackie Jura

Orwell Today invites readers to comment on the site and contribute Orwellian comparisons of their own by sending emails to me at Your comments, observations and questions will sometimes be published for the interest of all. The most recent emails will appear at the top. It is impossible for any one person to track BIG BROTHER's emerging presence throughout the world. Orwell Today is a work in progress that will depend in part on readership synergy. Thank you in advance for your much-valued input. ~ All the best, Jackie Jura, 2001

~ Chris asks for source of Solomons photo for his JFK assassination project

~ Jackie sends greetings to grandson of JFK's 1943 rescuer recalling visit of JFK's daughter & grandson to Solomon Islands in August 2023

~ Michael was disappointed in the new Orwell biography WIFEDOM & asks if I've read it

~ Michael, a self-confessed "Orwell tragic" enquires about the new biography by D J Taylor

~ Mala, grandson of JFK's rescuer, Eroni Kumana, sends news of JFK's daughter & grandson visit to Naru and Plum Pudding islands

~ Rick is a photographer of pens and typewriters of famous authors and wants to include Orwell

~ Chris says Orwell Today website is most scholarly, academic he's ever seen

~ Mala sends letter to JFK daughter Caroline from Kumana's son John F Kennedy

~ Mala Rellysdom sends welcome to new USA Ambassador to Australia Caroline Kennedy

~ Anonymous says JFK was only in Kevu's canoe and not in Biuka's and Kumana's canoe

~ Donald sends links to how to listen to his radio show on various venues

~ Marian's looking for the Blue Willow dishes poem that has the word "paling" in it

~ Arnold solves the mystery of where in Australia the photo of Jackie in front of the fountain was taken

~ Doug listened to Jura on Jeffries radio show & sends pic wearing hat saying MAKE 1984 FICTION AGAIN

~ Donald Jeffries, author and radio host, interviews Jackie Jura

~ Kason, during rehab for drug addiction, was given a writing assignment to imagine his funeral and share with the group

~ Deo Koya Ntarugera explains again the history of why Rwanda blames France for complicity in the genocide 28 years ago

~ Gordon attended a March For Freedom rally protesting against mandated COVID vaccines & passports

~ Sean says his graphic novel "Such, Such Were the Joys" has been published & endorsed by Orwell's son

~ Elisa from Brazil requests permission to use photos of Orwell's birthplace in a textbook for students of his life and work

~ Andrea from Italy brings to my attention important mistakes differentiating lies from truths in the 2013 Playboy article by Sinatra's valet

~ Alex sends news that 4 British Airway pilots died after getting the COVID shot

~ Alan asks how likely it is that the Secret Service used their own snipers to shoot JFK

~ Ameya asks the source for the photo of Orwell with the International Brigade in Spain in 1937

~ Liam is studying history & military strategies of Rwanda & needs the source for map of RFP maneuvers in 1994

~ Louis listened to the Timpone/Jura COVID interview & asks where to get a copy of the mask-exemption by-law

~ Jim says the Timpone/Jura COVID interview was good except Jackie's take on Joe Sr & Ted Kennedy is ridiculous

~ Gwenda's great-grandmother from Lancashire used to recite the Willow Pattern poem to her grandmother when she was a child

~ Amber is writing a university paper and wants to cite sources for info on Orwell's Langford Court flat in London

~ Tonse Raju publishes article on history of heart surgery including O'Shaughnessy's contributions

~ Tonse Raju sends letter by O'Shaughnessy congratulating first doctor successfully operating on human heart

~ Dr Tonse Raju asks what is the exact date of the death at Dunkirk of Orwell's brother-in-law Laurence O'Shaughnessy

~ Bryce went to The British Library and photocopied Orwell's 1941 "Don't Let Colonel Blimp Ruin the Home Guard" newspaper article

~ Laura sends a link to Educational & Fun Songs to Sing with Your Kids in the Car

~ Wendy says she's heard the phrase ORDER OUT OF CHAOS from others but until the explanation on ORWELL TODAY had never realized what it meant or how it applied to our reality as human beings here on this earth

~ Connie is making a bumper sticker of the unborn sucking its thumb

~ Jean just finished writing a comprehensive guide on the 100 best things to do in Iceland

~ Lorettalyn Habotu is the granddaughter of Ben Kevu who was the leader of the Solomon native scouts who rescued JFK and the PT-109 crew

~ Diana is doing a thesis on Orwell's 1984 book covers & requests publishing info on a 1984 edition seen on my website

~ Helene is one of only two surviving victims of the CIA-Canada brainwashing experiments & hopes her children will be compensated for the trauma it caused them

~ Julie sends news that she & other family of brainwashing victims are being interviewed by the 5th Estate & CTV news in Montreal

~ Julie is trying to find all victims & family members of the brainwashing experiments by the Canadian government that took place at McGill University Allen Memorial Hospital in 1940s to 60s to join a class-action lawsuit

~ Sylvia's book about Orwell's extraordinary first wife, Eileen O'Shaugnhessy just got published

~ Jackie apologises for taking so long to respond to emails while temporarily away from the website working on other projects

~ David asks for the author/title of the book whose photos of the Kennedy assassination are reproduced on the website

~ Whitney is trying to get in touch with Dr Bob McClelland for a TV project about the assassination of JFK

~ David conducts walking tours of George Orwell's London

~ Barbara in Ontario has refused a smart meter but now the government says it's mandatory

~ Sylvia is moving to a new house in Ontario and wants to remove the Smart Meter

~ Joshua came across the poem RISK and its author is not "Unknown" but is by Janet Rand

~ Barbara is designing a book about thumb-sucking for an orthodontist and requests to use the image of baby in womb sucking its thumb

~ Anonymous says thanks for highlighting the involvement of the 7 other Solomon Island natives in the rescue of JFK

~ N K Shealey found a PT-109 movie poster signed by JFK's radio man, John Maguire

~ James is looking for a photo of his wife's father, Gerard Zinser, on PT-109 with JFK

~ Jonathan plans to get a tattoo with the "To die hating them, that was freedom" line from 1984

~ Michelle asks if anyone knows the colour of the jacket Terry Fox was wearing when he filled the water jug on the beach in Newfoundland

~ Sorry for taking so long to respond to Readers' emails -- will be back with updates soon ~ Jackie Jura

~ Sue enjoyed reading the account of my visit to her village of Orwell in England

~ David says it was a treat reading about Orwell's life on Jura

~ Bob watched the movie JOHNNY WE HARDLY KNEW YE on TV many years ago and has been searching for it ever since

~ Patrick sends the booklets written by Sylvia Westley explaining the Chalk Farm/Willingdon connections to ANIMAL FARM

~ Patrick would love to see Chalk Farm and his Sussex village of Willingdon promoted to tourists as Orwell's inspiration in Animal Farm

~ Charles's great-grandfather Joseph Sherer adapted modern-day polo from the Indian horse hockey game circa 1860

~ Charles says his grandfather was a doctor in Motihari and his father was maybe born in the same bungalow as Orwell

~ R J sends a photo of a placard with the slogan: 1984 Was Not Supposed To Be An Instruction Manual

~ Aaron Malakana, grandson of JFK's PT-109 rescuer, Kumana, sends news from the Solomon Islands celebrating New Year 2017

~ Jim says that in Homage to Catalonia Orwell doesn't mention his ability to speak Catalan and Spanish

~ Taylor sends a link to sing-along-songs to entertain children on car trips

~ The book LETTERS TO JACKIE arrived and the condolence letter from JFK PT-109 gunner Bucky Harris is there

~ Elleke is combating installation of electricity and water smart-meters in her home for safety, health and surveillance reasons

~ Jennifer requests info on how to get the smart-meter removed from outside her house

~ Jordan is looking for the condolence letter his great-uncle Bucky Harris -- JFK's gunner on PT109 -- sent to Jackie after the assassination

~ Jason hopes the website evolves to include discussion forums and archived data that is categorized and searchable

~ Bob says he is the writer/producer of THE FIRST FAMILY album & hired Vaughn Meader to be the JFK impersonator

~ Jason sends an interpretion of the lyrics to the 70s song AMERICAN PIE

~ Tracy sends an article about Johnny Bourassa in August/September 2016 issue of Yellowknife, NWT magazine

~ Reader Jackie sends info on the Prevention Coalition helping people affected with drug/alcohol abuse/addiction

~ Sam asks for info on the background of Orwell's Crystal Spirit poem

~ Adam's grandfather was Orwell's friend King-Farlow who changed his name to Nettleton at Eton

~ Jackie sends Debapriya Mookherjee contact info for Delhi correspondent

~ Andrew requests contact info for the Debapriya Mookherjee, head of Orwell conservation efforts in Motihari

~ Maria requests permission to use pic of fetus sucking its thumb for a presentation on positive touch

~ Jackie asks readers to peruse the website at their leisure until she resumes answering emails and updating the website in the New Year, 2016

~ Jackie adds further quotes from Viv Forbes' interview with Patrick Timpone explaining the role of carbon on Earth

~ Jackie sends appreciation to Patrick Timpone for his interview with Viv Forbes, the CO2 expert from Australia defending coal, gas and oil & posts the link for readers to listen

~ Chris asks what was the first adaptation of ANIMAL FARM besides Orwell's own 1947 radio dramatisation and the 1954 animated movie

~ Andrew sends thoughts on Orwell's Southwold, anti-Stalinism, democratic socialism, Attlee & Bevin

~ Andrew lives near River Orwell in England and chanced upon ORWELL TODAY about JFK and General MacArthur

~ Amy asks how to cite Orwell Today in an essay for A-level course

~ Edmond is trying to refuse a smart water meter & is being ignored by Neptune & the City of Toronto

~ Jan explains how Orwell's brother-in-law Dr Laurence O'Shaughnessy was a giant in cardio-thoracic surgery

~ Zoe sends tour brochure about holidays in Scotland including Orwell's Barnhill house on Jura

~ Marnie sends appreciation for photo of Doug Alward -- best friend of Terry Fox -- for use in textbook about Interpersonal Communication

~ Carrieann sends a photo of a jug and a chamber pot in the Blue Willow china pattern

~ Dai says his ancestors in Sheffield, England delivered coal with a cart-horse named Boxer like in Orwell's ANIMAL FARM

~ James asks who holds the rights to ANIMAL FARM in the UK

~ Urvashi seeks permission to copy Orwell's BOOKSHOP MEMORIES in a course book for students in India

~ Colleen received a letter from the city saying her water will be shut off unless she installs a smart water meter

~ Erika says the Ontario Landowners Association has started a Toronto Chapter to help people solve smart water meter issues

~ Andy is trying to refuse the installation of a smart water meter -- will call City Hall

~ Nina requests contact info to interview Motihari's Mookherjee on Orwell and Gandhi

~ Caitlin enjoyed my photos and stories in Homage to Orwell -- especially the visit to his Canonbury flat with tidbits about the locals

~ Alana is wondering where on ORWELL TODAY to find info on police brutality, intimidation, and corruption

~ Ed is searching for the diaries and papers of Orwell's friend Celia who was a mutual friend of Inez Holden

~ Chris is seeking compensation for brainwashing experiments conducted on his mother by the Canadian government

~ Lucy is writing her masters and wants to cite the poem DOWN THE MINE by Peter Cordwell

~ Sandra sends info from the Royal College of Surgeons on how Orwell's brother-in-law Doc O'Shaughnessy died at Dunkirk

~ Robert says the coastwatcher who rescued JFK & PT-109 crew in the Solomons in WWII was Lt Evans -- not Wincote

~ Malakana eulogises Aaron Kumana and sends photos of the burial ceremony

~ Malakana sends sad news from Solomon Islands that JFK's PT-109 rescuer Aaron Kumana has died

~ Rahul is travelling to Motihari, India for a BBC radio program about the museum at Orwell's birthplace

~ Jan wants to walk the rural lane from Orwell's ANIMAL FARM at Willingdon down to the sea near Eastbourne

~ Alex sends corrected links to the Light Emitting Diode (LED) flashlight weapon that makes people sick

~ Prabod from Kathmandu read my remembrances of Nepal & is creating an exhibit of travellers' photos

~ Walter asks to use the unborn-sucking-its-thumb pic for a pro-life advert in the New Zealand general election

~ Ousman suffers ringing in the ears from an electricity smart meter & is trying to refuse installation of a smart water meter

~ Robert typed a page from one of Orwell's books on a typewriter like Orwell's for Orwell's birthday

~ Saad is producing a TV show about travel in India with a segment on Orwell's birth place in Motihari

~ Ashok from India is having difficulty obtaining Orwell books and biographies to read

~ Gordon says the real-life location of the woods where Winston & Julia met is near Slough station

~ Readers, I'll be responding to emails intermittently but in the meantime please peruse the website at your leisure ~ Jackie

~ Jamie says thanks for the info on Drug Abuse and sends a link to further research

~ Anne sends news that Orwell's cottage in Wallington is for sale

~ Andy wants to use the photo of JFK & Bobby with a Teamster truck in a TV program about Hoffa

~ Dusan sends a photo of LBJ's "thousand yard stare" during JFK's motorcade through Dallas

~ Rafael from Brazil sends feedback on Orwell Today

~ Robert listened to Jackie's radio interview & sends a bible quote about evil controlling the world

~ Peter went to Washington for JFK's funeral & sends a video slideshow of the photos

~ Jim sends photos of JFK's funeral that he snapped at 4-years-old from atop his dad's shoulders

~ Julian says JFK lives in all who honour & remember him

~ Katherina wrote a poem in memory of the life & death of JFK 50 years ago

~ C Leahy's grandfather was the carpenter at the Capitol who found & repaired Lincoln's catafalque for JFK

~ Kim says she listened to Jackie's radio interview while paying homage to JFK

~ Patrick on One Radio Network interviews Jackie on eve of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK ~ listen

~ Ari from Guatemala says our future is looking like 1984

~ Mala sends news of the fundraising campaign of Solomon Islander Aaron Kumana who rescued JFK and paddled the coconut in 1943

~ Jan has a set of Blue Willow dishes made in Japan & wonders about their dollar value

~ Karen asks to use the photo of the baby sucking its thumb in the womb for a project

~ Katie, from the village of Orwell in England, is planning a Literary Weekend featuring 1984

~ Julia sends info about restoration of the trenches Orwell fought in during the Spanish Civil War

~ Keira sends a pro-life poem she wrote about the unborn

~ Lee knew Yukon crash survivor Flores in 1960 & visited Flores family in 2013

~ Robert recommends his book "In the Aftermath of Genocide: The USA Role in Rwanda"

~ Jackie sends email to Patrick's radio show about Gaddafi's Great Man-Made River providing pure water to Libya

~ Jackie sends notice of the U-2 correction to Up Here magazine re their article about the search for Johnny Bourassa's plane

~ William says the U-2 wasn't in existence in 1951 during the search for Johnny Bourassa's plane

~ Steve says there's a JFK special on CBC TV this Sunday

~ Peter says he flew with Raymond Bourassa and enjoyed reading the wartime exploits of Johnny Bourassa

~ Tuba asks how to cite Orwell Today as a source on a research paper about Gulliver's Travels

~ Peter sends a link to a BBC Orwell documentary with interviews of people who knew him personally

~ Jan is writing about giants in cardiothoracic surgery including Orwell's brother-in-law Laurence O'Shaughnessy

~ Peter met Orwell's friend Paul Potts in London after the war

~ Peter is writing a booklet about freedom of the press while experiencing consistent, continuous, totally waterproof censorship

~ Peter rode his bicycle on a pilgrimage to Jura inspired by the 1984 BBC film "Orwell The Crystal Spirit"

~ Pat is collecting poems about coal mining for the heritage society of North East Derbyshire -- home of three pits

~ Richard sends a Blue Willow dishes poem from Australia

~ Howard asks to use the facts of life photos of the unborn to teach unconditional love to his students

~ George sends Orwell's Eton report card and explains why his friend King-Farlow's name was missing

~ Peter sends 3 DVDs of JFK's visit to Ireland including the movie JOHNNY WE HARDLY KNEW YE

~ Peter delivered the JFK WE HARDLY KNEW YE sign to New Ross & took a pic of the handover

~ Peter says he took the JOHNNY I HARDLY KNEW YE sign down from the attic to lend to New Ross for 5Oth anniversary JFK Homecoming celebrations

~ Ceclia asks to use a caricature of Orwell in an art magazine in Brazil

~ Harsh from India is writing a newspaper feature on the state of Orwell's house in Motihari

~ Ray wishes to borrow the "Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye" sign for the 50th anniversary of JFK visiting New Ross, Ireland

~ Jim had never seen the LBJ rattlesnake clip from JFK's Fort Worth breakfast before

~ Rene asks to use the baby-in-womb photo on her website about first time pregnancy

~ James sends an article on efforts to protect the Motihari, Bihar, India birthplace of Orwell

~ Mala sends news of his grandfather Kumana who rescued JFK in the Solomon Islands during WWII

~ Marlene is looking for Blue Willow wallpaper after reading the Blue Willow poems

~ Paul is taking flowers for JFK to Parkland Hospital in November

~ John says publication of a book named "Orwell Today" is based on his Eric Blair seminar in Letchworth in 2011

~ Jackie says sorry for taking so long to answer emails but is in research mode -- will get back to answering soon :>)

~ Maxine asks how to refuse a smart water meter and have a smart electricity meter removed

~ Vea in the Philippines is publishing a grade 7 textbook with the photo of the unborn sucking its thumb

~ John lives 30-miles away from where the Prime Minister's ship was busted for transporting coke back in 2004

~ Fab asks for help on how to refuse a smart water-meter

~ John writes from "the place that time forgot" which is a kingdom in Costa Rica themed on Orwell's 1984

~ Robin is planning to visit the house in Motihari, India where Orwell was born

~ Dan visited the Murambi Genocide Memorial in Rwanda and wonders if crimes against humanity will ever end

~ Jeff says the mistake on the jail where Ruby shot Oswald is 100% corrected now

~ Jeff says Oswald was shot in the City Jail at the police station on his way to the County Jail at Dealey Plaza

~ Mark is teaching 1984 to his grade 12 students, focusing on the Chestnut Tree Cafe

~ Mike says Johnny Bourassa's missing plane flew a path to diamonds in northern Canada

~ Steve is reading ANIMAL FARM and can sense Orwell's presence as he walks the Downs in Willingdon

~ Jackie says sorry for taking so long to answer much-valued emails but will be getting caught up soon :>]

~ Peter says 271 letter boxes with King Edward VIII's cipher "ER" were cast during his reign

~ Peter says the "GR" on the postbox in Orwell's Wallington village stands for "George Rex" which is Latin for King George

~ Stephen says if 1 kilowatt powers 10 lightbulbs, 700 kilowatts would power 7,000 lightbulbs

~ Gilbert says "Orwell Today" is cited on the first page of "Endgame", the new book about Bobby Fischer

~ Eric sends a photo of his mother, as a young child, with man's best friend -- the horse

~ Barbara's mother told her the story of her grandmother reciting the Blue Willow poem to her 90 years ago

~ Lorraine says her typing is faster and more accurate on electronic typewriters than on computer keyboards

~ Patrick mentions the JFK Secret Society Speech I sent to his One Radio Network show

~ Kirk says the Obama "birther" conspiracy is comical

~ Amanda asks if there's a definitive list of the London locations Orwell renamed in 1984

~ Karol says abortionist Morgentaler is a pseudo-medical fraud with only 3 years of medical school to his name

~ Liz says the Boston Strangler killed one of his victims the day after JFK was assassinated

~ Peter says the response to the musical cabaret "One Georgie Orwell" was fantastic

~ Gina made a music video of the photo of the unborn sucking its thumb

~ Hank sends a Lincoln-Kennedy coincidence about vice-presidents Breckinridge & Nixon

~ Pierre in Australia says corporate growth & military spending are turning people into slaves

~ Ray sends a coincidence about Jefferson Davis connections in the Lincoln & Kennedy assassinations

~ Marketa is looking for a copy of the book "1984" signed by the author

~ Richard says his father was with Orwell's brother-in-law Laurence O'Shaughnessy when he died at Dunkirk

~ Alsaleh asks why JFK was in Dallas in an open car & what JFK wants us to learn

~ Peter sends the flyer for the musical "One Georgie Orwell" playing at Greenwich Theatre, London, April 26-29, 2012

~ Kyle explains a pint of beer in metric, imperial and US customary measures -- go figure

~ Tina's grandfather attended JFK's funeral and she has the tape he filmed

~ James asks why his uncle's name does not appear on lists of JFK's PT-boat crews

~ Margaret asks permission to reprint the 1984 Macintosh TV Ad image displayed on "Orwell Today"

~ Cecilia asks what is my source for saying that Winston's diary refers to Orwell's "1984"

~ Ashley asks what got me interested in creating "Orwell Today"

~ Alsaleh says thanks and blessings for "Orwell Today"

~ Jean Claude sends news about Rwanda, Congo and the deportation from Canada of Mugesera who incited genocide

~ Keith found the much sought-after book "Remembering Orwell" in a box full of books left on the curb for garbage pick-up

~ Mala sends photos of JFK rescuer Kumana and Jackie says Prince William is visiting Solomons

~ Rob announces a new website dedicated to Orwell enthusiasts inviting them to visit Jura and stay at Barnhill

~ Sam says Peter Powell included hand-painted signs in his Angel Walk literary tours of Orwell's Islington

~ Bob is very interested in the Solomon Islands projects of Mr Kumana who rescued JFK

~ Jane is researching Orwell's connection to Preston Hall as inspiration for "Animal Farm"

~ Glenda wonders if her brother was stationed on PT-109

~ Nadja is dismayed by the mainstream media coverage of Libya

~ David says thanks for "Orwell Today" website

~ Bethany wonders what the value is of JFK photos taken by her father

~ Brent has a collection of 200 different editions of "1984" in over 30 languages

~ Kevin says it was interesting reading about the beneficial effects of JFK's wicker rocking chair

~ Carol says after hearing my interview about the murder of JFK she plans to watch "Executive Action"

~ Amnah wonders about conspiracy theories on the subject of the Kennedys & Marilyn Monroe

~ Rosita is going to Hay-On-Wye in Wales because of reading about that book town on "Orwell Today"

~ Malakana is interested in setting up a museum on the old head-hunting sites of Solomon Islands

~ Kevin sends photos of the JFK PT-109 and PT-Boat Commander GI-Joe figures he is offering for sale

~ James reports that another son of Motihari (as was Orwell) has won great fame & fortune in the quiz show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?"

~ Mark is saddened by the ongoing destruction of another proud country & the assassination of its leader, Gaddafi

~ Brigitte is sad in heart and mind and crying for Gaddafi

~ Kevin has a JFK PT-109 GI-Joe figure in the original Hasbro box which he is offering for sale

~ Carol sends a 9/11 trick for folding a $20 bill

~ Marga from Holland asks to use the unborn-sucking-its-thumb picture

~ Dido points out that a pure person is a "purist" but pure water is spelled "purest"

~ Ryan says his British theatre company will be staging "Burmese Days" on Broadway in New York City this November

~ Jackie's stamp-collector friend shares an article about postcards from Orwell's island of Jura

~ Nigel is writing an article about Orwell's relationship with motorcycles & asks to use the illustration found on Orwell Today

~ Tommie is reading Orwell and asks if anyone has written anything on the Freedom Defense Committee

~ Brad asks about socialsim, communism & Orwellian nightmares

~ Caroline sends a link to a video of Jackie Jura's radio interview comparing Newspeak to Twitter

~ Sharon sends video coverage of Gaddafi's Tripoli Green Square speech to millions of Libyans gathered to support him

~ Sharon says something doesn't feel quite right about a news article saying Gaddafi's son's wife burnt his baby's nanny

~ Maz put together a video over soundtrack of Jackie Jura's radio interview talking about Gaddafi & what's going on in Libya

~ Peter says the discovery of the burnt bodies in Libya must be unsettling

~ David listened to my interview on One Radio Network and shares his memories of reading Orwell's books

~ Christine enjoyed listening to my radio interview with Patrick Timpone about Orwell

~ James asks to make copies of articles on McCarthy, Korea & the penetraton of America by China and Russia

~ Cathie saw 'chemtrails' in the sky while planes were flying overhead

~ Aaron from Solomon Islands made a website for his grandfather Aaron Kumano who rescued JFK & his PT 109 crew in 1943

~ Rose says there's absolutely no evidence that JFK was a womanizer or ever slept with anyone outside of his wife

~ Mark says his turning point was realizing that it's not possible for steel-framed buildings to turn into dust in mid air

~ Dom stayed at Orwell's house on Jura & made a film from a camera suspended from a kite flying above

~ Jackie says SORRY for being so far behind in answering emails and promises to catch up ASAP~ jj

~ May has a first-edition paperback copy of "1984" & is looking for 2nd/3rd/4th editions

~ David is seeking the copyright contact person for Orwell's friend Paul Potts

~ Kelly asks to use the image of the baby-in-the-womb-sucking-its-thumb

~ Ziad is a student researching how Orwell's "1984" is an insight on the future & accurately demonstrates our world today metaphorically

~ Marcus sends a Congressional report about technology advancing in mind control without regard for American rights

~ Tony explains who "Duggie" and Eugene Aram are in Orwell's "little poem" about the happy vicar

~ Johann says people's noses are buried deep in the New World Order but they can't smell it

~ Marcus is researching institutional torture & brainwashing in schools like "Straight Inc"

~ Dr Luciuk wonders if there's ever been a Yiddish or Hebrew edition of "Animal Farm"

~ Norma would like to see the documentary "Dark Side of the Moon"

~ Erin enjoys the website especially seeing the photos of the pilgrimages to Orwell

~ Jeffrey learned much from reading Crick's biography of Orwell & is about to start Orwell's "Burmese Days"

~ Shirley enjoyed watching the movie "The Snow Walker" and wants to read Farley Mowat's works

~ Erwin sends a Lincoln-Kennedy coincidence about Russian war ships sailing to America during the presidencies of both

~ Dhananjay says the work to restore Orwell's birth place in Bihar is restoring the pride of ancient Bihar

~ Jeffrey has recently started reading all of Orwell's works & biographies

~ Richard asks about the poem Orwell wrote at Eton that was featured on the website

~ Richard enquires about a letter signed by Orwell that a reader wants to sell

~ Lee is working on a documentary about Tranquility Bay boarding school & is looking for contact info for a photo

~ Nelson says it's hard for website readers to find news topics they're interested in & suggests a search-bar would be helpful

~ Wellington didn't know about Soviet defector Gouzenko until he saw the 1948 movie "Behind the Iron Curtain"

~ Mike sends pics about messy desks and tidy minds

~ John asks for an explanation of "the little poem" in Orwell's essay "Why I Write"

~ Amy wonders what Big Brother plans to do with people who've been forced out of work

~ Elisa says the similarities in "1984" to what is going on today are amazing

~ Tom asks if a central bank was a national bank in Lincoln's time

~ Karen is writing a book about Russian torture during Stalin's time and asks permission to use website info

~ Dot says the unknown author of the poem "To Risk" is known

~ Jakob is wondering which of deGaulle's memoirs Jackie Kennedy translated from french for JFK

~ Patrik is doing a story on Peter Powell who conducted "angel walks" in Islington where Orwell lived

~ Gary asks why O'Brien & his cronies spent so much time reprogramming two nobodies like Winston & Julia

~ Vanessa would like to place an ad for advice & legal representation on the top of the DUI IS DUI, DUH page

~ Peter sends the songs done so far toward his musical theatre production about "One Georgie Orwell"

~ Izzy says the anti-bully movement is an Orwellian process & sends his music-video song about super-tough school anti-bully laws

~ Karen says the website helps alot as a resource for her students

~ Zane says it's odd that Orwell wrote "freedom is slavery" instead of "slavery is freedom"

~ Alejandra says a commemorative plaque of Orwell has been stolen in England & wonders if it's still missing or been replaced

~ Hiram asks if I still think Rwanda's president Kagame is a good man

~ Alicia says JFK & RFK are her greatest heroes and is looking for good books or TV shows about them

~ Anya is reading some of the Kennedy books recommended on the website and asks about some others

~ Rachel says the cost of shipping food from China is very high & farmers in America are being fined for growing crops

~ Jackie says sorry for taking so long to answer emails - will be gettin' 'round to it soon

~ William is looking for the 1944 newspaper article "JFK Tells Story of PT Epic: Kennedy Lauds Men, Disdains Hero Stuff"

~ Moses is grateful for the info on the Rwandan monarchy

~ Jane asks if there's a book about Rwanda for young adults

~ Sharangabo sends an article regarding the current political situation in Rwanda

~ Blom is interested in knowing what happened in Rwanda during 1990-1994 and the truth about the genocide

~ Bob explains Eiesenhower/Nixon/McCarthy/JFK/Bobby hearings/investigations/negotiations for POWS

~ Bob sends his opinion on JFK's assassination

~ Susan enjoyed reading Orwell's wife's poem

~ Marcel says the chief and council of the Cold Lake First Nations are living it up with no accountability

~ Desiree is starting a ministry to provide memorials for the 50-million babies lost through abortion in the USA since 1973

~ Bob says a businessman in North Korea interviewed his brother Roger in a POW forced labor camp

~ Chen sends a satellite map showing the location of an American POW forced labor camp in North Korea

~ Sarah-David sends all the words to the poem "End of the Century, 1984" written by Orwell's wife Eileen

~ Fairstyle asks if anyone has contact to Nkunda, or if his Canadian lawyer has seen him in person

~ Graham offers clarification on the date of birth of Orwell's friend Inez Holden

~ Bill says "well done" for the articles about Terry Fox on the website

~ Iain sends a photo he took from a plane flying above the house Orwell lived in on the isle of Jura

~ Kimberly loved the movie "Sometimes in April" about the Rwandan genocide

~ Carmen wrote an article for a Mexican newspaper talking about Orwell's prophecies from "1984"

~ Jonah is studying in eastern India and plans to visit Orwell's house in Bihar

~ Marty sends news of a George Orwell weekend in aid of the church in Wallington where Orwell was married

~ Dennis is a distant relative of JFK's PT-109 crew member Charles Harris & is looking for info about him

~ Marie-Claire asks to use the 16-week-old-unborn-sucking-thumb picture

~ Paul has questions about one particular subject on the website

~ Austin says all land was stolen and Natives have claim to it all

~ John is arranging a celebration in Letchworth in 2011 on Eric Blair's life, his thinking and writing

~ Ray says the powers-in-control cancelling the UK census means the true immigration figures will not be known by the British people

~ James has seen the evil the Chinese have done to Shanghai people and the world

~ Peter says the performance of "One Georgie Orwell" in Greenwich went really well

~ Jackie says sorry for taking so long to answer emails but will do so soon

~ Rudolf says the site should have a news feed instead of readers always having to go back to the page to check if anything is new

~ Carman suggests teachers present "1984" as a love story to arouse an emotional response in students

~ Carman begins each day with a text from "1984"

~ Mike asks for help in his research into the fate of the surviving PT-109 crewmen

~ Carmen says very young computer users are in danger of being programmed & controlled by a tablet screen

~ William explains his personal observations as lawyer for Orwell vs CBS case

~ Hendrik is producing a TV documentary on Orwell's "Burmese Days" & is looking to interview a knowledgeable fan of the book in England

~ Peter reports that the musical 'One Georgie Orwell' will be showcased at Greenwich Theatre on June 16th to 18th, 2010

~ Jimmy says the mascots for the 2012 London Olympic's incorporate blatant symbolism

~ William sends his law journal article on the Orwell copyright cases against CBS and Apple

~ Gene has a set of Blue Willow dishes stamped "Japan" on the bottom & asks for more information

~ Leonard is going to Indonesia and wants to take a suitcase full of deflated soccer balls for kids

~ Linda appreciates that the thoughts & theories of her son Dave Hook are being kept alive out there on the website

~ John sends more photos of his grandfather's that he found of Orwell & his fellow King's Scholars at Eton

~ Leslie sends her poem "Voice of the Unborn Child"

~ Tim sends the references to Orwell's Diary that mention the height of the hay stacks at Preston Hall Manor Farm

~ Tim sends further facts backing his contention that Orwell had Preston Hall's Manor Farm in mind when writing "Animal Farm"

~ Tim suggests that Orwell's inspiration for Manor Farm in "Animal Farm" was the Preston Hall TB Sanitorium in Ayelsford, Kent

~ Deborah sends a link to the Robert Tressell website and news of the "Jack In The Green" festival in Hastings

~ Clint tells of the time JFK's impersonator, Vaughn Meader, recited a speech he'd composed, in JFK dialect

~ John discovered that his grandfather was Orwell's teacher at Eton and found a copy of a poem that Eric Blair wrote

~ Author unknown asks the rhetorical question, "Is there anything made in America?"

~ Mike sends a satirical version of the 70s song adapted as "Buy, Buy American Pie"

~ Ray wonders if the Iceland volcano was a planned event to control movement of the masses all based on fear

~ Deborah says Orwell's reference to Tressell's book uses an aspidistra instead of a geranium

~ Anya asks for evidence that President John Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy really were good and weren't just pretending

~ Ron asks for the room numbers JFK stayed in at the Rice Hotel in Houston & the Hotel Texas in Fort Worth

~ Ana is publishing a Spanish edition of "Animal Farm" and asks permission to use photos of comics and rare editions from the website

~ Ananta says there are many stories in Indonesia about how close Presidents Sukarno and Kennedy were to each other

~ Aparajiti's class in India is working on an Orwell presentation and is looking for people's opinions about totalitarian government

~ Edie says that alot of what is bought in California grocery stores contains food sources from China

~ Ray sends news that condoms for 12-year-olds are coming to the UK

~ Phillipe asks a few questions about the website & says his university in France is putting on a George Orwell Conference in March

~ Roger sends the updated link to his "Lincoln Assassination Theories" web page

~ Steve says the UK is well into a totalitarian state but the English have to be destroyed as a nation first

~ Ray says the truths of Orwell's 1984 are profound and insightful

~ Erika is making a movie and asks for info on the photo of Alger Hiss in handcuffs

~ Peter says there may be a theatre performance of his cabaret "One Georgie Orwell" coming up in June

~ Bishwarup is asking for help collecting material for the Orwell Memorial Museum in Motihari

~ Sky says it's plain to see that the website is motivated by respect for George Orwell's fine works

~ Josh said he used a family friend's name to send an article with Rwandan umph and get attention about the genocide

~ Tomaz asks where to buy the complete works of George Orwell, all the novels, poems, nonfiction etc

~ Foster asks where he can watch the documentary "Dark Side of the Moon" about the moon landings being a hoax

~ Debapriya sends news & photos of a bust of Orwell that has been installed in his birth place, Motihari, India

~ Robert wonders what special things go on at "Orwell Today" each June 25th, Orwell's birthday

~ John went to Dealey Plaza in Dallas and sends his conclusions about a few things he discovered about JFK's assassination

~ Roger says there was an elaborate newspaper handout given to those who attended the 1973 movie "Executive Action"

~ Malcolm heard that Blair chose his pen-name out of regard for H.G. (Herbert George) Wells

~ Carl is keen to learn more findings of patriot McCarthy's committee investigating communist penetration of the USA government

~ Larry comments on the article about POW Jenkins from North Korea

~ Danielle wonders about the worth of a 12"x18" photo of JFK & RFK called "Brothers" by Jacques Lowe

~ Ray says throwing support behind a leader for implementing a screening process at airports is Orwellian

~ Bob says his POW brother was seen alive and interviewed in a mining camp in North Korea 3 years ago

~ Adam asks how to cite the website as a source for an essay he's writing

~ Chen says politicians will absolutely not discuss American POWs and stonewall efforts to publish on this topic

~ Michael agrees Oswald was in the doorway when JFK was shot but disagrees with the "Orwell Today" tilt on Sarah Palin

~ Sandra is writing a school assignment on "1984" & doesn't understand how to use "Orwell Today"

~ Zoe asks for help obtaining photographs of Orwell's birthplace in India

~ Jackie reports news about progress on the restoration of Orwell's birthplace in Motihari, India

~ Veronica says watching the movie "The Second Gun" made her believe in a cover-up in the RFK assassination

~ Sam says not to get offended by what the Mirror newspaper said about JFK because what they say is pure made up

~ Dimi explains the physics involved in the evaporation of the steel cores of the 911 towers

~ Kevin says Canada introduced legislation giving USA police the powers of a peace officer in Canada

~ Sunil says the UK animated film of "Animal Farm" is in the top ten of the century & is searching for a copy

~ Joyce asks for help with "four legs good, two legs bad"

~ Brad, author of a book about JFK's Dallas Parkland Hospital doctors, comments on Air Force One pilot Swindal

~ Michael found a Lincoln/Kennedy coincidence in the 1951 movie "The Tall Target"

~ Toby came across "Orwell Today" whilst researching comparisons between 1984 with Stalin's Russia

~ Tom is also writing a book examining the work of William J. Bryan, alleged hypnotist to Sirhan Sirhan

~ Jackie says sorry for taking so long, but emails will be answered by New Year

~ Clive is planning another trip to India and wonders about progress on the renovation of Orwell's bungalow in Motihari, Bihar

~ Justin has compiled, for Wikipedia, the most extensive George Orwell bibliography available

~ Carrie sends a photo of a picture of JFK that's made of butterflies

~ Carrie sends a photo of the plaque of the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk in London

~ Sharangabo sends news about the recent arrest of a Rwandan genocide suspect in Canada

~ Jim says his uncle Homer Facto was on JFK's PT-109 & took boats out of mothball & got them running

~ Josh says the killing in Rwanda was chaos, murder, butcher & war crimes, but not genocide

~ Nelson asks how I put together all the news that's on the website

~ Ray says there's been interesting stuff in the media recently about drugs in particular

~ Donna sends ads for where drug & alcohol abuse sufferers can overcome addiction & lead sober, productive lives

~ James sends the Lincoln-Kennedy coincidence that Andrew & Lyndon Johnson look alike

~ Sharangabo sends a poem about Congo's rebel Laurent Nkunda

~ Sarah sends an ad for ugg boots made of thermofleece sheepskin offering greater insulation, comfort & strength

~ Sahabu wonders what the King of Rwanda is doing if he's not on his throne & would like to get in touch with him

~ Steve from Uganda says Rwanda's Fred Rwigema is his hero

~ Chris asks who were pilot and co-piliot of Air Force One on JFK trip to Dallas

~ Rachel is trying to locate JFK's PT-109 crew member Charles "Bucky" Harris

~ Charles wonders where the JFK bible that LBJ swore the oath on is now

~ Seekfinder is convinced that a conspiracy was involved in the assassination of JFK

~ David points out the similarity of the name "Foster" (as in Dulles) in the JFK movie "Executive Action"

~ Jackie answers Glen's question about the location of a certain Rwandan church

~ Amber asks if I know who killed JFK

~ Kevin sends a follow-up article and music video on the H1N1 swine flu vaccine

~ Cassandra wants to place an ad about how to tell if someone is on drugs and how to help them

~ Cassandra wants to place an ad for articles about plastic surgery & finding the best doctors

~ Michele would love to provide more info about JFK's PT-59 shipmate Homer Facto

~ Chris sends a link for people to watch the 1970's JFK assassination movie "Executive Action"

~ Digital has never heard the complete version of the song "American Pie" but recognizes more than one meaning

~ Sharangabo sends a Press Release from Nkunda's lawyers contending he's been arbitrarily & illegally detained much too long

~ Glen wonders about a certain church, temple & memorial in Rwanda and also about genocide survivor Emmanuel

~ Ginger thinks perhaps Orwell got the idea for the "1984" poem "Under the spreading chestnut tree" from Longfellow

~ Kevin says vaccines are deliberately contaminated to reduce the population & even go much further than that

~ Chris has been to Dealey Plaza but not to the Texas School Book Depository Museum

~ Chris remembers where he was when he heard JFK had been shot and reads as much as he can about the "Crime of the Century"

~ Bod says the war on terror is an excuse allowing leaders to decrease civil liberties

~ Emily wants to subscribe and be on the email list

~ Dan asks to use the pic of unborn baby sucking its thumb to sponsor ultrasounds

~ Reed sends his grandfather's version of the "Blue Willow" dishes poem

~ Cassandra enquires about placing an ad offering drug rehabilitation

~ Sharangabo explains that the son of President Kagame of Rwanda got accepted into West Point Military Academy in the USA

~ Kaspars' small company in Latvia is planning to record an audioook of "Animal Farm"

~ Zoya announces the release of the documentary "Virtual JFK" on DVD and offers to send a copy for review

~ Cruickshank says Orwell is extremely important and wonders why he isn't mentioned more these days

~ Leigh was a staff assistant to Senator Joe McCarthy but doesn't recognize the name of his secretary who wrote the book "True History of a Patriot"

~ Sue asks for help applying "1984" to Cuba

~ James's college assignment is raising money for the SOS orphan charity by donating 33% of every Michael Jackson CD sold

~ Jillian says Dave Hook wrote the song "I'm Canadian" and sent it to Molson who told him they had no use for it... but then came "The Rant" commercial

~ Chris sends samples of illustrations from his "Animal Farm" book and comic collection

~ Jillian sends news about Dave Hook, accomplished comedian and creator of "The Moon Song"

~ Daphne has a photo of JFK and Jackie in the car in Dallas that she wants to sell

~ Nicholas asks about the Chinese proposal to re-establish the railroad line from Congo to Angola

~ Martin says it's a breath of fresh air to see Sarah Palin but a cause to be frightened for what the media did to her

~ Robert says there's an "Animal Farm" comic strip from India that's been translated into Mauritian Creole

~ Joel wonders what Sarah Palin's got to do with today's Orwellianisms

~ Mary apologises for comments she made about my comments on Romeo Dallaire's heroism during the Rwanda genocide

~ Phil asks for contact details to visit the house on the isle of Jura where Orwell composed "1984"

~ Jimmy is sticking to hard-copies since Amazon deleted Orwell's books from its electronic book-reader Kindle

~ Chen has first-hand information on American POWs held captive in North Korea

~ Samara asks for copyright info to make a mock pitch for a film adaptation of "Burmese Days"

~ Freddy says my journalism about Congo & Rwanda is a mockery and not professional

~ Ishimwe has learned alot about Rwanda from reading information on "Orwell Today"

~ Don sends a link to where people can read a chapter of his book "The Unreals"

~ Tumusiime asks for help locating DVD or CD recordings of the 2006 Rwanda Liberation Day ceremony at Amahoro Stadium

~ Vicki asks where to buy deflated soccer balls and pumps to take to children in Malawi

~ Richard explains how it happend that the RPF liberated Rwanda

~ Delphine is making a documentary about France in the Rwandan genocide & is interested in Father Munyeshyaka from St Famille church

~ Emmanuel was slapped across the face with the accuracy of "1984"

~ Mike says the 9/11 collapse of Tower 7 - which no airplane hit - undermines the whole day

~ Chandreshwar visited Orwell's birthplace in Motihari on Orwell's 106th birthday

~ Mark asks how Nixon phoned the moon

~ Nicholas says Environmentalism is a New Age Religion and Gorbachev is a key figure in the New World Order

~ Rose responds to Robin's question about the Douglas book recommendation on her "Sirhan's Researcher" website

~ Robin questions why the website "Sirhan's Researcher" would recommend a book by a known fabricator of the JFK & RFK assassinations

~ Fred says evidence at the Pentagon on 911 does not indicate a Boeing 757 crashed into the building

~ Radon questions if it's Oswald or Lovelady standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository the day JFK was assassinated

~ Peter asks if JFK knew we couldn't do it when he said "we choose to go to the moon"

~ Illumi thinks Winston fights against the Party to retain his humanity

~ Amy says the "no smiling on your driver's license photo" policy is to make it easier for computers & cameras to track us

~ Don sends a link to his book "The Unreals", a sci-fi/fantasy conspiratorial fairy tale

~ Deo says peace cannot be genuinely sought in DR Congo without allowing Nkunda to help

~ Nancy asks to quote the Rwandan poem "Lament of Victims of Geneocide" in her upcoming book

~ Sam has decided - using Moon Hoax reasoning - that I don't exist

~ Sharangabo's comment about Inkotanyi lambs brings to mind Nkunda's pet goat Betty

~ Amit is from Motihari - Orwell's birthplace - and wants to be a part of efforts to develop it as a shrine and tourist attraction

~ Sharangabo sends a video showing Congo's General Nkunda training soldiers for the nation

~ Ray says MPs from all UK political parties have been fiddling the books - claiming monies for second homes, mortgages and expenses

~ Chrissy asks for help finding out about the set of Blue Willow dishes she was given by her grandmother

~ Alex says the killing of wolves is just the same as wolves killing reindeer

~ Sharangabo says that in the book "The Rebels' Hour" Assani is not Nkunda although there are identical similarities between them

~ Sharangabo says the book "The Rebels' Hour" tells the real story about the 2 first Congo wars & wonders if Nkunda has read it

~ Keith says police brutality & coverup at the London G20 summit is as per Robert Dzerkanski being tasered at Vancouver airport

~ Keith sends the link to an article about Orwell dying from writing "1984"

~ Ray says children playing is a natural instinct they can't help but do

~ Crac notices errors & discovers Orwell's inspiration for the "1984" prole song "it was only an 'opeless fancy"

~ Matt says the website really helped him with his "1984" project

~ Serenyi sends another version of the Blue Willow poem

~ Sarah Marie asks what the hell Swine Flu is about

~ Rose Lynn is researching why Sirhan never wavered in his memory block of the killing of Bobby Kennedy

~ Mark is researching JFK's death & JFK pulling out of Vietnam & General MacArthur being critical of the wrong officers being advanced

~ G. Legge recommends the book "13 O'Clock" for Orwell fans to read

~ John ran across "Orwell Today" when searching for Eric Blair

~ Ray says thinking is no longer an art form as in the time of great thinkers like Plato, Einstein or Shakespeare

~ Mike anonymously sends in his thoughts on "Thinkers Anonymous"

~ Amy asks if BIG BROTHER gets anything out of teaching girls to become "little divas" obsessed with beauty, makeup, glamour, thinness, and looks?

~ Ray reminds folks that in the UK the Emergency number is "999" so Big Brother may be planning a "911" event for 9th of September 2009

~ Lidia writes from Romania looking for info about treatment of political prisoners in Cuba

~ Glenn sends news of the Queen giving a leather-bound 1st edition copy of "1984" to the President of Mexico

~ Umberto is writing about living in the matrix and is looking for proofs of numerical "coincidences" such as 9/11

~ Poomabai asks where to find the film the vets of Pearl Harbour say is an accurate re-enactment of the deception

~ Melanie asks to use the image of the fetus sucking its thumb for a poster presentation

~ Thelma sends the song "The Murder of Robert Dziekanski" about the tasering by police at Canadian airport

~ Charlotte asks for help in her undergraduate dissertation on "1984" surveillance-society and the reality TV show "Big Brother"

~ Detlef says the website address of the "German Historical Museum" has changed and sends the new link

~ Jayne recommends the book "High Treason" for in-depth and meticulously detailed analysis of the JFK assassination

~ Ray says he can see the hidden meaning in the "American Pie" song now

~ Zac is going to London and is looking for directions to Orwell's house

~ Joseph says the song "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" is not about a communist takeover

~ Jamie has actual editions of the Dallas Morning News to sell - including the JFK Hate-Ad that ran the day of the assassination

~ Jamie is defending JFK and plans to mention his judge Whizzer White as proof JFK was not pro-abortion

~ Manish says he's keen to help refurbish and develop Eric Blair's birthplace as a tourist destination

~ Karen aims to see the CFL bulb law reversed and is looking to connect with anyone who feels the same

~ Sharangabo says it's ludicrous to be rumouring that Rwanda's behind the USA plane crash that killed des Forges

~ Vianney wants the truth exposed about Burundi & Rwanda to save future generations from mistakes of their forefathers & mothers

~ Ray says that by putting himself in Winston's shoes, Orwell strived to get his message over to the reader

~ Paul recently unpacked boxes containing copies of the books "Oklahoma City Day One" and "Behold a Pale Horse" by Moore & Cooper respectively

~ Celeste says Winston had his humanity burned out of him and loved Big Brother at the end

~ Alison is researching info on W J Bryan who was a hypnotist connected to the assassination of Robert Kennedy

~ Cooper went to a few schools like Tranquility Bay and is working to expose them

~ John says our internet computers are a telescreen and asks if it's mentioned on the website

~ Victoria says the number 3 appears repeatedly in "1984" and wonders about its significance

~ Ron says my interpretation of "Bye, Bye, American Pie" is over-analyzed and sends a version he says is accurate

~ Tracy asks what books to read on the JFK assassination and if Oswald had anything to do with it

~ Sarah asks if they REALLY watch us through the TVs and if it's really "eye of Lucifer" on back of dollar bill

~ Sharangabo says Ntaganda is a puppet put on by a foreign country to undermine Nkunda & Congo's journey toward freedom

~ Sharangabo says people are asking questions regarding how Nkunda was betrayed by people he thought were his friends

~ Yu Meng Zhu asks for help comparing Western practices in the Congo with China's practices there

~ Georgianne sends her recent interview in the Congo with General Laurent Nkunda

~ Sharangabo sends a letter from Congo refugees in Rwanda demanding General Nkunda be freed

~ Susan wonders if any other president has been written about as much as JFK

~ Melvin says Bobby Kennedy hired investigators to do research into his brother's killing

~ Kirsten is researching info for writing an MSc thesis on the methane extraction project in Rwanda

~ Christopher sums up Waco, Ruby Ridge, 911 etc...

~ Ray comments on churches, recession, war, fear, oil, abortion...

~ Ray says Big Brother's political correctness is destroying all things British

~ Stacci asks for the correct pronunciation of "Goldstein" from "1984"

~ Sarah wants to know WHY they give people drugs instead of help

~ Dave has finished his PhD thesis on Orwell's writing and requests permission to use photos from the website

~ Keith says it's Orwellian that Communist China is drilling Iraq's oil while USA soldiers are dying there in the name of democracy

~ Vivien says sketches in their 1954 film "Animal Farm" look like "Chalk Farm" in Willingdon

~ Vivien's company Halas & Batchelor is the only bona fide producer of the DVD version of their original 1954 "Animal Farm" film

~ Allison says ever since college she can't stop learning & reading about JFK

~ Vivien discovered a pirated production of Halas & Batchelor's 1954 film of "Animal Farm"

~ Albert asks for help in learning about Fred Rwigema, preferably in Kinyarwanda

~ Jon is trying to find the entire transcript of Orwell's "arm the people" piece

~ Mateja sends an article he wrote on Israel's recent invasion of the Gaza strip

~ William sends a link to the documentary video "Did We Really Land Men On The Moon?"

~ Roque Warrior says info about Tim McVeigh & Oklahoma City Bombing is intriquing

~ Tony sends a link to the documentary film "U.N. ME" & further comments on Congo & Zimbabwe

~ Tony found "Orwell Today" when doing research on Nkunda

~ Syl says JFK was a very noble man

~ Chris is helping put pressure on Big Brother by launching a website that watches cameras

~ Simone says there are articles with misinformation about King Mutara Rudahigua III on the website

~ Jack asks if I'm certain of the birth date quoted for Orwell's friend Inez Holden because it differs from Wikipedia

~ Bob wonders if I've ever heard the JFK song about the "PT 109"

~ Joshua says he was once the key witness of French judge Bruguière in his investigations about Rwanda

~ Nigel sends condolences after just now learning of the passing of Orwell's neighbour Peter Powell

~ Gabriella asks for tips before sitting an exam on "1984"

~ Badang wonders why Germany extradited to France a person who's a hero in Rwanda for stopping the genocide

~ Taner says he met Sonia Orwell when she was editing a Swiss journal during the 50s & 60s

~ Mitali says the whole world is up in arms against his hero Laurent Nkunda in the Congo

~ Kate is doing research for a university paper on media scrutiny

~ Daniel says thanks for the website

~ Paul says that with a windsock in view & drooping due to lack of ANY wind the turbine blades of windmills are video-taped spinning

~ Palehorse says it's strange that Obama's Chief of Staff has the name "Emanuel" like in "1984"

~ Daniel sends a poem he wrote in tribute to JFK

~ Peter was the person holding the "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" placard for JFK during his visit to New Ross, Ireland in 1963

~ Anelisa is making a film & wants to speak to Orwell's nephew about the Corryvreckan Whirlpool incident

~ Fred points out Obama has close associations with racists, overt traitors & terrorists, anti-American, purely hateful elements

~ Valerie asks where to find a complete copy of Eileen Blair's poem "End of the Century, 1984"

~ Michael says Rusesabagina is speaking at LSSU & hopes articles on Orwell Today will help the coordinator overview Rwanda

~ Charles asks if the working title of "1984" was ever "1948"

~ Carl says the USA created a 51-mile shortcut between Atlantic & Pacific Oceans & called it the Panama Canal

~ Eric sends a link on where to find the 1954 BBC TV version of "1984"

~ Ken is looking for a quote by Orwell about air-dropping machine guns to occupied Europe during WWII

~ Bruce sends his new video showing the destruction wolves do to other animals

~ Ray sends a poem he wrote about bankers in the current situation

~ Brian says the link to executive order 11110 doesn't connect from the Home Page of the JFK library anymore

~ Becky wonders if Orwell was warning out of compassion or was laughing at the human plight

~ Christopher points out the links between job diversity programs and "1984"

~ Nikola says Governor Palin probably wasn't aware she used a quote by someone who hated the Kennedys

~ Jon sends a link to his Old Time Radio website dedicated to the preservation of the golden era of radio

~ Timothy asks if there's a list of books in Orwell's library at the time of his death

~ Miracle visits occasionally to plumb the depths of the site

~ Dave has set up a website as a George Orwell resource

~ Christine wants to buy a copy of the facsimile of Orwell's "1984" manuscript

~ Paul is writing a paper for school including the premise that Eton helped form Orwell's distrust of authority

~ Helen was thinking of JFK when looking in the dictionary for a defintion of "Camelot"

~ Alison sends info about UK's first staging of Orwell's book "Coming Up For Air"

~ Alex says there's hope and true prophecy in the Holy Bible

~ Paul says he's no longer blissfully unaware since the Winston Smith gene was implanted

~ Sean is angry at Orwell for taking away hope at the end of "1984"

~ Charles is a grandfather who read and enjoyed Orwell many years ago

~ Marilise is searching for a pictorial timeline for "Animal Farm"

~ David says that "Air Force One" is whatever plane the president is on

~ Peter has a germ of an idea about a musical play about Orwell

~ Langsion doesn't believe FDR allowed Pearl Harbour to happen - unless the stakes were high enough

~ Ondra sends more coincidences for the Lincoln-JFK list

~ Ray says police cars & helicopters waste fuel whizzing around local communities day & night

~ Abby asks permission to use the picture of the 16-week unborn baby

~ Mitali says the people of Zimbabwe are calling for help but no one is ready to incur the wrath of Mugabe

~ Amy says the computer game "Torture Game 2" is the work of Big Brother trying to desensitize us to the reality

~ Badang wonders if there was a response from France about Rwanda genocide accusations

~ Martha sends important info on CFL compact fluorescent light bulbs

~ Peter invites help from tunesmiths interested in putting his Orwell songs to music

~ Albert announces new chess clock with Bobby Fischer timer

~ Patti wonders about the value of a book based on "Trilby"

~ Scott questions the odds of new words adding up to 666

~ Adam is studying JFK in history and asks for a short list of recommended books

~ Ray says UK breaking news is manipulation by BIG BROTHER to control the reactions/emotions of the PROLES

~ Peter has a theory on why there's no statue of Orwell in England

~ Peter quotes a tender, beautiful passage from "1984" about Winston & Julia in that nightmare world

~ Ray says the earthquake in China could be their 9/11 contrived as a natural disaster

~ Jim said freedom-loving citizens should be aware of recent cases in our police state

~ Mark says anyone who criticizes Rusesabagina is biased & spouting propaganda for the government of Rwanda

~ Antoinette sends an article expressing her feelings about UN in Eastern Congo

~ Barry wonders if Richard Blair owns film rights for "Burmese Days", a screenplay he's contemplating

~ Kat emphasizes Orwellian aspects of police raiding suspected meth house only to find a fish tank

~ Michael sends links to his "Grandfather Economic Report" website comparing the past to the present

~ Caron sends a poem in memory of Louis Bourassa, our mutual ancestor

~ Bruce sends a review copy of his wolf documentary "Undue Burden" and a link to the trailer

~ Ray says Big Brother has his dirty mitts all over the drug trade, including the poppy fields in Afghanistan

~ Gracia asks where to find the BBC version of "1984"

~ Bruce is outraged that drug dealers own the entire downtown of Victoria

~ Jim sends an April 4th article about RFK's speech to black Americans on the night of MLK's assassination

~ Jim says the date "April 4th" (Winston's first diary entry) struck a chord with him too

~ Kaguyure demands to know if I am celebrating Rwanda's genocide or becoming a negative force

~ Clive visited Orwell's birthplace in Motihari, India and sends a report and photos

~ Vaisnavi asks for suggestions on what books to read on India's partition

~ Nath sends reminder that Winston started writing in his diary on April 4th, 1984

~ Peter sends a song he wrote as a tribute to Orwell (and lyrics to two more)

~ Colleen wonders about the age of her "Blue Willow" set of dishes

~ Jesper says the Party is anti-human in trying to break "the Spirit of Man"

~ Kristy has an essay question on whether the Party succeeded in curing Winston of his insanity

~ Jim sends news that cell phones are listening devices even when they're turned off

~ Martin points out a character confusion typo in the "Animal Farm A Bad Movie" review

~ Stuart questions JFK's ultimate intentions concerning Vietnam

~ Ray cites chapter and verse for "wolves in sheep's clothing"

~ Hossner would like to see the John Birch Society ad that ran in the Dallas Morning News of Nov 22, 1963

~ Bruce says Joe Public must realize America is reaching the critical danger point from wolves

~ Edward sends the updated link to his "Winston & Julia" song

~ Sheila sends a Lincoln-JFK coincidence about the names Robert and Edward

~ Richard asks who flew home on Air Force Two after JFK's assassination

~ Rick says LBJ insisting on flying on Air Force One was downright disrespectful

~ Antoinette sends an article about Nkunda being an African hero, not a war criminal

~ Vanessa needs website citations for the poem "Lament of Victims of Genocide" for a university paper

~ Sujith asks how the "6" numerical code was generated

~ Bert has figured out two more 666 additions

~ Aristeo says the Panama Canal the USA handed over to Communist China is crucial in USA nuclear defence

~ Henry is trying to identify the crew of PT-109 seen on deck in the photo with JFK

~ Beate sends the sad news of the passing away of Peter Powell who conducted literary walks of Orwell's neighbourhood

~ Jackie describes her literary journey to the Great Lakes source of the Nile

~ Antoinette sends news of the hypocritcal moves of the UN warmongers in Congo

~ Carrie says powerful street drugs like crystal meth and heroin are killing people all over the world

~ Pauldos is confused about who gets the contract to extract methane gas from Lake Kivu, Rwanda

~ Jim says the majority of USA citizens have come to accept martial law as a fact of life

~ Jim is sickened by the sick weapon Homeland Security has in the works

~ Jay sends a song about the 1918 flu pandemic

~ Callum shares testimony of a Bisesero Hill survivor in Rwanda

~ Jim sends info on a Lincoln exhibit in Idaho

~ Richard needs help recalling a JFK quote

~ Brian is looking for in-depth study guides for "Animal Farm" and "1984"

~ Ray says his grandfather must have read "1984" because he knew what Orwell warned about

~ Steven wonders if the astronauts ever filmed a 360-degree shot on the moon

~ Ray hopes that after watching the film of "1984" young people will delve into the depths of the book itself

~ Hannah says the song "American Pie" is about "The Day The Music Died" on February 3, 1959

~ Victoria says the movie "1984" speaks the truth about what's going to happen in our future

~ Tom says the way Canada's Chretien spoke made no sense in either official language

~ Marti says the Lincoln JFK was sitting in when he was shot is in Ford's museum

~ Lorenzo asks to use Dealey Plaza photos from "Orwell Today" in the JFK book he's writing

~ Sarah sends info about Orwell & other authors debating who'll be thrown out of a hot air balloon

~ Viola questions if it's true there is a sequel to "1984"

~ Andrew wonders what Orwell means by the phrase "immortal, collective brain"

~ John didn't understand why the thought police watched Winston for so long

~ John likes Orwell too and uses "1984" in his nickname

~ Antoinette explains aspects of the upcoming peace conference in the Congo

~ Sharangabo sends a link to photos including Nkunda's young intores in Mushaki

~ Nigel is researching a project on Orwell for British television

~ Jack says we live in an Orwellian world where up is down and right is wrong

~ Antoinette doubts Kabila's xenophobic advisors will let him seek true peace in Congo

~ Melvin sends quotes from new JFK assassination book, "Brothers" by David Talbot

~ Clive is going to India in March and plans to visit Motihari and the house where Orwell was born

~ Antoinette sends her reaction to a New York Times article on the war in Congo

~ Ray discovers that artist Augustus John was a sponsor of the Freedom Defence Committee as was Orwell

~ Gary is now holding a great deal of JFK PT-59 history in his hands

~ Sharangabo sends a security situation report of Nkunda's Kivu territory in Congo

~ Mitali explains Congo history and how General Laurent Nkunda is standing to protect his own people

~ Gary is trying to track down the history of one of JFK's PT-59 crew members

~ Webb asks to what extent we live in the world of "1984"

~ Ray says a pyramid monstrosity is being built in Dorset

~ Antoinette says God willing the Republic of Congo will be saved

~ Antoinette went to school in the village where Nkunda is shown in the "Pilgrimage of Reconciliation" DVD

~ Antoinette was born in the Congo and speaks up for Nkunda in her writings on the net

~ James wonders what deal Canada's ex-PM Mulroney struck with ADM, one of world's largest dealers in grain

~ Kikudji says nobody in Congo knew what a Tutsi was until refugees swarmed into Congo after genocide

~ Gary's an American Falun Gong student who's received much harassment from the CCP

~ Keith says Canada's ex-PM Mulroney just received a reward from a questionable pharmaceutical organization

~ Jim will be searching for a 1968 baseball ticket stub along with the 1963 photo of JFK's funeral procession

~ Eric says master filmmaker Kubric apparently missed all those moon landing fakeries

~ Jim says in addition to his assassination dream Lincoln witnessed his doppelganger in the mirror

~ Erik says "1984" is once again being made into a movie

~ Rebecca asks for help analysing the "newspeak" concept

~ Ray says a day doesn't go by without the fear factor and scare tactics

~ John is looking for the quotation where Orwell describes a good pub

~ Patrick says human contrived Socialism is an illusion without God

~ Zahraa needs help finding "1984" symbolsim for her grade 12 presentation

~ David wants a copy of JFK's Executive Order #1110 limiting the power of the Federal Reserve

~ Patrick says JFK was definitely not a socialist

~ Sharangabo says Rusesabagina of Hotel Mille Collines may be an impostor or a genius

~ Alison wonders why Hitchens' book "Why Orwell Matters" isn't on my list of recommended reading

~ Sharangabo says Nkunda will go down in history for fighting for a good human cause

~ Ward wonders where to see the Rwanda movie "Operation Turquoise"

~ Amos sends link to a "1984" music video

~ Shannon asks for help planning a trip to Rwanda

~ Yuki asks why I'm obsessed with "1984"

~ Richard wonders if Rusesabagina of "Hotel Rwanda" fame is being used as a genocidaire front man

~ Ray says Orwell thought outside the box

~ Brenda asks where to buy a copy of the original "1984" movie

~ Betty asks where to locate the movie "1984"

~ Doug says General Dallaire was a bureaucrat and not a real soldier

~ Chris wonders where and how Orwell came up with the reality of what's waiting for us in the future

~ Michael asks if all six moon landings were faked

~ Richard says France & England recognize that Rwanda's president Kagame is one of Africa's most competent leaders

~ Bryan recommends a JFK assassination book

~ William says the website does a good job alerting citizens to the dangers of surveillance

~ Louis sends announcement that a Rwandan Children's musical troupe will be touring North America

~ Christian says that 'y' is a vowel, not a consonant, in the Kennedy & Lincoln name coincidence

~ Kevin sends link to website that is an educational source & news about WWASP schools

~ Ray sends a message to all - "You Are So Blessed"

~ Donna wonders how to get the DVD on General Nkunda

~ Safari sends thank you for writing about Rwanda

~ Zane says under emergency conditions the People might need a little less representative government

~ Bryan is trying to locate a piece by Orwell titled "The Supression of the Free Press in England"

~ Joe asks for examples of what Orwell described in "Politics and the English Language"

~ Zane says negative assertions about Kigeli V cast monarchical government in negative light

~ Natasha needs a link to the Warren Commission rules for research into an independent investigation of 9/11

~ Richard says Rwanda has the capability to guard its borders & doesn't need to cross into Congo

~ Sharangabo sends a DVD of Nkunda visiting villages in his homeland of the Congo

~ Jackie from Ottawa loves that I love Rwanda

~ Paula is making a documentary film & needs stories from people whose lives have been affected by surveillance

~ David asks to use the photo of a fetus sucking its thumb for his pro-life work at Oxford

~ Stephen sends a link to a CSPAN interview of Christopher Hitchens talking about Orwell

~ Jackie asks why Romeo Dallaire has been silent about Nkunda in the Congo

~ Dan finally broke down & downloaded the videogame "JFK Reloaded" designed by the same people as "Grand Theft Auto"

~ Ndomupei says she is pregnant and can't raise a child and wants an abortion

~ William says the recent MI-5 report of Orwell has led him to examine more about his life & writings

~ Stephen says British MI5/MI6 intelligence reports accurately say that Orwell had nothing to do with communism

~ Ray asks the origin of the term "friendly fire"

~ Joel says "false flags" are nothing new but are unusual to discuss

~ Tony has personally seen Chinese spying taking place & wonders how they've infiltrated our science labs

~ Kamanzi says that Laurent Nkunda is a war criminal to Hutus in the Congo

~ Pierre sends photos of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at Kibeho in Rwanda

~ Vincent says that for many Congolese "banyarwanda", Nkunda is their Hope

~ Gerard opposes a Rwandan general being appointed Deputy Commander of the AU/UN mission to help Darfur

~ Patrick sends the origins of the quotes he used & a way for people to recognize the real JFK

~ Sharangabo explains how General Laurent Nkunda came to be the protector of Tutsis in the Congo

~ Eric sends a Hillywood film about bicycles in Rwanda

~ Amy sends her personal sequel to George Orwell's "1984" - "2014: The Final Chapter"

~ Patrick says writers with skill need to bring forward evidence of JFK's innocence & vindicate the onslaught against his character

~ Dave asks if there is a uniform collection of George Orwell's books because he can't find one anywhere

~ Patrick is looking for sources to defend JFK's honor against fabrications & exaggerations going on

~ Sharangabo says President Kagame personally invited Mwami Kigeri to return to his homeland, Rwanda

~ John needs help locating where in Rwanda the Belgian soldiers died & President Habyarimana's plane went down

~ Benjamin is writing a film about a Rwandan girl who is killed at Saint-Famille church

~ Sharangabo says the new Rwanda movie "Shake Hands With the Devil" will be premiered in Toronto soon

~ Jennifer sends a link to a massive non-profit on-line library

~ Ray says the floods in UK are worse due to privatized water & sewage systems not being maintained

~ Greg sends a touching article about Orwell's motorbike

~ Ray says some of the UK flooding is caused by building on bogs for mass immigration

~ Ben asks the connection between the Eton Wall game and the Satanic themes of the Potter series

~ Bill wonders how much the Hirwa group silverback gorilla weighs

~ Etaoin sends a Lincoln/JFK coincidence about consonants & vowels in their names

~ Melvin wonders if RFK knew who it was who killed his brother

~ Sheila says JFK's funeral is available on ebay

~ Raymond sends a formula for figuring out your age by the number of times you'd like to eat out

~ Mike says "American Pie" is about a drunk & high teenager smashing into a school bus carrying a marching band home from a football game

~ Dawn is looking for someone interested in purchasing a letter signed by George Orwell

~ Kay says that Harry Potter, the character, is not in any way associated with the devil

~ Mary says "Orwell Today" is a step toward achieving consciousness, and hopefully many will find it!

~ Stephen describes microchips in rubbish bins to check what's thrown away

~ Ray says Britain is now an Orwellian society

~ Silvia sends a JFK-Lincoln coincidence about the birthdays of Booth and Oswald

~ Colin says the Ugandan journalist Onyano-Obbo writes about Rwanda

~ Louis says Rwanda's singer Samputu won the International Songwriting competition

~ Bill wonders who were the people downstairs who heard Orwell typing at Barnhill

~ Michael sends photos he took of Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas

~ Michael has visited Dallas three times and has tons of pictures of Dealey Plaza

~ Amani tells stories of military campaigns that should be included in a book about Kagame and the RPF

~ Geraldine saw an ad for Mrs Lent's book and a tape on Senator Joseph McCarthy

~ JS asks where to get a copy of "Executive Action"

~ Thomas is researching President Kagame's military campaign that stopped the Rwanda genocide

~ Sharangabo found a song by an American about Paul Kagame

~ Richard asks which Orwell biographies have the best compilation of photographs

~ Sharangabo viewed "Rwanda Rising" by Andrew Young and says it's a great documentary

~ Sharangabo sends photos & info about Rwanda Film Festival in New York

~ Pan says Kagame's RPF stopped the genocide & will neutralize ex-FAR/Interahamwe who are still trying

~ Raymond says Orwell's links to Freud remind him of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

~ Jackie defends self over accusations of not being neutral on Rwanda

~ Hiram says Kagame and the RPA didn't stop the genocide in Rwanda

~ Stephanie would like to undertake a Freudian reading of "1984" because of its sexual symbolism

~ Stephen sends a link to the BBC radio adaptation of Orwell's "Down and Out in Paris and London"

~ Kathryn has a Jacques Lowe photo of JFK and wonders if it's increased in value

~ Don wants to spread the word about the grassroots independent investigation into 9/11

~ Alex explains why men are just happier people

~ Dave wonders how and why Niven became involved in that low budget "1984" radio production

~ Dave sends a link to the 1949 radio play of "1984" starring David Niven as Winston Smith

~ Jannelle says a 16-year-old could figure out that saying the song "American Pie" is satanic is crap

~ Arben says it was a fascinating story how Orwell was wronged over his "1984" copyright

~ Jim was 13 years old & in the stands when Frost recited his "Gift Outright" poem at JFK's Inaugural

~ Alex read that Orwell created the term "cold war" and asks where the reference can be found

~ Ray says only one in 40 police in UK respond to calls

~ Ray says debate is going on in the UK about fingerprinting kids in schools

~ Stormy asks for the names of JFK's PT 109 crew

~ Victor heard a story about JFK having a premonition of his own death

~ Steve is confused about Orwell and Socialism

~ Ray says the constant full-on police sirens give the impression crime is everywhere

~ Robert asks for a description & photos of a typical day in "Orwell Today" trenches

~ Emmanuel sends the programme & new date of the Rwanda International Investment Conference in Kigali in May

~ Brandon is getting a tattoo with the "1984" slogans "war is peace" etc

~ Annette's looking for the title of the book about the place where people revere Orwell & believe "1984" is about them

~ Rob says "1984" is the most influential book in his life

~ Don describes what Orwell is for him

~ Amanda is writing about Orwell's time at "Booklovers' Corner" & needs photos

~ Tom has decided to translate "Animal Farm" into Latin

~ Jackie describes attending the Rwanda Investment & Export Promotion Agency (RIEPA) meeting in Vancouver

~ The Glatz's ask what they can do to stop politicians from contaminating their water supply

~ Don asks what compels me to put so much work into "Orwell Today"

~ Sharangabo says students will benefit from reading the presentation about the history of Rwanda & sends another

~ Robert says Orwell is one of the most fascinating people he's ever met through books

~ Katie plans to discuss the article "10 Years On - The Story of Rwanda" with her Grade 12 students

~ Robert explains that his son was a writer who, like Orwell, typed on a manual typewriter

~ Sofia asks if Orwell's prophecy is being fulfilled & what effect surveillance has on individuals

~ Sean just re-read "1984" and is overwhelmed by all the information on "Orwell Today"

~ Ellen has questions about Princess Diana

~ Derek says Winston should have known he was being watched continuously by the telescreen

~ Christopher says the JFK movie "Executive Action" is available through Amazon

~ Christopher is researching the architect of the Pioneer Press building in Lucknow, India, where Orwell was offered a job

~ Pete says the village of Hay-on-Wye is in England, not Wales

~ Deo Koya sends the french version of "Le Contentieux Franco-Rwandais" for the use of non-english speakers

~ Pierre says "white experts" are a big part of the Rwandan tragedy

~ Deo Koya says it's important that the global community learn the facts behind the "Rwanda-France Bone of Contention"

~ Virgina loves unborn sucking its thumb

~ Luke says Orwell's "Anti-Sex" element is "doublethink" in the character of Julia

~ Quint points out a JFK link that isn't working

~ Kim says cops get away with more than we know & asks who will stand up to this

~ Chris asks for help on a research paper comparing "1984" and modern society

~ Bosco wants to learn more history about Rwanda, his motherland

~ Jackie adds postscripts and news updates to previous answer to Gus

~ Gus watched the movie "Hotel Rwanda" and wants to learn more about Belgium and France in Rwanda

~ Mike sends an essay he wrote spotlighting the psycho-seductive efforts of the networks

~ Robert says censorship in mainstream media in North America is the same as censorship in China

~ Matt would like to place four additional ads on "Orwell Today"

~ Matt has an ad to place on one of the "Orwell Today" pages

~ Bill says implantable microchips will never fly with humans

~ Pradeep requests information to support microchipping children at birth

~ Dieter is going to eastern Congo for "Canadian Ape Alliance" conservation work

~ Kabare says my research about Kagame and Rwanda isn't independent

~ Frances wants to stop the Canadian government building a garbage dump on Earth's purest water

~ Tim wonders if Orwell's Langford Flat is still for sale

~ Sohail sends a link to download the original film version of "1984"

~ Luis wants his "Pandemic Flu Song" spread around (pun intended)

~ Susanna says Finnish is a Newspeak language & English is isolationist

~ Richard from Tanzania says Kagame waged war to give Rwanda dignity

~ Richard says Kagame rescued Rwanda from hell

~ Pierre says stop praising Kagame and be neutral on Rwanda

~ Bill agrees the Communists assassinated Tsars on their bloody climb to power in Russia

~ Bill doesn't understand why saying JFK's body was altered on Air Force One is a ludicrous absurdity

~ Bill describes how England mourned JFK

~ Bill names some of the witnesses to LBJ's swearing-in on Air Force One

~ Ilona says my "pig ad" article is stupid

~ Hasina is looking for some critical reading on Orwell's great book "Burmese Days"

~ Deborah, a victim of experimentation, is warning everyone about the capabilities of microchips

~ Colin says France was barbaric in Rwanda before, during & after the genocide

~ Tim wonders if the song "a hopeless fancy" is anywhere besides "1984" & if there's a book of great quotations

~ Cliff says there must be a huge market for a DVD version of "1984"

~ Paul says JFK & RFK were open & honest men who truly cared and challenged injustice in whatever form

~ Paul wonders how we got into this mess of one world government & repression of free thinkers

~ Huw says references to God in my article are an intrusion not supported in Orwell's writings

~ Huw says Orwell rebelled against organized religion and has theories on his pen-name

~ Ben says my article about Ford, Lindbergh, Orwell & Hitler is ignorant, bigoted & anti-Semitic

~ Javier says it's ridiculous to post that Red China runs the Panama Canal

~ Bonnie needs Paul Burrell's address to thank him for writing "The Way We Were" about HRH Diana

~ Roy is also looking for a copy of JFK's funeral

~ Dan wonders about a BBC Newsnight documentary about CIA operatives at the scene of Bobby Kennedy's assassination

~ Niamaat says "Orwell Today" is a great chronicling of the step by step bleed

~ Edward says CBS rebroadcast large segments of JFK's funeral on a Sunday special in November 1983

~ Peter needs help linking settings to themes for his upcoming "1984" exam

~ Kevin says Roosevelt allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor to get USA into WWII

~ David made a list of "The 137 Warnings" to be found in "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

~ Michael says Dallaire would have been suicidal or relieved of command for not following UN orders

~ Ken says the "Dark Side of the Moon" documentary has disappeared from CBC's video-on-demand list

~ Steve is looking for a short story about teachers indocrinating students to report on their parents & burn the flag

~ Mateja answers questions Melissa had after reading "We" by Zamyatin

~ Ehsan asks Amani to explain why he wrote "The real father of Moses is not known"

~ Ned needs help researching de Gaulle warning Kennedy to stay out of Vietnam

~ Mark asks if Julian has found a copy of "Remembering Orwell" yet

~ Mateja writes an essay summarizing "We" and comparing it to "1984"

~ Mateja says Zamyatin's "We" has meaning, depth and metaphors about society and people in general

~ Melissa needs help writing her "1984" literature degree thesis on O'Brien and Room 101

~ Gene sends a DVD of the original 1954 movie adaptation of "Animal Farm" for review by "Orwell Today"

~ John says the address of the latest New York building hit by an airplane adds up to 9/11

~ Jason says "Orwell Today" has shed light on the 2+2=5 world we live in

~ Jason says Bush's terror-bill legislation means the American people will never again be safe from Federal Tyranny

~ Travis clarifies that some Hutu refugees crossing the border from Rwanda into Zaire (Congo) were disarmed

~ Sarah asks for the source of the quote "In a time of universal deceipt..." which is all over the internet

~ Donald gave authority for his daughter to be hypnotized at school against drunk driving

~ Anisha is desperate to see the JFK assassination movie "Executive Action"

~ Ken is looking for information to defend Joseph McCarthy

~ Kasasira sends a good morning prayer

~ Geralynn has a photo of the Princess taken at Diana's office at St Martins-in-the-Fields church

~ Dan is feeling positive he has enough information to create an illustration of Orwell's motorcycling

~ Geralynn enjoyed the story and pictures of my visit to Princess Diana's places in England and the butler's books

~ Sharangabo sends a photo of Rwanda's Queen Rosalie, the wife of King Charles Mutara Rudahigwa

~ Sharangabo says there's talk going on about whether Kagame visited Rwanda before the invasion of 1990

~ Dan is working on an illustration of Orwell on his motorcycle

~ Ethel wants the USA embassy in Jamaica to shut down Tranquility Bay

~ Logan wants me to change my stance on Romeo Dallaire and remove a retired Colonel's editorial

~ Dias is taken up by the creative work on the website

~ Julian was born two weeks before JFK's assassination

~ Jeff can hit everyone in the car in the JFK Reloaded computer game demo

~ Kristopher's intoxicated, depressed brother was shot dead by police officers called to help

~ Mary says Dallaire had his hands tied and made mistakes but denigrating him is disgraceful

~ Kent has been trying to convince people for five years about the physics of 911

~ Carolann wants to know how to save children from torture schools like Tranquility Bay

~ Stephen sends video clips of his visit to Orwell's wife Eileen's grave

~ Andrew explains the historical connection between drugs and sorcery

~ Rahul needs help interpreting Orwell's poems

~ Susan says Diana manipulated the press and lost princess status when she divorced the prince

~ Sean's alarmed that things that were never going to happen are already happening

~ Derek sees some Christian allegory in "1984"

~ David has recently re-discovered 1984 and says it brings everything into much sharper focus

~ Cohan says the proof of Sirhan Sirhan's guilt or innocence is in the bullet

~ Jerod says there was no winner in the JFK assassination computer simulation game

~ Sophia says our world is more like "Brazil" than "1984"

~ Aubrey was taken aback by my putting Lindbergh, Ford and Orwell together in the same sentence

~ Aubrey sends a link to his whistle-blowing blog on the pharmaceutical industry

~ Taremwa says the wound of genocide needs to be cleaned before it can heal

~ Taremwa remembers the spirit of Rwanda's hero Fred Rwigema

~ Andy saw jets leaving large contrails which grew by-the-hour rather than dissipate like normal contrails

~ Trevor says the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON documentary was a tongue-in-cheek production

~ Terry sends lyrics to a song he's analysing into Orwellian context

~ Andy says this vast land of Canada belongs to Indians, like it or not

~ Courtney is having a hard time understanding the concept of doublethink

~ Muhoza says my enthusiasm about Rwanda can help protect the rights of African children in Canada

~ Jennifer asks for copyright procedures so professor can use passages from "Orwell Today"

~ Pascal sends two poems he wrote about Rwanda

~ TS says something is very wrong with the official 9-11 story

~ Leah's on an educational scavenger hunt and needs help with a Robert Frost clue

~ Ram from Motihari sends news about Orwell's birth place

~ Sophie asks for help with research skills and information on the authors' backgrounds for Zamyatin's "We" & Orwell's "1984"

~ Caitlin needs help understanding the signficance of the Washerwoman's song

~ Colin sends a welcome from Rwanda and describes his nation's changes over the 12 years since the genocide

~ Kathleen sends a link to where people can buy Rwandan coffee in Boston

~ Lynn asks if the ending of "Animal Farm" was changed

~ Dibbon says "Orwell Today" is a valuable resource

~ Sateesh wants to know more about Cyborgs

~ Mary asks if "1984" is an accurate critique of life in Russia during the 1930s

~ Ron sends news of the Supreme Court ordaining "no knock" police searches

~ Lance says "technologies" to monitor body and mind will put the whole of humanity into electronic prison

~ Lance asks if God, or something else, inspires a "great thinker"

~ Crypto says giving illegal drugs in pharmaceutical form or through free needles would keep addicts safe

~ Danny says we should sue the government over their Moon Hoax

~ Isabelle has founded a website and petition against the Institutionalized Child Abuse occurring in teen programs

~ Aubrey sends his whistleblowing experience as a doctor exposing pharmaceutical research fraud

~ Lance says the foreclosure rate in the USA has gone up 45% since January of 2006

~ Alloys says ICTR lawyer Erlinder is now president of ADAD, a genocide mouthpiece organization

~ Beatrice sends a petition presented by a Canadian MP accusing Kagame of genocide

~ Karl says a DVD of "Jackie's White House Tour" is availabe at the JFK Presidential Library and Museum

~ Ron says Big Brother scored another victory with the Supreme Court whistleblower ruling

~ Karl has also been searching for a video of JFK's funeral

~ Paul says Orwell is the high priest of dystopia cults and that 3 generations of Orwell appreciators have Matrix-like fetishes

~ Ron wonders if Orwell Today ever gets harassed

~ Jay says my solution to the elephant's problem isn't enough

~ Jay agrees that America is like an elephant but asks what we riders can do about her treasonous caregivers

~ Stephen sends a layman's review of the "Da Vinci Code" book and movie

~ David asks about the rumours of Orwell being involved in British Intelligence and Fabianism

~ Beth asks for permission to use a page from Orwell Today for a university course-pack

~ Kathy asks how to create a learning experience for a boy who chose the poem IN AFGHAN FIELDS as his own

~ Mandisa says stopping immigration won't necessarily stop abortion

~ Gregory appreciates Rwanda being understood

~ Mandisa from Zimbabwe asks what connects abortion to immigration

~ Marine retracts criticism & says we've lost way too many people for nothing & it's a hamburger mill in Iraq now

~ Marine says crybabies complain about using MOABs on Iraqis

~ Justin is curious about "1984" the movie and will risk having its images ingrained in his head

~ Janvier describes how Kagame started with zero after saving Rwandans from the genocidaires

~ Amani tells the oral history of Sabizeze in Rwanda

~ Paul has invented a system that produces vegetables, water and fuel

~ Sam says the song "American Pie" is about the death of James Dean

~ D Wicks saw a melting molten blimp in Newfoundland in 1979

~ Keith wonders if satellite telescopes could see moon-landing evidence left on the moon

~ A Paul fan says negative facts are bogus

~ Scott has a painting of Robert Frost at JFK's inaugural

~ Kevin asks for doubelthink examples

~ Amani gives examples of how the whole world is spiritually connected to Rwanda

~ Alexander checks up on cousin George who he thinks should have arrived by now - UPDATE - George Has Arrived!

~ Sharangabo sends a picture of Tito Rutaremara and tells about H.E. Kagame and the Congo

~ Pam would like to interview Orwell Today  regarding ideas for her book about bird flu

~ Sharangabo sends a picture of Paul Kagame's friend, Rwanda's national hero, Fred Rwigema

~ Pam is doing research for a book on the avian flu hoax and needs help from an Orwellian scholar

~ Beatrice was in London seeing President Kagame and sends words of praise and encouragement

~ Peter sends a photo of the Corryvreckan Whirlpool taken during the time he rented Barnhill on Jura

~ Alexander's cherished Winston (his 1984 edition of "1984") is on the way for me to cherish

~ Jerry wants to interview a journalist who was in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide

~ David understands the "how" but not the "why" of Fabians claiming Orwell as one of their own

~ Jo-Anne is looking for the original "1984"

~ Flo, from Austria, needs "useful summaries" of Burmese Days and Homage to Catalonia for his final exam

~ Kayla asks for publishing dates of Orwell's essays

~ Andre needs page numbers for the Two Minutes Hate scene

~ Gina asks for suggestions for charity from her church to Zimbabwe

~ Brian just finished reading "The Handmaid's Tale" and asks for recommendations of other dystopian books

~ Philippe says Kagame is a murderer and my view of him is blinded, one-sided and unacceptable

~ Alloys responds to an open letter written by a defence lawyer for a genocide suspect facing trial at the ICTR

~ Ross wonders who are the shareholders of the Fed. Is just any one able to buy shares in it?

~ David wonders why the book "Fabian Freeway" says Orwell was a member of the Fabians

~ Lance says it's sickening the way the media spreads immorality among "the children"

~ Sharangabo introduces Rose Kabuye, a lady who is a hero in Rwanda's history

~ Lance says there are patented mind manipulation & control technologies being used on the unsuspecting public

~ Sharangabo says Janvier is telling the truth & sends a picture of Rwanda's Warriors

~ Alexander cried when he read the prole woman's song "It Was Only A Hopeless Fancy"

~ Dianah has a shed full of coal to sell

~ Gene quotes Orwell and asks for feedback on the "Orwell Rolls In His Grave" film

~ Jomac says the FED system is a fraudulent system

~ Alexander fears I have completely missed the point on pints and litres

~ Alexander asks why Mr. Blair's 80-year-old guy prefers pints to litres

~ Dave sends a warning to those who sit too long on chairs and couches watching computer and TV

~ Dimi sends a link to his article "Reopen 911?" which asks how much energy is needed to pulverize concrete into powder?

~ Richard sends a link to his article "The Assassination of President McKinley"

~ Sharangabo sends a link to the article "Rwanda Has Been Reborn"

~ Gary wrote a book called "2004 Nature of the Beast, by Big Brother"

~ Poet Laureate of Weary Travelers sends winter thoughts on Guyana

~ Michael wonders if JFK would have agreed with USA trade policies with China & the current agenda of the UN

~ Janvier defends his commander in the army, Rwanda's President HE Paul Kagame

~ Eric is looking for the video clip of President Bush saying "when I say war, I mean peace..."

~ Don comments on the Huey Long and McCarthy killings and the Lindbergh kidnapping

~ Don says he's a kindred spirit in admiration for Orwell, JFK, Joe McCarthy, John Lennon and Huey Long

~ Martin asks what drives my interest in his native country, Rwanda

~ Cynthia is looking for the poem written for JFK when he visited Ireland

~ Sharangabo tells about Yolande Mukagasana and her contribution to Rwanda after surviving the genocide

~ Kevin sends notification of his successful search for the book "Remembering Orwell"

~ Walter says thanks for revisit to "1984"

~ Pan apologizes for Rwandan compatriots who repeat the tired refrain of genocide apologists

~ Aurore says she doesn't believe Kagame is a good man

~ Sharangabo says the truth about Kagame is an honour and a tribute

~ Jack says the gender of people named "Jackie" has always been a mystery to him

~ Dennis is mystified how Kagame, who stopped the dying of a million people in 100 days, is not appreciated

~ Gene sends a link to the 1984 Superbowl ad for Apple Macintosh

~ Mohammed wonders how "1984" connects to events in the 80s

~ Alexander begs to differ with my having at one time considered "1984" hard to understand and boring

~ Carmen says republics in the Western World aren't democracies or free and have given in to Big Brother

~ Colin says our world is closer to "1984" than we are led to believe

~ Liberty Tree sends an updated link to Lenin quotes

~ Nasir suggests readers send in suggestions for the Motihari Orwell project

~ Nihao explains what URURO n' ICYATSI means

~ Shaun sends excerpts of her book "Mallcity 14" about a dystopian consumer society

~ Nihao wants me to open my eyes and think about Kagame's heroism

~ Shashi from Motihari wants to make a documentary film on Orwell

~ Katie describes how Yoko got John back from May Pang

~ Katie likes the new "Imagine" lyrics but says Paul wasn't in cahoots with Yoko

~ Tamie has an album of JFK's November 15th, 1963 speech to the AFL-CIO convention

~ Ed sends the song he wrote about Winston & Julia

~ Nihao says I may be wrong about Rwanda's Kagame

~ Geoffrey has questions on Fabianism and Orwell's choice of name

~ Justin asks how parts of "1984" are coming true in today's society

~ Neda asks if the poem "JFK...This Nation's Son" is published anywhere besides the internet

~ Greg says "The Open Conspiracy" by H. G. Wells favours a power elite controlling the world

~ Carmen says it's important to mention the coincidence of the international bankers in the deaths of Lincoln and Kennedy

~ Michael has a conspiracy theory that people controlling computers control the world

~ Marni needs help understanding the symbolism behind the Chestnut Tree Cafe and the Diary for a grade 11 seminar

~ Chris saw Burger King's Coqroq commercial on the football game insinuating oral sex with french fries

~ Patrick would like to stage a one-man play of Orwell himself, not his work

~ D Wells asks what Syme means by the revolution being complete when the language is perfect

~ Sharock from Sweden admires Orwell and has read his books in English

~ Carlos asks which poem Robert Frost intended to read on President Kennedy's inaugural

~ Chris is looking for the computer game about JFK's assassination

~ Robert has questions on manipulation of people, language, media, politics, consumerism and globalization

~ Angus asks for news about gun- and cocaine-smuggling Canadian prime ministers (and the Bre-X scandal)

~ Clay says speaking the truth takes courage in a world of apathy, ignorance and corruption

~ Jazh wonders if Julia was Winston's sister

~ Stephen asks about Orwell biographies

~ Sarah asks for help on an assignment about Orwell's wife Sonia

~ Eugene says some windmills are being powered by electricity

~ Simon says Orwell is still very much a College hero at Eton

~ Dave questions and comments on Mel Gibson's movie Passion of Christ and Christianity

~ Angie asks about video of JFK's funeral

~ Skip says there's a link to Orwell Today on Wikipedia

~ Philip says thanks for site

~ Rachel sends a coincidence to add to the Lincoln & Kennedy Coincidences List

~ Duane asks which photo of LBJ's swearing-in on Air Force One was released to the national press

~ Jan asks if I have a theory on who killed JFK

~ Raymond likes the historical significance of the official interpretation of "American Pie"

~ Amanda says "Miss American Pie" is a wonderful song and sends a link to the lyrics' real meaning

~ Wolf asks if neocons have anything to do with "1984"

~ Jackie explains the MAGIC AIRPLANES theory

~ Dave discusses contention that the 9-11 buildings, although indeed hit by planes, were brought down by explosives hidden inside

~ Karin asks for help writing a dialogue arguing with characters in the government of 1984

~ Daniel asks if America resembles the dark world of 1984

~ Frederick has recently discovered the website

~ Liz asks for help on her "1984" group assignment & replies viciously when denied

~ Barbara sends in the Tennessee version of the Blue Willow dishes poem that she learned from her grandmother

~ Dina asks about Orwell's essay on Anti-Semitism in Britain

~ Amy talks about the doublethink aspects of fairness in society

~ Julian is looking for a copy of the book "Remembering Orwell" by Stephen Wadhams

~ Raenie asks for examples of societies using mind control

~ Elizabeth asks what INGSOC means

~ Jack tells a story about the Korean War & sends his poems on the nuclear bomb

~ Tony asks if the inclusion of Goldstein's book in "1984" reflects Trotsky and Communism

~ Nafisa asks if there are special interest groups FOR or AGAINST the Chinese takeover of Canada's natural resources

~ Nicholas wants to know if there is a WHAM organization anywhere

~ Raymond says in the latest episode of the Eastenders soap one of the characters tries to talk another one into reading "1984"

~ Jack says Truman lied about the Korean War & General MacArthur was one of the the finest soldiers this nation ever had

~ Kory says the war on terror and avian flu are hoaxes and wonders where Bin Laden is

~ Raymond sticks with Orwell's works to see the schemers behind the schemes

~ Dave sends poetic prose on human beings as recording devices making movies of our lives

~ Peter points out that Innu and Inuit are not the same thing

~ Carmen says the three movie versions of 1984 have robbed humanity of Orwell's important message

~ Raymond says the Orwell tax articles remind him of the Beatles' song The Taxman

~ Cristina would like to be in contact with Yutaka to discuss things he has experienced in Japan

~ Ken says satellites directing microwave beams from space - masers - make crop circles & hurricanes

~ John calls for a boycott of the VeriChip implantable microchip aka "Mark of the Beast"

~ Johnny sends a link that compares "the Party" with $cientology

~ Bruce says "We the People" need to declare a global war on fear

~ Nick says a Burger King ad with a band named Cock Rock has sexual & satanic undertones

~ Silent customer says we are captive consumers in having to buy poor quality chinese products

~ Jesse sends a couple of words (literally) of appreciation

~ Raymond says there's a big rush to teach the chinese language in western universities in preparation for chinese expansion

~ Raymond recently saw the remake of Manchurian Candidate & the 80s movie Defence of the Realm

~ Robert says Timothy Leary's autobiography mentions JFK taking LSD & other psychedelics

~ Mary asks where to obtain a copy of the BBC film version of "1984"

~ Maureen says she is pro choice and it is my right to be pro life

~ Tamara asks how Eric Blair decided on the pen name George Orwell

~ Gregor says President Hu views Canada as part of "greater China"

~ Raymond says Englishness has been lost & asks about Orwell's The Lion and the Unicorn

~ Tamara sends an article about Orwell written by a KS student at Eton

~ Mike, a knight for the mentally handicapped, is floored at what the college did to me

~ Berns asks if there is an Orwell Society or forum where a Winston can meet a Julia

~ Tamara says Orwell came in 2nd in survey by the Chronicle, asking "Who's the greatest Old Etonian?"

~ Rick sends thanks for answering Orwell's typewriter question - it's definitely a Remington Portable

~ Rick asks what I know about Orwell's typewriters

~ Raymond points out that breast cancer deaths due to abortion need to be added to the numbers

~ Berry says abortion is NOT a government plot to reduce population & people who say it is are repressed & regressed about sex

~ Eric wants to be put on the Orwell Today newsletter list if such a thing exists

~ Raymond says fear is broadcast constantly on all the media telescreens & it's only on the internet where truth is alive

~ KCM was in Jamaica for many hurricanes & says weather is a set-up

~ Raymond says that with the second incident in London today there are calls for more police powers & opposition is also under the control of BIG BROTHER

~ Carmen says French Canadians have a long history of wrongs imposed upon them by the english speaking people

~ Raymond wonders what ORWELL would have said about the London bombs

~ Robert says spycams have been installed by the City Council all over his hometown

~ G & M send friendship & passion for decency & sanity

~ Pastor James says the witches in Harry Potter are not vile creatures & sees no reference to Satan at all

~ Dave says Jura feels like home

~ Danae sends info on how to purchase a VHS copy of "George Orwell: My Life in Pictures"

~ Danae asks about the BBC-2 programme "George Orwell: My Life in Pictures"

~ Matt says every line in "American Pie" refers to bands, lyrics, song titles & musical events in the 50s, 60s & 70s

~ Nasir sends news that Orwell Museum in Motihari is being funded 5-million rupees by the Heritage Foundation of India

~ Yun asks for duckspeak examples for events within the last month

~ Derek recently attended the Wallington summer fete and went inside the church where Orwell was married

~ Joe is inspired by the excerpt "To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free..." & uses it as a sig line

~ Kathryn sends links to a petition and Bill HR-1738 on the topic of ending abuse of institutionalized children

~ James wonders, among other things, who was left on the moon to use the video cameras to show the thing take off?

~ Adam suggests O'Brien is a member of the Brotherhood working as an agent deep within the Inner Party

~ Ray is writing a university thesis and asks for names of people who hi-jacked "1984" for their own political purposes

~ Lee wonders if democratic socialism leads to communism because of collectivism and asks "What is 'Oligarchical Collectivism'?"

~ Nick says that logically speaking smallpox must be in the smallpox vaccine if the body's immune system is to develop immunity to smallpox

~ Adam agrees Winston's hatred of Big Brother is a bomb he'll let burst out in the very last seconds of his life

~ Mary says it's a strange coincidence that the September 21 UN Day of Peace is also the Autumnal Equinox and Mabon

~ Raymond describes the climate of fear prevalent in our Orwellian society

~ Alenz says that in the Cuban Missile Crisis JFK was directly responsible for saving the world and everyone in it

~ Alexander is doing a thesis on the human elements missing in citizens of Brave New World

~ Nasir sends new information on the Orwell Project in Motihari

~ Jo says male/boy bashing is very real and very serious

~ Jim describes a new anti-drug bill presently in the USA House of Representatives

~ Nick writes to address possible reasons for the war in Iraq

~ John says JFK was a great president whose name and memory have been slandered by lies

~ Danae is planning a Pilgrimage to Orwell of her own and is seeking helpful tips

~ Raymond says Rock n Roll was considered by many as devil's music & was entrenched along with "the commies are coming"

~ Raymond liked reading the Pilgrimage update about Owell's White Horse and offers conjecture on the chalk figures

~ Jordan can't understand why I don't see that the song "American Pie" is about a plane crash

~ Peter stayed a week at Barnhill and wonders about the Jura diary Orwell wrote there

~ Renata is a graduate student who understands the important messages Mr Orwell wished to send our society

~ Topher needs HELP! in his "1984" assignment

~ Nasir is receiving no response for fund-raising plans to restore Orwell's house in India

~ James is giving BBC bashing a break to concentrate on the No2ID campaign

~ Carol is fighting the corruption in healthcare with websites she has created

~ Raymond says the 30s/40s song "The Biggest Aspidistra in the World" likely influenced Orwell's aspidistra theme

~ Samantha asks if "1984" should be a necessary read for upper-level thinkers in Grade 12 English

~ Raymond says Orwell got the symbol of the aspidistra from Tressell

~ Parisa sends details about Orwell's flat in Langford Court which is presently up for sale

~ Nasir suggests fund-raising toward restoration of Orwell's house in commemoration of his birthday on June 25th

~ Paul says the book "Handmaid's Tale" is about fundamental religious zealots who are tools of the corporate power structure

~ Scott recommends the book "How America Faked the Moon Landings"

~ Chris sends an extract from "Children of Dune" which sounds familiar to children of Earth

~ Adam says there is nothing metaphorical about the bullet entering Winston's brain

~ Denise points out a correction for the Big Brother theme

~ Nasir wonders about my great-grandparents being buried in India

~ Raymond says BBC has omitted references to past, love, emotions, fear & surveillance & turned 1984 into PROLE-READ

~ James describes the omissions in Part 4 of BBC's 8-part reading of 1984

~ Nasir sends updates on progress of the Orwell museum in Motihari & accommodations in Patna

~ Parisa is selling her flat in Orwell's ex-home in St John's Wood that was partly the inspiration for Winston's flat in 1984

~ Raymond says BBC is shredding all heart, life, soul & "TRUTH" from ORWELL'S 1984 radio reading

~ David needs help writing school report on "the Stasi police state in East Germany under Communism" & likeness to "1984"

~ Raymond says Robert Trussell, author of the book "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist" is similar to Orwell

~ Ryan sends a few words

~ Raymond describes 2nd program in Dr Who TV series

~ Robert sends a few words

~ Raymond describes police patrols stopping a friend to search his lunch box

~ Tracy wants to interview a political scientist or economist AGAINST China's involvement in Canada's oilsands but can't find one

~ Caroline is updating the Bihar chapter of Rough Guide to India & needs info on Orwell Museum & accommodation in Motihari

~ Craig agrees that the 1984 version of 1984 was an awful movie

~ Lisa sends photos she took of the Oklahoma Murrah building being imploded

~ Nick says the International Day of Peace is September 21, not September 11

~ James analyzes the Part-3 omissions of BBC's 8-part radio broadcast of 1984

~ Colin sends additions for the Lincoln & Kennedy Coincidences list

~ Raymond describes final stages in the UK election campaign

~ James says the media's obsession with the recent horrific crime is a "psychological attack" on the listening public

~ Raymond thanks James for detailing the BBC's omissions, edits & alterations to Orwell's masterpiece of British literature

~ James continues with his analysis of the omissions in Part 2 of the BBC's reading of "1984"

~ James analyzes the omissions in Part 2 of the BBC's reading of "1984"

~ Raymond describes similarities between the new "Dr Who" TV program & current events in Britain

~ Raymond sends "Happy St George's Day" message

~ Dibbon says thanks for the webiste

~ Fred says thanks for finding the 1956 version of 1984 and sends kudos for the website

~ Sherry wonders where she can find the JFK books recommended on my webpage

~ Lola is looking for the original Edmund O'Brien version of 1984 and can't find it (updated)

~ Raymond describes food in England after post-war time period when Orwell wrote 1984

~ James has comments about our food supply and links to a TV program about the food being given to children in school (updated)

~ Raymond quotes from Orwell's imaginary interview of Jonathan Swift broadcast on BBC in 1942

~ Richard comments on EXECUTIVE ACTION, Bobby Fischer, BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984 and the need for new Orwells

~ James continues with his analysis of the omissions in the 1st-part of BBC's 8-part reading of 1984

~ Raymond says the omissions from 1984 by BBC show Big Brother's fear of truth & knowledge in the minds of common man

~ James comments on the omissions in the BBC's reading of 1984

~ Raymond sends additions for the Lincoln-Kennedy coincidences list

~ James sends in the radio link to BBC's 8-part reading of Nineteen Eighty-Four

~ Raymond adds to a developing list of strange JFK coincidences

~ Raymond believes George's inspiration for the Chestnut Tree Cafe is the 1945 song "I'll Be Seeing You"

~ Marie needs help finding the release date of the secret tapes JFK made of his advisors regarding Cuba

~ Tara saw a VHS version of the original Manchurian Candidate movie that had an interview with JFK at the end

~ Khalid is surprised how I depict Kagame because he has come across different information in Dallaire's book and elsewhere

~ Katelynn asks for opinion on why the individual is the greatest threat to the Party

~ Raymond says it's strange the way students are unprepared to search for or gather JFK truths

~ Sami wonders about Julia's love, betrayal and Orwell's assessment of human nature

~ Claire says in South Africa they kill animals in order to save them

~ Fred is seeking the 1950s, Edmund O'Brien movie version of "1984"

~ Sian asks for help on assignment about whether or not JFK was a great president

~ Lisa asks for "in depth" reasons why JFK's presidency was so much like Camelot

~ Margee's university is giving President Kagame an honorary degree

~ Raymond says helicopters and police swamped the local common yesterday to catch kids playing scrambling on their bikes

~ William says the UN's report about the Congo contained false accusations about Rwanda

~ Clement says "Operation Lune" (Dark Side of the Moon) was an exercise de style!

~ Jason asks for sources for the information about the assassination of Robert F Kennedy

~ Luke has questions about Jimmy Hoffa's connections to religious organizations

~ Raymond says Diana's mother's letter is entitled "I Thank God for the Gift of Diana"

~ Vicki is trying to find the essay or letter Diana's Mother wrote shortly after her death

~ Raymond says American Pie references the King (Elvis), the Jester (Dylan) and the Flash is Jagger (Jumping Jack)

~ Nazim says that once you know of the incident of the deaths of the singers in a plane crash then the meaning of the song American Pie is obvious

~ Raymond says Lord Kitchener was on the UK war poster "Your Country Needs You" & maybe he was Orwell's face of Big Brother

~ Raymond says my story about a motel being built by the river reminds him of the song Big Yellow Taxi

~ Raymond translates Barnes' Dorset poem about land grabs into national English

~ Raymond says Dorset poet William Barnes, like Orwell, made accurate forecasts of the future (updated with ad jingos)

~ Tom asks how he can verify that the ethnicity of Rabinovitch, the CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada, is Jewish

~ Elena asks "What does 'slavery is freedom' and 'strength is ignorance' mean in the world of corporate culture?"

~ Gunnlaugur says in Icelandic law it's illegal to extradite Bobby to any country

~ A.G. says he's glad Fischer is free again and it's time the USA left him alone

~ Raymond says Pilgrimage to Orwell got him thinking about man's contact with Mother Nature & the future for our children

~ Ed says the architecture in Zamyatin's We is innovative & Orwell's Coming Up For Air projects normal human beings

~ Victor says that if enough people fight for truth--it will win

~ David needs the page reference for the Lord Tweedsmuir quote RFK used two hours before his death

~ Raymond says the song "Sunny" was a tribute to JFK

~ Larry would like some verifiable sources to refute the continued assassination of JFK's character

~ Raymond points out Huxley and Beatle coincidences to November 22, 1963

~ Raymond says Britain is becoming a multi-world society where freedoms are being whittled away

~ Raymond describes Orwell as a genius and visionary whose message is really understood by so few

~ Frank criticizes "Orwell Today" for being wall-to-wall Orwell

~ Frank thinks taking government officials out of context in "Dark Side of the Moon" is no different than what Letterman does

~ Lindsay wants to credit "Orwell Today" using MLA citation rules

~ Andrea is writing a paper on economic sanctions like the 1980 grain embargo to USSR

~ Dave would like to use illustrations of the manuscript of "1984" in his PhD thesis on Orwell's writing & journalism

~ Frank re-emphasizes that on "Dark Side of the Moon" Kissinger, Rumsfeld, etc aren't actually talking about the moon

~ Frank says "Dark Side of the Moon" wasn't about faking the moon landing but about not believing everything you see on TV

~ Gary says JFK's missing "missal" is in the LBJ library in Austin, Texas

~ Julico says it's a draconian process for Chinese tourists to get a visa

~ Troy believes what he was taught in school about "American Pie" but says it COULD be about communist holocaust

~ SGP, Poet Laureate of Weary Travelers, sends observations of the Guyana flood

~ Maxwell now understands about life in Cuba after Castro's communism

~ Stephen sends New Statesman article about Americans' Vietnam confusion

~ Arthur says the Ernst Zundel kidnapping, incarceration and deportation is 100% Orwell

~ Kate says Mark Twain didn't write the Euro English satire, Dolton Edwards did, and she'd like the error corrected

~ Guy sends more links to old radio adaptations of 1984

~ Meg says Harry Potter has nothing to do with witchcraft or Satanism

~ Stephen says there were three feature-length movie versions of George Orwell's "1984"

~ Tom says the common utility pole is a boil on the landscape & windmills are ugly but distributed production is necessary

~ Guy sends link to David Niven radio version of 1984

~ David wonders if life in Oceania will be similiar to Eurasia and Eastasia

~ Brad says Canada is becoming a surrogate country for China

~ Mathew is going to thrust himself into the world of politics & make a difference

~ Joseph sends link to Rwanda youth website NEVER AGAIN which aims to provoke ideas and actions for peace

~ Felix says giving Paul Kagame a Nobel Peace Prize would honour those who offered their lives in order to stop genocide

~ Raymond sends news of new UK political party named "Truth"

~ Sharangabo sends a link to "10 Years On - The Story of Rwanda"

~ Torben asks what is my proposed alternative to horrid windmills

~ Gary would like to know the status of LNG facility on USSR island near Japan

~ Rudy says the UN's Agenda 21 has replaced the demand economy of the individual with the command system of the collective

~ Ronald believes JFK injected drugs because 99% of the biographies, historians and History Channel say so

~ Mathew says he always knew the day would come that the UK would take its first step toward totalitarianism

~ Sharangabo shares admiration for Paul Kagame

~ James says sexual freedom is not a liberating activity but just another trick by Big Brother to keep control

~ Danae enjoyed the Pilgrimage to Orwell pictures that took her to places she dreams of one day visiting

~ Jeff's looking for the section of the website where Orwell's famous "war" quotes are

~ Raymond confused about my defining Illuminati first as Big Brother and then later as the Brotherhood

~ Raymond sends update on UK laws on smacking and pubs staying open 24 hours a day

~ Larry is also a JFK expert and appreciates the stance the website takes on the Orwell issues

~ Raymond was awakened at 2am by a MD900 helicopter hovering over his neighbourhood

~ Mike says Orwell's faith in the "spirit of Man" is a "pathological coping mechanism"

~ Bruce drove by Orwell's house on Jura

~ Richard sends article about the hounding of chess legend Bobby Fischer

~ Molly talks about studying 1984 and seeing parallels in the "ever disappearing love in our society"

~ Claire says referring to Indians as "babies wanting candy" is illegal & racist

~ Wang wonders what Winston means by "Of all horrors in the world - a rat!"

~ Sharangabo sends season's greetings from Rwanda

~ Raymond asks if left is promoting a 1984 society

~ Elad is doing a university paper on JFK and Camelot

~ Raymond thinks 1984 is more prescient than Brave New World

~ Nasir sends Merry and Happy wishes to Orwell devotees

~ Ndore has stories from Rwanda she will share

~ Stephen wonders who Orwell would vote for (if he were alive) in Britain's 2005 general election

~ Raymond asks if Big Brother and the Illuminati are one and the same

~ Jack asks "How do you view Orwell?"

~ Pan fails to understand why the international community wants to condemn Rwanda to ethnic slaughter

~ George asks about my political ideology

~ Andreas says Indians didn't "settle" & wonders if they're forgetting their roots

~ Davinah from Rwanda says western propaganda minimizes President Kagame's role in stopping the genocide

~ Jakob is a doctor interested in working on island of Jura

~ Martyn is interested in being a GP on Jura

~ Jackie reads biography Orwell: The Life after email exchange with Stephen about BBC radio program interviewing its author

~ Cheyne is teaching his high school students how to use the list of "connections to the book" on the main page of the website

~ Pete sends parody Orwell's Nightmare Land sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland

~ Monty's poem Taming the Tiger is about soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen..."the young hearts of pride"

~ Pjotr wants solutions to stop the global hell unfolding among us

~ Adam says Henley's a TOWN not a village and ISN'T close to Sutton Courtenay

~ Anon sends email soliciting viewers for teens having sex against their will

~ Jessie suggests Kellie tape her theatre adaptation of 1984 so others can see it

~ Daniel is looking for the original "1984" movie which was produced in 1958

~ Ted says JFK would be very proud of how many people remember him today

~ Chuck needs help in doing film on JFK

~ Tim sends info on the filming of PT-109 movie and the correct date of its public release

~ Naomi wonders about the Inez Holden who hung about with Mr Orwell

~ Kellie asks why O'Brien watched Winston for seven years instead of nailing him when he committed the first crime

~ Stephen sends info on BBC radio program about Orwell (updated with review by Jackie)

~ Steve's London theatre company putting on repeat performance of George Orwell's 1984 Disco

~ T. D. wonders if the site is a personal passion or do I work for a media group

~ Norm asks about Orwell's film rights

~ Kim from Australia asks if the JFK allusion to Camelot is justified and correct

~ R.G. says we should never allow an outside government to buy a piece of Canada's mineral wealth

~ Nasir says Motihari is restoring Orwell's birth house into a museum

~ Scott sends research on Stanley Kubrick's moon connections

~ Scott says Kubrick wanted Eyes Wide Shut released on 30th anniversary of Apollo moon launch (same day JFK-Jr disappeared~jj)

~ Kamran needs help understanding "under the spreading chestnut tree" line

~ Mathieu says the movie 1984 was so bad he thought the book was bad too, until he found the site

~ Gary appeals for a doctor to set up practice in Jura

~ Ivan says the site doesn't have much on war

~ Stephen says colour photos existed when Orwell was alive

~ Stephen sends directions for getting to Eileen's grave

~ Stephen describes his visit Eileen Blair's grave

~ Stephen says Orwell's blue eyes are on the cover of the latest biography

~ Adolfo points out that NEW YORK's numbers also add up to 666 (dialogue updated, updated)

~ Stephen talks about microchips

~ Joel's number code adds up to Kissinger having the mark of the beast

~ Gary asks for a list of warnings (not predictions) from "1984" for his Grade 12 class

~ Greg comments on Chinese & Russian control of Canada's energy sector

~ Yutaka says "1984" situation is happening in Japan (dialogue updated)

~ Michel sends congrats on site from France

~ Andy sends greetings from the Senate House in Bloomsbury

~ Brian says Orwell is relevant for today

~ Marcel in Netherlands says two windmills have been erected next to his house

~ David has two questions about the website

~ Emil analyzes Dark Side of the Moon & wonders about Orwell fascination

~ Emil asks how much of Dark Side of the Moon was fiction and how much was real?

~ Steven asks about a JFK photo collage at the Berlin exhibit

~ Sue and Jim wonder about the JFK warning speech at Columbia University a few days before he died

~ Richard's thoughts on Orwell Today logo & 27b Canonbury Square & truth

~ Steve liked reading about the man behind the books

~ Mark wonders if Orwell inspired any political activism

~ Melissa just finished reading "We" and has a list of questions needing answers

~ Steve asks about Afghanistan, Iraq & USA presidency

~ William sends a link to the film "What Happened on the Moon?"

~ Gina wants help with finding Shakespeare quotes in "Brave New World"

~ Laurence wants answers for his "Coming Up For Air" test

~ Laurence asks about background to "Coming Up For Air" & was there a sequel & where is the manuscript kept?

~ Drew says Don told him American Pie's about the death of Buddy Holly

~ Sally believes in "government of the people, by the people, and for the people"

~ Jake wants help answering questions about proles, propaganda etc

~ David explains how Scans-U-Right bar code tatooed on forehead replaces credit cards, cash, and your driver’s license!

~ Ken asks about speech JFK made ten days before he was assassinated

~ Falcon sends link to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon documentary

~ Nate says Dark Side of the Moon is a hoax documentary

~ Dr Joe says, "Orwell did not foresee the spread of information though such things as the Internet"

~ Alex asks for example of doublethink in politics or economics

~ James explains doublethink & newspeak and Jackie defines doublespeak

~ Update on medical student given failing grade for anti-abortion stance

~ Raymond asks where Orwell's use of the term "proles" originates

~ Raymond says Gulliver was a local pirate & Lilliput a suburb of Poole

~ Fernando says my pig story is untrue

~ Joseph wishes he wasn't human and could come back as a disease

~ John asks about 1984 radio & TV productions and my opinion of Cliff Notes study guide

~ Yusuf comments on the movie of 1984 and the concept of God being left out of the book

~ Judith has a bone to pick with Germans and Germany

~ Gary asks about the Party doctrine on Julia's kind of thinking

~ Judith says she isn't French but loves French Canada

~ Sherry says every fire department in the city was busily taking blood tests for the Pfizer pharmaceutical company

~ Raymond says that between 9-11 and 3-11 there are 911 days

~ Corey asks the question, "Who bombed Spain?"

~ John says Orwell & Hitler are dark haired, blue-eyed WHAMs

~ Raymond gives an update on Blair's UK

~ Nasir and Jackie discuss Orwell's job offer at Lucknow Pioneer and pick bones about India & China

~ Nasir says the house that Eric Arthur Blair was born in still exists and should be made into a shrine

~ Dave says Peter Jennings' computer simulation was a way to connect with younger viewers who don't know enough about JFK assassination facts

~ Jackie adds further to the discussion with Zak about Boxer being named after Alexei Stakhanov

~ Dave sends in the hilarious poem he wrote, THE MOON SONG

~ Bob says: "You're obviously a disgruntled Canadian who thinks Orwell was writing about you & your issues with French Canada"

~ Anon describes how Verichip "slipped" into use

~ Dave says we went cashless in 1968

~ David asks about origins of Room 101

~ Nigel and Jackie discuss academic proof of Gareth Jones being Mr Jones in Animal Farm

~ Laura says: "Perhaps your view on Kennedy is slightly biased"

~ Ian asks: "Who are the buggers we didn't ought to 'ave trusted?"

~ Zak asks: "Who is the actual person Boxer is named after; the person the award in Russia was named after?"

~ Nigel asks about symbolism of Smith like in other names Orwell used

~ John wonders about the book "We" by Zamyatin and what influence it had on Orwell

~ Chris asks if anyone debunked 3d computer animation of JFK lone gunman theory

~ Pedro says Spanish website remembered Orwell's centennial & wonders about St Cyprian days

~ Nigel asks: "Was Farmer Jones my great-uncle Gareth Jones?"

~ Librarian Polly says: "One of my English teachers has assigned 1984 to a class of seniors..."

~ Sean sends praise & will help spread the word

~ Darryl asks why JFK is such an underlying character on my site

~ Raymond says "Doc knows best, don't forget to take your pills"

~ Herman asks about Animal Farm sequel Snowball's Revenge

~ Debbie heard a man from the Veri-chip company talking on the radio about its benefits

~ Raymond describes UK BLAIR'S SOCIETY

~ Raymond asks: "Do you have anything on helicopters spying on community housing estates in England?

~ R.J.A. says Euro English NOT from Mark Twain but M.J.Shields

~ Adrian accuses: "You stole Euro English from Mark Twain"

~ Steve announces: "My theatre company is presenting a short Orwell inspired comedy at Soho Theatre"

~ Kevin points out: "JFK didn't swim 1,000 miles to Nauru"

~ Monty wrote poem: JFK ... THE NATION'S SON, for 40th anniversary of assassination

~ Geoffrey says: "JFK was not a good husband" but doesnt say why

~ Richard visited Tranquility Bay & says: "Do not send your kids to this place!" and creates a forum to discuss it

~ David says: "I'm a student doing a school assignment on the "Camelot Allusion" and was wondering if you could help me out"

~ Bruce observes that "cards less than the ace of spades are caught, but Saddam and bin Laden somehow keep being missed"

~ Robbie read Homage to Orwell & sends photos from his visit to Orwell's Wallington home

~ Robert points out that the "Orwell was armed" quote was published in Evening Standard, not Tribune

~ Jay says: I too see the day when only the wealthy will be able to afford vehicles

~ Rick describes Canadian government & justice system

~ Jeremy & Jackie further discuss Huxley & Orwell

~ Jeremy asks: What evidence do you have that Huxley believed the world he imagined in the novel to be a literal possibility and a desirable future?

~ Students from Denmark ask: What are we to think of Boxer?

~ Roger says: I always assumed the Emmanuel Goldstein of Orwell's 1984 was analogous to the historical Trotsky.

~ Leigh asks: Can Brave New World be read in schools?

~ SR wonders: What's behind Winston's dreams?

~ Mike says: "JFK conspiracy theories turn people off, even if they're true"

~ Jason sends tip on TIPS

~ Jeremy comments on "freedom, privacy and liberty..."

~ Further discussion between SR and JJ regarding who controls Winston's mind

~ SR wonders about Winston and Julia coincidences

~ Celia asks: Does Winston get released?

~ Pablo translates Warmonger/Peacenik into Spanish (link at bottom of original)

~ Gary asks: "What does Canada's French Immersion program have to do with Newspeak?"

~ Rich asks: "Is Osama bin Laden Emmanuel Goldstein?"

~ John and his grade XII students ask: "Is Julia a member of the Thought Police?

~ Michael and Jackie discuss disposable diapers

~ Myles asks: "Please send me Animal Farm examples of "individual versus institution."

~ Steve points out that the UN is Oceania's Big Brother, NOT Eastasia's and Eurasia's (but Jackie Jura says they've all got the SAME Big Brother)

~ Luke says: "You should write about the systematic doping of children and the corporate scandal bullshit"

~ Jackie's reply defending Walt Disney

~ Theo says: "One of the key elements of 1984 is the way language is used to conceal the truth."

~ a reader says: "We" by Yevgeny Zamyatin is another novel of truth."

~ Vic says, "I don't know what synergy I can contribute."

~ Stuart asks, "Why does Orwell leave the setting of 1984 so bare even though four decades have passed since the war?"

~ Tyler asks, "Why is a book which does not make any sense and is utterly boring so important?"

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~