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About Pearl Harbour I do not concur about FDR because I do not see the evidence, albeit innuendo and inference could add to your opinion that WW11 was a staged event.

Even if this is true, are you saying that FDR (and Winston Churchill) bombed his own people, that FDR sent soldiers to a war we should not have entered? Let's put it another way: What if FDR did know? (and I don't believe for a minute that he did know).

When the world is on the brink of crisis every speck of information that precludes a loss of life, such as what occured, is examined by the military and put on a scale of important possibilities, expecially when war is imminent. More minds than FDR, Stalin and Churchill would have been involved and strategic planning implemented.

Churchill, bombing his own people just to keep them frightened, what proof do you offer? You have a book plot and the plausability of this being a step a World Leader might take, even a Churchill if the stakes were high enough. Exactly what do you base this assumption on. What evidence and Why Again?


Greetings Langsion,

Proof that FDR knew beforehand about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour is discussed in the TORA, TORA, HORROR! article, so perhaps go re-read that for answers to your questions.

I agree with you that more minds than FDR, Stalin and Churchill would have been involved in the strategic planning, just as more minds were involved in the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy than those who actually implemented the plans. See Orwell's Pyramidal NWO theme and GOLDSTEIN'S CONSPIRACY IN 1984.

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Jackie Jura

Hi Jackie,

Thanks. I appreciate your efforts to answer some if not most of my questions.


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