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Hello, Mrs. Jura,

I've been reading the site for several years now, probably since about 2003. Overall, this site is very good, particularly for learning about 1984, Orwell, and his other works. Although there are a number of political, social, and other subjects on which I think we disagree, I still visit the site often and commend you for your research on Orwell, and, for providing another independent news outlet along with your own personal opinions and research, away from government and corporate influenced "news" (often propaganda).

I thought you might find the following article very interesting and post it up on your site. The article is about remotely deleteing copies of 1984 and Animal Farm from people's "Kindles", a device for electronically storing books.'s claim is that these editions were "pirated", however, they gave no notification to the people that they would delete these books, and Amazon has not previously told Kindle owners that they actually have the ability to remotely delete files from people's Kindles (and presumably, alter or monitor their Kindle-stored information and activities in other ways...)

The story sounds like a description of something the Ministry of Truth would do.

After having read this article I'm not so sure I would buy one of these Kindles. I think I'll stick to a hard copy that I can hold in my hands and that can't be remotely and unknowingly deleted or altered.

Here is the article link: Amazon sued over Kindle deletion of Orwell books, AP, Jul 31, 2009

Feel free to respond back.

Wishing you success, health, love, and all those other great things in life,
Jimmy Pantano Jr,
New York, USA

Greetings Jimmy,

Great to hear from a long-time reader after all these years.

Thanks for the link and your comments about "Animal Farm" and "1984" being deleted from electronic books - in this case Google's Kindle.

It's definitely something the Ministry of Truth (Lies) would do.

We can interpret this as a symbolic message from Orwell about telescreens (from computers in tiny cell phones to monster TVs), ie they connect to BIG BROTHER who can drop content into the "memory hole" at any time (including content on all websites).

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Orwell Bk Kindle Amazon's Orwellian Dilemma, Daemons Books, May 2010. See ORWELL COPYRIGHT COURT CASES

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