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I googled "Ministry of Truth" and found Orwell Today. This is an awesome site! It's a great chronicling of "the creep", the step by step bleed, like ink on a paper napkin spreading slowly but surely...under cover of no mass media focus or overshadowed by fluff or myth...

Great site. I've bookmarked it and intend to read it and follow the links (as long as they are "live" when I get to them).

I'm on the Ministry of Truth Page...Thank you for posting your work to the net.

"Jura" as in an area of France?

Thank you so much,
USA (at the moment)

Greetings Niamaat,

Thanks so much for letting me know you've discovered "Orwell Today" and are in the process of reading the 45 themes. Great to have you as a reader.

The links I created will always be "live" although some that I link to outside do expire. Occasionally I go through the website removing dead links but it is a big job and I am, to quote Orwell, "a minority of one" operation.

It is "Jura" as in an area of Scotland (where Orwell wrote "1984"). See JOURNEY TO ORWELL'S JURA.

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Jackie Jura

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