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To Orwell Today,

Hello Jackie,

Just thought i would let you know, in case you don't already, that the BBC has just started an 8 week reading of 1984. It seems to be quite abridged, with some interesting omissions to be found when compared to the text, which is a shame.....

This is where you can listen to the first part -- ( -- and if you want to keep a copy of it I suggest recording it, as they only keep the shows online for seven days.

A good piece of software to use is called "sound capture", which will allow you to record anything that comes out of your speakers.

Good site Jackie, i always find something new to read, however many times i look around it!

best regards
james (sheffield, UK)

Greetings James,

Thank you "ever so much" (as they say in England) for sending me that information about 1984 being read over the radio and the instructions on how to record it.

You were certainly right when you said it was "abridged with some interesting omissions". That's actually an understatement. I have just now finished listening to it (with my book open in front of me) and they have dumbed down Orwell's language immensely, substituting their words for his in many places.

Also, their overview of the book, as written on their page under the LISTEN AGAIN icon, makes many inaccurate statements and misrepresents the essence of 1984. I have no doubt that Orwell would not be pleased and he'd probably call it "prolefeed".

I like listening to Orwell's books being read aloud and have listened to most of them on book-tapes borrowed from the library. The tapes are complete and unabridged and are a great way to pass hours of time while driving. Also, if there are other people in the vehicle one has a captured audience and it's a great way of introducing them to his writing - especially 1984 as it is a MUST READ these days.

Thanks for your kind comments about the website and it's great to have you as a reader.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - On Wikipedia it describes the politics of the person doing the reading of 1984 (...In April and May 2005, BBC Radio 2 broadcast an abridged reading by Corin Redgrave of the novel in eight weekly parts. Redgrave was a lifelong activist in far-left politics. With his elder sister Vanessa, he was a prominent member of the Workers' Revolutionary Party. After the WRP's collapse, he was involved with the Marxist Party, which the two siblings founded....) Go to ORWELL'S CRYPTO-COMMIE LIST

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