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I must have neglected to to copy the current url correctly. It is: THE ANTIQUE RADIO COLLECTOR. Sorry I didn't notice the mistake before. Unfortunately, the link for the 1984 radio show is no longer posted. I also notice that the month is no longer included in the url, as it used to be. They seem to feature a long play along with several shorter shows on the page. They had "1984" in the same place that "Goodbye Mr. Chips" is in now.

They may have removed "1984" from their server, but I would imagine that it is more likely that it is just no longer accessible to the public. The only thing I can think of would be to try to contact the webmaster of the site and ask about it. It would be nice for your site to be able to offer that file, if possible and practical. So far, I haven't come across any other source for the program, but there is a site called the Radio Lady, or something similar which might scare it up if you requested.

Actually, I just looked at her site and I did find it on a collection of other plays for $6.00. NBC University Theater has it at the bottom of their list. Theater Guild on the Air seems to have another one from 1953. Here is the URL: Search for 1984 and you will come to a page that has 3 links.


Hello Guy,

Thank you very much for sending the corrected link to Old Time Radio and to Radio Lady where other versions of 1984 were produced for radio. I knew that Animal Farm had been adapted for radio (in Orwell's life time*) but this is the first I have heard that 1984 was too.

All the best,
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