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To Orwell Today,


Happy holidays, and how was your Thanksgiving? I wrote to you sometime back in the summer. My question to you, which you placed on your site:

"...for anyone having knowledge; to help point me in the direction of information concerning whether Bobby Kennedy was secretly conducting inquiries into the death of his brother JFK. I had heard during Bobby's visit to California, he had the name of an individual, who could help with leading him to other sources. The replies I received (which I do not fully recall now) were that this rumor has been in circulation for many years and there was no book detailing this."

Well, low and behold; while browsing through Borders books before Thanksgiving, I ventured into the JFK section, which contained books on the assassination. There, I found a book titled: The Hidden History of The Kennedy Years - BROTHERS, by David Talbot. On the books back cover it states:

"Robert F. Kennedy's search for the truth about the crime of the century has long been an untold story. But it is loaded with historical significance. Kennedy's investigative odyssey---which began with a frantic zeal immediately after his brother's assassination, and then secretly continued in fitful bursts until his own murder five years later --- did not succeed in bringing the case to court. But Robert Kennedy was a central figure in the drama --- not only as his brother's attorney general and the second most powerful official in the Kennedy administration, but as JFK's principal emissary to the dark side of American power. And his hunt for the truth sheds a cold, bright light on the forces that he suspected were behind the murder of his brother."

The book opens (which I have not yet begun to read) with a statement by Bobby Kennedy:

"I found out something I never knew. I found out that my world was not the real world." Robert F. Kennedy, 1968.

-Melvin Stephens

Greetings Melvin,

Happy holidays to you too and actually, now that you ask, I had a good Thanksgiving. Up here in Canada we have it in early October - unlike down in the States where you have it the end of November. I must say I think October is better because that's when the harvest is in and the pumpkins are ripe on the vine, and still there's a good stretch of time until the next big excitement of Christmas, whereas in USA you have them both so close together. Also, the weather in October is perfect Fall weather with the Maple (and all the other kinds of leaves) turning beautiful colours whereas by November Jack Frost has bit the pumpkin and everything else.

It wasn't long after our email exchange last summer that I was given the gift of David Talbot's book, BROTHERS (scanned above) which had just come out - 2007 - and was on display in Coles Bookstore.

I really enjoyed it and have been meaning to add it to my list of GOOD BOOKS ON JFK & RFK and share some pertinent excerpts with ORWELL TODAY readers. I'll do that in the New Year - as a resolution.

The book really shone the light of truth on a couple major issues, including JFK and Bobby's total innocence regarding anything to do with plans to assassinate Castro and also the filling in of details regarding Bobby's investigations into JFK's assassination.

It reinforces what I said to you in our email exchange, ie that Bobby knew there was a conspiracy behind his brother's assassination and had done investigations on it. Where I disagreed with you was in your premise that RFK met with someone when he was campaigning in California in June 1968. I conjectured that he wouldn't have had time, and anyway, there wasn't any pressing need. David Talbot, in BROTHERS, doesn't mention any such meeting then.

A month or so ago I added a PS (which you may not have noticed) to the bottom of our DID BOBBY KNOW WHO? conversation saying that I recently read a book about Bobby's eldest son, Joseph, saying he believes there was a conpspiracy surrounding the assassination of his uncle JFK and that the same people were responsible for his father's death too.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I notice there's a new documentary on The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy on DVD that looks interesting

KENNEDY-KILLING CONTINUES ANEW (reader Anya says she's reading "Brothers" by David Talbot and it's confusing on page 135, which starts with the words "On August 16, 1962...")


Jackie Jura
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