To Orwell Today,

Hoping that u r doing fine. I am a student at Umutara Polytechnic University. The aim of sending this email 2 u is to plz try by all means to allocate me where I can get records - either DVDs/CDs - about the day of Liberation of our mother land Rwanda as at July 4th, 2006 morning?

Plz, I need it. Thanx 4 ur assistance,
Tumusiime Mwene Kagina
4th year Umutara Poly University

Greetings Tumusiime,

It's fascinating to hear from you there in Umutara which I know is a province in northeastern Rwanda bordered with Tanzania by the Akagera River whose source is the farthest tributary of the Nile, located in the Nyungwe Forest (which I went to during my second trip to Rwanda). On my first visit I went to Akagera National Park which is in Umutara, I believe. See AKAGERA GIRAFFES & NOMADS & NYUNGWE NILE MISSED MONKEYS.

I assume you must have seen my article about being at Amahoro Stadium on July 4th for the RWANDA LIBERATION DAY 2006 celebrations. I took lots of photos but didn't have a movie camera to record the event and don't know if one is available anywhere. I saw some of the celebrations on TV later that day so perhaps you could contact the Rwanda News Agency and they could steer you in the right direction - or provide you with anything they might have.

Speaking of LIBERATION DAY in Rwanda, your province of Umutara is also, I realize, an important place in the history of the liberation of your motherland because that was the starting point from which the Rwandese Patriotic Front war of liberation began - that same army that parades in Amahoro Stadium on July 4th every year.

Congratulations on achieving your 4th year at Polytechnic University and all the best in your coursework and career,
Jackie Jura


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~