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To Orwell Today,

"Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimeters inside your skull."

Not even the few cubic centimeters inside your skulls is safe! There are at least 100 patented mind manipulation and control technologies that are being used in a variety of ways, right now, today, on the unsuspecting public! How many exist that are "classified" is anyones guess! The ability to deceive, and create deception, is at a level that might even fool the "elect", if it were possible!

-Lance Blanck

Greetings Lance,

Yes, that's a very important quote because a huge component of "1984" is Orwell emphasizing the point that Big Brother (One World Government - New World Order) does not just want "the people" to PRETEND to love BB, but to TRULY love BB. See The Party Tells 'How' and The Party Tells 'Why'

Therefore Big Brother goes to a great deal of effort to destroy the individual brains of the population en masse. Recall that "the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought" and that one of the two aims of Big Brother is "to extinquish once and for all the possibility of independent thought". Big Brother attempts this by not only "dumbing down" the masses through prolefeed churned out by the Ministry of Truth (Lies) but also by physically destroying the brain through torture, electric shock, drugs etc, etc.

Keep in mind (pardon the pun) that "thought" is a crime in Big Brother's world, ie "thoughtcrime" and people are taught crimestop techniques from birth (when they are taken from their mothers "like eggs from a hen" and brought up in institutions (daycare, then school).

One of Winston's most difficult problems while imprisoned in the Ministry of Love (Torture) was to convince O'Brien (a member of The Brotherhood) that he HAD in fact succeeded in stopping himself from thinking. Winston partially succeeds while awake but not when sleeping. See Winston Talks in Sleep

Therefore, your comment that there are mind manipulation and control technologies being used, in a variety of ways, right now, today, on the unsuspecting public, is 100% valid. The six books pictured above (from a shelf of many others) prove that this horrific crime against human beings is out in the open and not even secret. No doubt you've seen the movies HARRISON BERGERON and MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE.

All the best - and thanks for sharing your thoughts,
Jackie Jura


To Orwell Today,

Thanks for your response! There is so much information on the subject of mind manipulation and control it's almost beyond comprehension. If you go to the US Patent website and type in the words mind control you can see the patents for this technology for yourself. What makes this so dangerous is how people could be manipulated into thinking that what they are doing is right, or that they do God a service. Can't say much more than this.

-Lance Blanck

Medical journal advocates LSD in labs (ecstasy & magic mushrooms too for stress disorder & headache). Guardian, Apr 14, 2006 & LSD A CIA PROJECT & BE LEERY OF LEARY ON JFK & DRUG WAR & PEACE & SOMA IN BRAVE NEW WORLD

Jackie Jura
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