To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the Brilliant post from James on "control" in BLAIR'S UK.

Orwell's fears that a democratic socialist government could become the opposite have come to roost. Helicopters often manned by 8 persons can also arrive anywhere within minutes. With their equipment they can detect numbers of persons per house, even car number plates. They are also controlling kids play with fines for illegal scrambling.

All the "omissions" taken by the BBC from 1984 goes to show govt/BIG BROTHER'S fear of TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE in minds of the common man.

Via means of modern technology such as emails they can read all mail looking for "key" words. Info websites are monitored etc. The art of letter writing, note taking, daily diary and handwriting is becoming rare. Students download essays from the internet daily. Thought and quest for knowledge is being controlled. There's a tv programme called "Room 101" where celebrities are encouraged to leave possessions they no longer require.

Yesterday i vsited a major book and record store to enquire if they had ORWELL 1984 on audio tape. "No we don't stock it" he said "but we can order it from the USA, you'll have to pay import fees and a deposit". Seems even access to ORWELL (an original BRIT) in BLAIR'S Society is gradually being denied and as James has shown, CENSORED.

Kind regards,
Raymond Wills

Hello Raymond,

So glad you're enjoying James's anaylsis of the 1984 Radio Omissions, as am I. It is amazing that England, the very country from which Orwell hailed (and about which he was so worried) and the very broadcaster for which he toiled, the BBC, is participating in distorting his words instead of just reading directly from the book. That would really be a service to the people who are the ones paying for the British Broadcasting Corporation.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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