To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Just a quick note to say hello, and let you know that the BBC 1984 listings are behind schedule.

(Drum roll for carfeully crafted excuse....)

This is because i have taken over responsibility for the Sheffield city (where i live) No2ID campaign, and it is eating savagely into my after work computing time, which is when i usually sit down to some relaxing BBC bashing.

This is a national campaign (of which my slowly forming group is just one of around 25 or so) fighting the introduction of compulsory identity cards, and, much more importantly, the construction of a database designed to hold a file on each and every citizen, including all ten of their fingerprints, both iris scans, and a digital photograph to use in facial recognition applications.

No2ID has been mentioned in our House of Lords during debate, and counts many Members of both Houses as supporters.

If you would like any more information on the scheme, for personal interest or use on Orwelltoday, you need only say the word.

Take care,

Greetings James,

As far as I'm concerned the work you're doing with the No2ID campaign (which I had never heard of until you mentioned it) is VERY important in the Orwell scheme of things. Please send along information I can share with Orwell Today readers.

I understand completely why you need to put the BBC omissions aside for now. Don't worry if you don't continue with the rest of them (it IS a massive job).

All the best,

Jackie Jura
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