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"For decades it has been speculated that Bobby Kennedy was well aware of the faction which murdered his brother, but he needed possession of the Oval Office in order to expose it. He was murdered at the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel, minutes after his acceptance speech for winning the 1968 California Democratic Primary. Contact magazine, among others, says that young JFK, Jr. also knew who killed his father and was willing to spill it to the American people, once he reached an ivory tower sufficient to be heard, in particular, the White House." (from JFK Jr's Crash Still a Mystery, by Pat Shannan, http://www.patshannan.com/articlejfkjr.htm))

Just read the above on your site. I've heard this said for many years, that RFK knew something of his brothers murder. Is there any direct quotes, which RFK made to individuals concerning his knowledge of the possibility that people killed his brother? I've also read that when RFK was in California, he was going to speak with someone he had discovered, who had information about people who killed his brother; this was just before he himself was shot.

-Melvin Stephens

Greetings Melvin,

The following quotes from the article RFK HATED BY HOOVER & MAFIA explain that RFK knew there was a conspiracy behind his brother's assassination, and had perhaps figured out who and what was behind it:

"...Kennedy's determination to find out who killed his brother, so purposeful in the first few hours after the shooting, seemed to shut down in the winter of 1964. Possibly, RFK did not want to learn where the trail led. Certainly, he had no interest in the public investigation of the death of the president, the Warren Commission... In September, the Warren Commission issued its findings: Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, had murdered President Kennedy. RFK later told an aide that he regarded the Warren Commission report as a public relations exercise to reassure the public. The public, at least initially, accepted the commission's conclusions. Though Kennedy gave lip service to the single-gunman explanation, he never quieted his own doubts...

"...Sheridan, who, according to his wife, contemplated suicide when his hero RFK was killed in 1968, refused to talk abut JFK's assassination until just before he died in 1996. Then he shocked his son, Walter Jr., by stating that he was 'convinced' that President Kennedy had been killed by a conspiracy. Joseph Kennedy II, RFK's oldest son, had a similar experience. In the last year of his life, RFK told his son that the full truth about the Kennedy assassination would never be known. Young Kennedy had the impression that his father knew something others did not, though exactly what remained a mystery..."

Regarding your question about RFK speaking to someone in California about his brother's death, no I have not heard that. I somehow doubt it though because while in California he was campaigning non-stop for election as the Democratic candidate for President - a very tough race and California a vital state. However, it was coincidental that the last night of his life RFK stayed with someone who had directed a movie eerily similar to JFK's and his own assassinations. See RFK ASSASSINATION COINCIDENCES

It's also one of those coincidences that Nixon would have been RFK's opponent for president - just as he had been JFK's eight years earlier. In 1960 JFK had won and Nixon - and his backers - had been sorely disappointed. No doubt if RFK had lived he would have also won against Nixon in the 1968 election. The only reason Nixon became president was because RFK was eliminated.

Nixon, like Johnson before him, went on with the Vietnam War and many other policies that JFK and RFK - as presidents - would never have allowed. America - and the world - is now suffering the consequences of their deaths and thwarted policies.

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Jackie Jura

PS - Since our email discussion I've recently read the book YOUNG KENNEDYS: THE NEW GENERATION by Jay David Andrews in which RFK's eldest son, Joseph II, is "on the record saying that he believes there was a conpspiracy surrounding the assassination of JFK. He has stated that he believes the same people were responsible for his own father's death." ~ page 107

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