Hello Donald Jeffries,

When you invited me to be a guest on your radio show I had not been aware of you as an author or radio host but since then have read some of your blog, writings and listened to some of your interviews and enjoy them very much.

When going to your I PROTEST website to listen to the interviews it was a surprise that you are no longer doing your radio show there. The old interviews, including ours, are still there but am wondering where I can listen to you now?

I'm glad we got our interview in before you left because between us we spread lots of Orwell truth about 1984 out into the world -- which would please Orwell, ie "please" being one of his favourite words. He wrote a magazine column for years entitled AS I PLEASE and that's where a person can learn much about his thinking. See ORWELL'S TRIBUNE WAR WRITINGS

Please let me know where I can listen to you on the radio now -- and I will share that with readers.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, July 2022

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Yes, the producer was no longer interested in THE DONALD JEFFRIES SHOW, for unclear reasons. I will be bringing it back to a new venue soon.

In the meantime, my I PROTEST show is still on, live streaming from 5-7 pm eastern every Friday, on my social media platforms and at Rokfin. I also do an "America Unplugged" weekly show with 2 others, on Saturdays at 12 noon eastern, at the same links. See AMERICA UNPLUGGED RADIO

Also, I am a regular guest on Jeff Rense, every Monday from 9-10 pm eastern THE JEFF RENSE PROGRAM

I loved talking with you, and will have to have you on I PROTEST.

Donald Jeffries

Greetings again Donald,

Thanks for sending along the links on how to listen to you on other programs.

Hopefully soon you'll find a new venue for your show and I'd be happy to be a guest again.

All the best,
Jackie Jura



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