To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

How are you? It's been a long time since we met at the Orwell cottage in Wallington, it was so nice to meet you. See VISITNG ORWELL'S WALLINGTON HOUSE

I have often wondered how you and the Orwell Today team were getting on?

I just thought you might be interested to know I plan to sell the cottage...it's going on the market next week. Just in case you know of anyone who might like to buy it, you're welcome to pass my email onto them.

Its been a lovely, warm home. I've been there ten years now and it feels like the right time to move on.

Do let me know how you're getting on.

Warmest wishes,
Anne Sweeney

Greetings Anne,

It's wonderful to be hearing from you -- especially as I've been thinking alot about Orwell this past week as it was the 64th anniversary of his death on January 21, 2014.

On that occasion I was looking through old photos and articles to show readers the hospital where Orwell died and the grave where Orwell is buried.

That got me reminiscing about Wallington because the church where Orwell is buried -- near his boyhood home of Henley-on-Thames in Oxford -- is very similar to the church where Orwell was married -- in Wallington in Hertfordshire.

Looking at the photos of the church flashed me back to visiting the little Wallington house in 2004 and so I was looking at those photos too.

I thought of you and how miraculous it was that you'd pulled into the driveway just as we were taking photos of "the cottage" and you invited us in for a tour.

That was like dying and going to heaven for me, because of all the places I wanted to visit, while in England, Orwell's little house in Wallington was the top of the list. The biographers -- and Orwell himself in letters and essays -- write extensively about Orwell's life in Wallington.

The happiest days of Orwell's life were the years spent living in the Wallington house with Eileen and running the little store and writing. He wrote THE ROAD TO WIGAN PIER and HOMAGE TO CATALONIA in that house -- and Wallington is recognizable as the model for ANIMAL FARM.

So as you can imagine, your email arriving during my Wallington reminiscing is one of those Orwell godcidents -- like old George communicating from the afterlife -- as he often does.

Thanks so much for the heads-up on Orwell's house in Wallington going up for sale -- I'll share the news with ORWELL TODAY readers and perhaps, from those legions, the next Orwell-home owner will emerge.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

OrwellHouseSale 2 bedroom cottage for sale, Wallington, Baldock, Hertfordshire, Right Move Estate Agents
Full description: A detached two bedroom cottage with a good size garden and a two room studio in the garden with the potential as a self-contained annexe. George Orwell lived in the house from 1936-1940 and this is where he wrote Animal Farm, drawing his inspiration from the village. The cottage is lovely, with a wealth of charm and character with the exposed beams and posts in most rooms, including the dressing room situated between the two bedrooms. In the master bedroom is a beautiful exposed brick chimney breast and in the second bedroom a cast iron fireplace. Downstairs, the 25'5" (7.75m) kitchen breakfast room was created when the Victorians extended the house. The dining room was the author's writing room and the sitting room with a stunning inglenook style fireplace was once the village shop and home to the village telephone. The train station at Ashwell is 3.9 miles and Baldock train station is 5.5 miles away with a journey time to London of 43 & 37 minutes respectively. The charming cottage is Grade II listed and exempt from the EPC requirement.







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