To Orwell Today,

Hello I would be obliged if you would pass the message below to the person who runs Sirhan's Researcher site:

It is unfortunate that you suggest readers of Sirhan's Researcher go to a book by Gregory Douglas. Douglas is a well known fabricator and he has no place on a serious site. Just Google Gregory Douglas + fraud or Gregory Douglas + fabrication

Robin Ramsay

Greetings Robin,

Thanks for bringing to my attention that the author of SIRHAN'S RESEARCHER website - Rose Lynn Mangan - recommends that people read a book by Gregory Douglas.

I did a quick search and found, among others, an article written by you: The Conspiracy Fabricator (a look at the dubious scribblings of one Gregory Douglas)

I hadn't heard of Douglas or his absurd theory (that JFK committed treason with the Soviets against America and to save it the CIA and FBI - heroically - assassinated him and later his brother RFK).

Books slandering JFK - with their diversionary theories on his life and death - have been churned out by the hundreds over the years by the Orwellian Ministry of Truth (Lies).

I'll forward your message to Rose Lynn Mangan. Perhaps she'll get back with an explanation as to why - as stated on her website under the heading THE RATIONALE BEHIND THE RFK ASSASSINATION AND ITS LINK TO THE JFK ASSASSINATION - she agrees with the theory set out by Douglas in his book REGICIDE: THE OFFICIAL ASSASSINATION OF JOHN F. KENNEDY.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - Rose has responded to your question about her "Sirhan's Researcher" website


Jackie Jura
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