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A brand new political party is being officially launched in the uk. Its leaders include Robert Kilroy Silk, former tv celebrity/former mp and present european parliament member. It plans to officially oppose the present political parties, with over 100 candidates standing at uk's forthcoming general election. The party accuses all present parties/mps of lies, deceit and spin, lying to the british people on all matters and claims to be truthful to the public when elected. Its called The TRUTH PARTY, but can we believe em?!


Greetings Raymond,

I haven't heard of what you are describing, ie the new political party, but if what you say is true then you will probably be the recipient of the non-existent ORWELL TODAY AWARD for pointing out the most Orwellian story of 2005 (so far).

There would be no doubt that a party backed by an adherent of the European Union (the developing superstate of Eurasia) would be a Big Brother organization. And then by giving itself the name TRUTH it would obviously represent LIES as anyone who understands doublethink can attest.

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PS - I just did a search for UK TRUTH PARTY and found the story in today's edition of the London Times, the very same newspaper Winston Smith lied for in the Ministry of Truth!

Kilroy-Silk launches his own political party. Times Online, Feb 2, 2005
Robert Kilroy-Silk launched his new Veritas political party today with a promise to be "quite startlingly different" from any other political group. The former chat show host planted his flag on the issue of asylum, claiming the country was "being stolen" from the British by mass immigration . He told reporters at the launch in Westminster: "We no longer control our own borders." Mr Kilroy-Silk was elected Member of the European Parliament for the East Midlands as a member of the UK Independence Party last year. After a turbulent few months and a failed leadership bid, he resigned from Ukip to set up his own political party. The name, Veritas - already corrupted to 'Vanitas' by his detractors - means 'truth', and today Mr Kilroy-Silk promised that "straight talking" would be his watchword. He wasted no time in giving his unvarnished view of the current state of every other political party in Britain." (The British electorate) are fed up with being taken for granted and talked down to," he assured his listeners. "They are fed up to the back teeth with being told what they should think and say. They are fed up with the yah-boo politics and name-calling which passes for political debate. "They are bitter about the politicians not attending to their anxieties, not addressing their aspirations." He admitted not always telling the truth in his former role as a Labour MP, saying: "I would be very surprised if I had", but insisted there would be "no lies, no deception, no evasion" from his new party...

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