RFK on Floor

"I was standing next to Bobby when he was shot.
I was only about two or three yards behind him.
I turned to go one way and a girl screamed.
I knew right away what had happened. He had been shot.
I could see Bobby lying on his back...
the blood was just pouring out the back of his head."


"Somebody I knew and liked was murdered in front of me.
I watched him die and I had to work through and photograph it.
It had to be done because that was my job...
I'm the only person who's covered an assassination before, during and after."

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After reading the above article only one question comes to my mind and I thought I would contact you to see if you happen to know the answer. When the police investigation analyzed the bullet they removed from RFK to see if it was shot from the gun Sirhan used what was the answer? This is a black and white question and it's answer proves guilt or innocence. A logical deduction is that the bullet was proven to have been shot from Sirhan's gun or he would not be in jail today. Do you happen to know what the evidence concluded?


Greetings Cohan,

What the government and its agencies - the police, FBI, justice department, etc - concluded is not what the EVIDENCE concluded and so your question needs to be clarified.

The government concluded that Robert Francis Kennedy was shot from a bullet fired from the gun Sirhan Sirhan was firing.

But the EVIDENCE concludes, including medical evidence, that RFK was shot behind the ear, from the gun of an assassin behind him. And the bullet wasn't from the kind of gun Sirhan was firing. See CIA CESAR SHOT BOBBY

Naturally, the government tells the people that the bullet that killed RFK came from Sirhan Sirhan's gun but this is the same government that told the people that the bullet that killed JFK came from Lee Harvey Oswald. Both those guys are innocent "patsies" who've been framed to take the blame. See the 1970s Burt Lancaster movie EXECUTIVE ACTION and my new essay PHOTOS PROVE OSWALD INNOCENT.

Recently the photographer who took the only pictures of RFK's assassination was interviewed. Below is the article which proves -- from his eye-witness account -- that Bobby was shot from behind, and therefore could not have been shot by Sirhan who was far away in front.

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Jackie Jura, 2006

bensonBobbyStory BensonBobbyStory BensonBobbyStory

Photographer caught Bobby being shot
"Someone I knew and liked was murdered in front of me...but I still had to take the picture"
UK Daily Record, Aug 10, 2006

Legendary photographer Harry Benson has spent a lifetime snapping celebrities...from The Beatles to Muhammad Ali [to Bobby Fischer]. But in decades of capturing major events, the moment the Scot will never forget was when he watched his friend Bobby Kennedy gunned down just a few feet from him.

Harry was covering the Senator's US Presidential campaign on that fateful day in June 1968 when Bobby was fatally shot by crazed assassin Sirhan Sirhan. He took the most incredible pictures of his career as JFK's brother lay bleeding to death. Harry's pictures are the only images of the assassination and the images of Bobby lying wounded, with distraught wife Ethel screaming into the lens, are among the most famous photos ever taken...

"I was standing next to Bobby when he was shot," he said. I was only about two or three yards behind him. I turned to go one way and a girl screamed. I knew right away what had happened. He had been shot. I could see Bobby lying on his back with blood pouring out of his head.

"Somebody I knew and liked was murdered in front of me. I watched him die and I had to work through and photograph it. It had to be done because that was my job."

Harry, 74, has enjoyed one of the most incredible careers in photography over the last 50 years. From elections to wars, sporting events and tragedies, Harry has covered just about every major story since he started in Scottish papers, moved to Fleet Street then emigrated to America in 1964 after covering The Beatles' debut trip Stateside. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Gigi, and has two grown-up children. Harry is back in Scotland this week to launch an exhibition of his work at the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. But he took time out to recall his experiences of the shooting, as well as his fond memories of Kennedy. And it was covering his final speech, where Bobby was celebrating a win in the Californian primary sealing his nomination for President, when Hary witnessed the final moments of the Senator's life.

"I first met Bobby in 1964 in Washington," he said. "He was a lovely guy to know, always very friendly. He was the type who wouldn't just see you at work, he would get to know you and talk to you. "I got to know him very well. At night, Bobby didn't say cheerio, he invited you up to his suite for a drink and a laugh. I got on very well with him and had a lot of respect for him. "He was an honest man, and I think he would have made a great President. He cared about people."

Harry followed JFK's little brother all over the US, taking hundreds of pictures of him and his family, even being invited by Bobby's sister-in-law Jackie to take pictures at the wedding of JFK's daughter Caroline.

But of all the assignments, he never suspected a run-of-the-mill campaign speech in Los Angeles would be the most notorious, and the last. The last day of Bobby's life is a terrible memory for Harry, one which continues to relay itself before his eyes in the middle of the night.

"I was at the Ambassador Hotel and was actually going to leave early because we knew very early on that Bobby had won," said Harry. "So I was just hanging around waiting for the acceptance speech which I knew was going to be nothing much. At the end of the speech, the last thing he said was, 'On to Chicago' and I tried to leave the hall but it was too busy, so I followed Bobby out.

"I was only about two or three yards behind him when a girl screamed and I knew what happened. Sirhan sprayed the whole place. When I was changing film, I looked down and realised that five other people had been shot all around me, so I was lucky. It was awful. I was getting punched because at that moment it wasn't quite three cheers for a photographer. But it had to be done, it was history and there were no hard feelings with me from the Kennedy family after it. My instincts were - don't mess up now, mess up tomorrow - because this was history. I didn't even bother going to the hospital. I knew he was dead. "He'd lost too much blood and I'd worked on enough police stories to know. The blood was just pouring out the back of his head. I did something unique. I'm the only person who's ever covered an assassination before, during and after." In the days after the killing, Harry's images shook the world with their graphic portrayal of the attack.

After the funderal, he went on to cover major events all over the world. From Kosovo to Katrina, and from the World Trade Center to Iraq, he has been to just about every big conflict. He has snapped nealry every major celebrity, including Michael Jackson in his bedroom and Elizabeth Taylor in her hospital ward, and has photographed the last 10 US Presidents. But the evening of June 6, 1968 is still his most vivid memory.

He's interested to see the new Emilio Estevez film, 'Bobby', which has set Hollywood buzzing with its emotive subject matter and its stellar cast. Harry said: "It'll be very interesting to see it, because I've read so many different things about that day and a lot of it is bull. The film will be wrong. Films usually are. The JFK film was dead wrong."

"I still find myself sitting at night waking up and recalling the events of the entire day right up to the shooting, what I was doing, where I was going, who I was speaking to. I photographed Bobby all kinds of ways and he couldn't care less. Even if it wasn't that flattering, he would shrug and say that was just our job.

Some photographers said to me after I photographed him being murdered, how could I do such a thing" I said, 'Well, that's my job.' I'm sure that when I meet Bobby again, he'll understand. I'm the only person who's covered an assassination before, during and after."

[end quoting from article interviewing Harry Benson]

Sirhan Sirhan did not kill RFK (shot from security guard behind). NBC, Mar 26, 2008 [http://www.nbc30.com/news/15712020/detail.html]. Go to 4.Old World Destruction


Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy? (Sirhan's gun in front of RFK; fatal bullet fired from behind). CBS/Guardian, Nov 27, 2006

'Bobby' movie more fiction than fact. CBS BayAreaNews, Nov 24, 2006
A Bay Area man who was with Robert Kennedy the night of his assassination says the new movie, "Bobby" completely distorts history. Los Angeles, June 5, 1968, Sen. Robert Kennedy, the late president's brother, had just won the California Democratic presidential primary. Moments later, as he walked through a crowd inside the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel, American history changed forever. Steps away from Kennedy was ABC News associate director William Weisel. "There were pops, and our producer Dave Jane was just beside me, and he grabbed me around the neck and he said, 'Get down. Get down. There's shooting,' " Weisel said. Kennedy lay in a pool of blood. Weisel, too, was struck by the assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. So I opened my coat to get my stopwatch, and my whole shirt was covered with blood, and I said, 'Oh, my, I've been shot,' " Weisel said. Thirty-eight years later, Weisel takes exception to the release of "Bobby," a feature film that depicts the lives of several fictional characters at the Ambassador Hotel that day and night. "There's a whole spun story which Mr. [Emilio] Estevez created and then interspersed a news film of Bobby speaking," Weisel said. Weisel suggests there is no greater story than history itself. "What worries me is that what's going to happen in 100 years when somebody says, 'Bobby Kennedy' and somebody says, 'Let's pull this movie and see what happened.' Well, that's not what happened," Weisel said... [http://cbs5.com/local/local_story_328211303.html]

Long road finding backers for RFK film. TheStar, Nov 27, 2006
Emilio Estevez (Martin Sheen's son), the former Brat Packer and star of The Mighty Ducks movie became obsessed with a different kind of biopic - one that would concentrate not on Robert Kennedy, but on the guests and workers at the Ambassador Hotel who rub shoulders with the candidate. Anthony Hopkins, Freddy Rodriguez, Elijah Wood, Lindsay Lohan, Sharon Stone, Laurence Fishburne, Harry Belafonte, Martin Sheen and Demi Moore, Estevez's former co-star and fiancee, play the roles of people who are among those in gunshot range when Sirhan Sirhan appears at the door of the Ambassador. Estevez plays the husband-manager of a broken-down nightclub singer (Moore). But Bobby, who's glimpsed in newsreels and heard delivering impassioned civil rights speeches, remains a bit player in the movie bearing his name. And this caused no end of consternation when it came to securing financing in Hollywood....The surprise success of the multiple-narrative Crash, which won the best picture Oscar in 2005, brought Bobby back into play. Belgium industrialist Michel Litvak finally anted up the $10 million budget. He was looking for a vehicle for his Russian wife, Svetlana Metkina, eventually cast as an eager Czech journalist. "It took a European, a foreigner, to see the wisdom of this project," says Estevez, savoring the irony. "I was resistant to it at first because it's an American film about an American icon. But it worked, and opened us up to the European market.".... Bobby was shot for five days in the Ambassador Hotel before it was demolished...

New Bobby Kennedy assassination movie. NorthernLife, Aug 24, 2006
A film about Bobby Kennedy, written and directed by the son of an actor who has made a career of playing American presidents, will be one of the gala film presentations at Cinéfest this year. "Bobby", written and directed by Emilio Estevez, son of Martin Sheen, revisits the events surrounding the night Senator Robert F. Kennedy was killed on June 4, 1968. Sheen, who played the president on the television show The West Wing and who has portrayed John F. Kennedy on film, has a role in the movie, which also stars Anthony Hopkins, Sharon Stone, Demi Moore and Helen Hunt. Bobby screens Saturday, Sept. 23. [http://www.northernlife.ca/News/Lifestyle/2006/08-25-06-cinefest.asp?NLStory=08-25-06-cinefest]

LBJ PATH TO WAR (Frankenheimer is the same guy who produced the movie MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE which had close parallels to JFK's assassination (before he was assassinated). Bobby Kennedy slept the last night of his life at Frankenheimer's house and it was Frankenheimer who drove him to the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles where he was assassinated..)


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