To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura:

You are quite right about your perception of Paul Kagame: I am yet to see another African leader matching his unprecedented, overtowering qualities.

The world certainly deserves seeing a film based on Paul Kagame's life instead of the Rusesabagina rubbish.

Hereto attached is an official Rwanda government brief that could be of help to anyone trying to understand, or to explain to others, what has happened of late between France and Rwanda. There seems to be lots of people out there in the West, who ought to be informed about the sinister reality of the Franco-Rwandan connection - you may possibly feature this brief on your website: THE FRANCO-RWANDAN BONE OF CONTENTION

In a sense, France seems to have lost her bearings as a nation, and as such, has been disgracing/betraying the West and humanity at large.

With compliments from,
Ntarugera Deo Koya

Postscriptum: This french version is for the use of non-english speakers out there in Canada, France... LE CONTENTIEUX FRANCO-RWANDAIS

Greetings Deo Koya,

Thank you very much for letting me know that my perceptions of Rwanda and Paul Kagame are correct, and that you agree with me that a movie should be made about his life, in stark preference to that of Rusesabagina. You must have been reading my articles RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME and HOTEL HERO NOT ORDINARY.

Thank you as well for explaining, through the brief you sent, what the situation is behind the present war of the words between Rwanda and France, and the unfounded, unjudicial accusations from a French judge, with approval of France's prosecutor, that Kagame shot down then-President Habyarimana's plane. The explanation describing the photo of the missile - BEFORE it was fired - is just one of many, many proofs of the ridiculousness of the charges. As the brief points out, when France couldn't beat Rwanda in battle or politics they next tried the courts - the end result will no doubt be the same - total defeat for France.

I watched President Kagame being interviewed by the BBC the other day saying he welcomed an independent investigation into France's accusations:

Rwanda leader defiant on killer claim. BBC, Jan 30, 2007 (Rwandan President Paul Kagame, in a rare interview, is asked to respond to allegations by a French investigating judge that he was complicit in the assassination of former President Juvenal Habyarimana in 1994. BBC world affairs correspondent Fergal Keane reports...I travelled to Rwanda to put Judge Bruguiere's central allegations to President Kagame. In a defiant response he said: "I care that there was a genocide here. A million people died - people have been persecuted for decades here in Rwanda. "I was a refugee for nearly 30 years out of my country as a result of that. Would I care that bloody Habyarimana died, somebody who was responsible for a genocide here, who was a president of a government that discriminated, that persecuted its own people? "That Judge Bruguiere says this or France says that - I don't give a damn." In the aftermath of the genocide, the UN backed away from an investigation of the plane crash. One investigator alleged the matter was dropped because the UN did not want to confront Paul Kagame...However, in his interview with the BBC, Mr Kagame said he would co-operate with an impartial inquiry carried out by a judge who had nothing to do with Rwanda or France...)

You are so right when you say that "France seems to have lost her bearings as a nation, and as such, has been disgracing/betraying the West and humanity at large."

The brief also states it well, in its closing paragragh, in speaking for the government of Rwanda: "We think that it is better to have this problem clearly exposed to the world, so as to allow all and sundry, across the global human community, to help find a solution to it. We believe that this will require addressing, frankly and openly, the issue of France’s involvement in the 1994 genocide, which continues to pollute relations between the two countries."

Thank you for sending the brief of the government of Rwanda so that I can share it with the global community. For one thing, it's another example of Paul Kagame, alone against the world, once again coming to the rescue of his country - along with his fellow-countrymen of course. But the issues aren't confined to just Rwanda - they have implications for everyone because what is being done to Rwanda, France could also do to others.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2007

PS - I see in yesterday's news as well that the lawyers for the genocidaires are back at it again, accusing the one who stopped the genocide their murderous-clients perpetrated, of starting it, but as explained in previous articles: RWANDA'S REP DEFENDS KAGAME and ADAD IS GENOCIDE MOUTHPIECE their screechings are worth a grain of salt.

Two defence lawyers implicate Rwanda's RPF at ICTR. AngolaPress, Jan 31, 2007
Arusha, Tanzania - Two defence lawyers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, Tanzania, have petitioned the court to press charges against leaders of the Rwanda's ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), for their responsibility in the 1994 genocide. America's Peter Erlinder, and Andre Tremblay of Canada, who are also professors of law in their respective countries, also want the activities of the ICTR suspended and all completed cases revised, in consideration of alleged crimes committed by the ex-rebels now in power....


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~