To Orwell Today,
re: Teacher plans to discuss the story of Rwanda with her Grade 12 students

Dear Jackie Jura,

I would like to give thanks to your website for the good things it is doing for our beloved country.

It is a good pleasure to hear that Alfred Ndahiro's presentation about the Rwandan revolution will be used by a high school teacher in the United States. Dr Ndahiro, being a teacher in his background, will understand how 12th graders will definitely benefit on knowing what the history of Rwanda is all about.

Dr Ndahiro made a speech at the 2006 Rwanda Convention in Houston, Texas, describing how he came to be Communications & Public Relations Advisor to the President of Rwanda. Here it is to share with readers and students:


All the best,
Sharangabo Rufagari

Greetings Sharangabo,

Thank you so much for your continued contributions of information about Rwanda for "Orwell Today" readers. I will add it to the other articles by Alfred Ndahiro: RWANDA BEFORE & AFTER and 10 YEARS ON - THE STORY OF RWANDA.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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