To Orwell Today,


I have logged onto your board a few times, and have enjoyed the content. I do parody tunes, this one is my latest, should be right up your alley, hope you find it worth posting.


(To the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Ever since, nine eleven,
It's become, a tyrant's heaven,
Or we'll aim and squeeze,
Living in George Orwell's nightmare land!

While TV, is keeping you dumb,
Gone away, is your freedom,
You must go along,
To get along,
Living in George Orwell's nightmare land!

Cameras are now on every phone pole,
Tilt your head and take a look around.
Since no one dared to stand up,
And say "No, Man!"
They track and trace you everywhere in town!

Some of us, now conspire,
To resist, and open fire,
Let's face unafraid,
With plans that we made,
Fighting off George Orwell's nightmare land!

Cameras are now on every phone pole,
All watched by some bureaucratic clown.
We'll have lots of fun achieving our goal,
Of shooting all those little b@$+@rds down!

Now is no time to be chillin',
Hitting back is so thrillin',
We'll frolic and play,
The guerilla way,
Fighting off George Orwell's nightmare land!
Fighting off George Orwell's nightmare land!

Greetings Pete,

Your poem comes at an opportune time as in Mytown's daily newspaper today (November 30, 2004) it's been reported (with no criticism) that several $30,000 cameras will be hidden in secret locations around town "to keep people safe". Here's an excerpt:

"The City is again exploring the idea of setting up surveillance cameras around town. The idea was debated at City Hall in 2001 and 2002, then fell off the agenda as the then-federal privacy commissioner launched a constitutional challenge in B.C. Supreme Court...The city's risk manager said Monday a company is promoting new equipment that is run by remote control and can shoot for 48 hours on a rechargeable battery. The $30,000 cameras include infrared night shooting capabilities. "The purpose of the camera is public safety"...The picture quality is so high the pole-mounted cameras can clearly capture the bar code on a pop can on the ground. "Another aspect is no one would know where it would be. We aren't required to tell people where it is. We would through the media, let the community know if it's approved and goes through, that the cameras could be in a variety of locations in the city", he said...In 2001, city council discussed the idea of surveillance cameras, in particular to reduce graffiti vandalism."

It was around this time, Christmas, a few years ago that I too was inspired to write a parody entitled OWED TO FRUITLOOPS based on 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Jackie Jura
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