To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

In the old days, before the 'glorious Revolution', when I was blissfully unaware - I had a life like that of any other youth my age. My entertainment came from video games, television... I watched the news with nothing inside to question what I was told. I appreciated modern health and the United Nations. I was a member of the Outer Party. By the time I heard whispers (heard from my parents) surrounding theories called "conspiracies" about the 'Big Three': 9/11, Global Warming, Bird Flu - I was just 13 or 14 years old. Winston Smith's gene was implanted, but its effects were slow and subtle.

The beginning of the end came earlier this year. Somehow, redirecting from Bird Flu on the Internet, I stumbled upon the concept of population control. One thing led to another, and I was entrenched. I spent my classes at school reading into it - this was bad. Later it would become paranoia, as the spiderweb spread to learning about the fabrication of HIV/AIDS, fluoride dulling the mind, and even worrying about some odd plastic boxes fitted to the backs of loads of new seats which my school had imported for the pupils' benefit - did each of these boxes, on each of the chairs, house a device which emitted microwave pulses whenever a heat source (i.e. a human back resting on the seat) came in close contact? Would these subtle pulses induce back pain and disfigurement, long term, in later life? These thoughts, and others, became the beginning of the end for my sane personality and life. It was the 'glorious Revolution', only that somehow the Revolution was betrayed. When I started reading into the New World Order, indeed mental disfigurement was on its way in the form of words riding black helicopters.

My personality shift is corrupt with terror, fear, hopelessness, resignation and an increasing feeling of submission to 'what is coming': the New World Order. I believe, I know that we can do nothing to stop it. Our precious food contains chemicals that will dull our mind while others will potentially kill us. We are the Proles. You, me and other Orwellians will establish that we are conscious. But I believe we cannot rebel. I refer to rocket bombs dropping on the proletarian areas in London, /Nineteen Eighty-four/. They can wipe us out in an instant. Silence. Suppress...

I am clearly infected. Infected with something that could only be removed by O'Brien, Room 101, and of course our old friend sodium fluoride. I will not forget what I have already read. However, there could be a way to turn my infection into a casual state of mind representing 'aware, but not insane'. Yes, I am so corrupted by the feeling of having nothing to look up to in life (i.e. choice, career, relationship). It's true in a way. Our comfort zones will be drastically changed. For a reason, my mind thinks that the /coup de grace/ will come in 2012, upon where all our liberties have been removed. Subsequently I don't expect to live any longer than that year, falling off the face of the Earth at the age of 22. Henceforth I get doubtful when someone mentions 'university' to me. I think, 'what's the point?'. The finishing blow is that my paranoia clouds my depression, and the depression will only be allowed to go when the paranoia is gone: why bother getting rid of depression if there is nothing in life to live to the full without being depressed?

Now, I do not know what you are making of this. To talk with a like-minded person could benefit me. I have already conversed with, over the Internet, people who are in denial of the NWO. I have personally exchanged woes with a friend from school, but that's not going to help as they are in a worse state of mind. I have told my councillor, who stared at me with froglike eyes and mumbled about how some people seem to believe these things are taking place and quickly changed the subject.

Please help, if you can, by replying to this e-mail. Just an acknowledgement will satisfy, no reply will deepen thoughts of rejection. Cheers. Maybe then we can go on to speak about things. And congratulations for running a helpful and informative website - much of the headlines seem very interesting.

-Paul "Doe"

Greetings Paul,

For an 18-year-old you're superlatively articulate in Oldspeak English - definitely not restricted to bare-bones Newspeak words that "narrow the range of thought". Also impressive is your grasp of the Orwellian truths behind events like 9/11, Global Warming, Bird-Flu, Population Control etc, etc.

There's an old adage that "the truth hurts" (and it does) but there's also a new adage (one I've arrived at) that "the truth soothes".

In discovering Orwell's "1984" - and having him expose Big Brother to us through his literary personifciation of himself - Winston Smith - we can be comforted that we are not alone in knowing that something is very wrong with our world. Instinctively we hunger for nourishing truth and upon being fed the truth - not garbage from the Ministry of Lies - our hunger is satisfied - although we continue to search for MORE truth for our sustenance, as did Winston.

Yes, we're a minority - those of us with a taste and a hunger for the truth - but while we've still got the internet, and while there are still good books to read - we can stimulate our minds and find satisfaction in communicating with like-minds and trust that we have questioning minds for a reason, unbeknownst to us, and out of our control, but when called upon, we're there.

Thanks for the contribution of your thoughts to "Orwell Today", a place where Winston Smith think-alikes share the truth for those with eyes to see and ears to hear and minds to ponder and hearts to hurt.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Dear Jackie,

Many thanks for responding and letting readers of Orwell Today see. It feels somewhat fulfilling to now recognise myself as one of a select group of individuals, an Orwellian.

I'm not sure where I've landed, the 'truth hurts' or 'soothes'. Presumably the truth soothes me, because I am eager for more. I am daunted, though, by the notion that truth is meaningless unless there is hope to take action against that truth, the 'horror of Nineteen Eighty-four' being applied today. Must we do like Vodafone says, and subtly suggests, Charrington-like, about how we really should conform to dance while we can before the coming transition: 'Make the most of now'?


P.S. I am sixteen years old, not eighteen

Hi again Paul,

I think it's good to "make the most of now", or, in other words, "make hay while the sun shines". That's why I created the website "Orwell Today" to spread the message of "1984" while we still have the book and the internet. It's up to individual readers to do what they will with the info (which is HOPE-fully join the battle against Big Brother in whatever way they can). Therein lies the hope.

I figured you were 18 because you mentioned you'd be 22 in 2012, and it's now 2008.

True Orwellians believe that:

~ 2 plus 2 make 4

~ freedom is the freedom to say that 2 plus 2 make 4

~ if that is granted, all else follows

Therefore, 22 minus 4 make 18.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - See Orwellian theme 22.Reality Control for the quote in broader context

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~