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I am so excited to find a website that is dedicated to such an important and relevant subject as exposing the ill logic of our governing organizations. I have some information you may find fascinating. There is a book called, "A Man Called Intrepid", by William Stevenson, concerning the head of British Intelligence under Winston Churchill. The book enjoyed most of its popularity some time ago, and as most fads go, it is now relatively unknown.

There is a portion of this book dedicated to the testimony of William Stephenson, the head of Intelligence, concerning a meeting that he had with Roosevelt. He states that he informed Roosevelt of the probability of an attack on Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt's reaction was to allow the attack to take place, and for that attack to be the catalyst that would get the American support for involvement that he had, up to that point, been unable to produce.

It may be that many people suspect their government of making decisions like this, in which some of the citizens are sacrificed for the personal agendas of corporations and/or politicians (what is really the difference, anymore?). Here, however, is the testimony of a government official whose reliability would be difficult to challenge. It made quite an impression on me. Sir William Stephenson was not allowed to reveal most of the information contained in this book until the mid 1970's. Although I do not generally allow myself the simple surrender into paranoid hysteria that characterizes most citizens' suspicion of their governments, this, I believe, is difficult information to ignore.

Kevin L.

Greetings Kevin,

I own a copy of the book A MAN CALLED INTREPID because, as you say, it was a popular book at one time, especially for people who study WWII history (as I do).

However, I've never read it completely, realizing a few pages in that it is written from a pro-Roosevelt/Stalin/Churchill perspective and is more full of disinformation than true information. For example, its author, William Stevenson, says in a footnote on page 175:

"...Accusations that President Roosevelt knew beforehand about the planned Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor are false".

And, actually, the book doesn't have anywhere in it that meeting you are referring to - ie about William Stephenson (code name Intrepid) warning Roosevelt about Pearl Harbor. But on page 300 is an excerpt of a telegraph supposedly sent by Intrepid to Roosevelt on December 6, 1941, the day before Pearl Harbor:

"...British Admiralty reports that at 0300 hours London time this morning two Japanese groups seen off Cambodia Point sailing westward toward Malaya and Thailand. . . .First group of twenty-five transports, six cruisers, ten destroyers. Second group ten transports, two cruisers, ten destroyers. . . .'"

Obviously, these Japanese ships - thousands of miles from Hawaii - are not the ships that attacked Pearl Harbor the next day, but Stevenson, who wrote his book in 1978, is attempting to give after-the-fact credit to his subject, Stephenson, aka Intrepid.

The premise of the book A MAN CALLED INTREPID is that this British Intelligence Officer, William Stephenson (Intrepid), was an unsung WWII hero for his job as intermediary between Roosevelt and Churchill in their secret, unbeknownst to the American people, conniving to get United States involved in helping England and Russia fight Germany.

Roosevelt had gotten himself elected to a third-term as President (when only two terms were allowed by the Constitution) by promising the American people that the United States WOULD NOT get involved in helping Stalin and Churchill fight Hitler. As far as most Americans were concerned, Stalin, a Communist tyrant, was a bigger enemy than Hitler, and if Hitler wanted to go fight Stalin, let him do it.

The policy of the United States (before Pearl Harbor) was NEUTRALITY, which eventually creeped up to LEND LEASE which was to help England with some supplies. But there was NEVER any realization by the American people that in the two years between the onset of the war in Europe in September 1939 and the USA officially joining it in December 1941, that its president, Roosevelt, had been secretly meeting with Stalin and sending hundreds of convoys of ships to the USSR (via Atlantic to Archangel) full of American military equipment and other supplies.

I don't mean to discourage you from your belief that Roosevelt knew about Pearl Harbour before it happened - because he did. I just want to clear up your misconception that the book A MAN CALLED INTREPID says so.

It is historical truth now (proven in many ways) that Roosevelt egged on the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor and that he did it as a way of firing up war fever in America. Roosevelt cared more about helping Stalin (by getting Americans to attack Germany to get German pressure off the Russian front) than he did about the 2,500 Americans killed in Pearl Harbor that "day of infamy" - or the subsequent millions who died in the ensuing three-and-a-half years until WWII's end in May 1945.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - A book I did find worth reading, which was co-authored by William Stevenson and his wife Monika Jensen-Stevenson, is "KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POWs in Vietnam", a war the USA entered based on President Johnson's BAY OF TONKIN LIE

Jackie Jura
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