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Hi Jackie,

Thx for putting up such a great G.O. site!!

I'm a fellow Orwell fanatic who discovered the 4-vol. Selected Journalism etc. when I was 15 and have been thru several copies since (wearing them out from re-reading!). I'm currently ordering the 20 volumes of the Complete Orwell a volume at a time as I can afford them.

Anyway: I haven't searched your site thoroughly yet concerning my question, but I figured you wouldn't mind an email. I'm wondering if anyone has yet done a book on the Freedom Defense Committee? Or, if not a book, an article, master's or Ph.D. thesis, or anything else you know of?

I'm thinking of going back to school for a master's and am thinking about doing my thesis on the FDC, and, ideally, then turning the thesis into a book.

Thx in advance for any sources you can point me toward concerning the FDC,
Tommie Kinney

Greetings Tommie,

From my understanding the FREEDOM DEFENSE COMMITTEE was formed in 1945 to defend editors of the FREEDOM PRESS who'd been arrested and jailed during WWII for publishing "anarchist" magazines. The FDC was dissolved in 1949 so there may not be enough material to comprise a book about it.

Orwell had friends connected to the FREEDOM PRESS (and had written articles for some of their publications) and when they were arrested he joined the committee formed for their defence. I wrote an article about it a few years ago. See ORWELL & THE ANARCHISTS

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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