"Vive la Canada! Vive la Rwanda!"

To Orwell Today,

Hello Jackie!

It is the second time I am writing to you. The other time was when I was trying to give you an overview of My Country (RWANDA), unfortunately that time I did not know that you had came and gone, in fact I missed the opportunity to meet you. However I followed your trip through the articles in your Website "Destiny Destination Rwanda".

I would like also to thank you for the whole article as it was good of you to give out a clear picture of our country.

During that visit, Rwanda was in the middle of Dry Season, so as you saw it was dusty and dry, right now it is a rain season and every thing is very very green, it is so beautiful you can enjoy even more. The crops are very flourishing, Cows are healthier so Milk is abundant and the People are really happy. They are very happy except for one thing which came out some few days ago, The French Govt.

Dear Jackie, the people of Rwanda are worried, they are worried because the French are at their old game again, and this time they are directly after our President, The President who has done alot for us, The President who has given a new hope to people of this country. The President whom we Elected. The only President with a clear vision this country has ever had.

I cant figure out their intention but for sure they want him out of their way, and this is what worries us. Unfortunately the International community is just as quiet as it was during that period (April-July 1994).

The French has no shame, otherwise they should be judging their action during that time because, for sure they were so barbaric while here before during and after the genocide. At some point you could not differentiate them with Interahamwe.

Currently in Kigali we are following a hearing that is being conducted by a special commission formed to find out a role played by France During the Genocide Period. The testimonies that are coming out are unbelievable, I cant imagine how France is living with what it did and further more have guts to point a finger to our people who stopped and sorted out their mess. "IT IS SHAME".

The testimonies are available on daily English paper "The New Times". You might have read them. Some of these Testimonies are even supported by pictures, Like a picture a few days ago where a French Soldier was supervising some Interahamwe who were throwing people in a big trench, some of the thrown people were still alive, it is sick.

With such testimonies, does the French have a moral authority to prosecute our Heroes? This world is full of injustice.

Thanks and Greetings to Bob,
Colin Ruganzu

Greetings Colin,

I recall very well our previous RED RWANDA DUST SETTLING conversation. It's nice to hear from you again. I met other Rwandans who told me they also preferred the rainy season to the dry season (and I myself love rain), but I was happy it wasn't raining while we were there. It made it so easy to get around - especially when visiting Mutware and all the other animals in Akagera Park and the gorillas in the Virunga Volcanoes.

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading DESTINY DESTINATION RWANDA because I certainly enjoyed being able to write it, by, first of all, being there. I brought many souvenirs of Rwanda back home with me as tangible remembrances of your beautiful country. They are beautiful objects in their own right.

Yes, I know all about how France has been attacking your President and your country again - this time through lying accusations. I've been following the stories in the international press and also reading The New Times articles, including the one with the photo of a French soldier overseeing Tutsi bodies being thrown into ditches from the back of a truck. That was very telling indeed, proving that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I wouldn't worry too much about France getting the better of Rwanda in any war - be it physical or just propaganda. The Rwandese Patriotic Front, led by then General Kagame (all alone and with no help from any other nation) kicked France's butt all the way back to France (through Zaire). So if France wants to get into the ring again, that's her problem. She'll lose, just like she always loses.

Here, in Canada, France lost two hundred and fifty years ago and is still whining about it. De Gaulle even came here in the sixties saying "Vive le Québec libre"! Vive le Canada Français! Et vive la France!" (Long live free Quebec! Long live French Canada! And long live France!) which was a total insult to English Canada - which is what Canada is, ie ENGLISH Canada. See FRENCHSPEAK IS NEWSPEAK.

Actually, I've posted several articles on the website about France's complicity in the Rwandan genocide, a fact which is indisputable and almost common knowledge at this point. You can find them in the essay 60 MINUTES READING RWANDA.

Issues about Rwanda are never far from my thoughts. I'm keeping up with all the news from there, and have ordered a couple of new books, which may arrive for Christmas. They are THE SHALLOW GRAVES OF RWANDA by Shaharyar Khan and CONSPIRACY TO MURDER: THE RWANDAN GENOCIDE by Linda Melvern. I'm compiling quite a library on Rwanda, filling an entire shelf by now.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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Jackie Jura
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