To Orwell Today,


I have just stumbled upon your site as was researching Denys King Farlow and what a discovery for a self confessed Orwell tragic.

Have you read the new biography by DJ Taylor at all? It's absolutely fascinating one must say.

Kind Regards,
Michael, September 2023

Greetings Michael,

You say you just now stumbled upon my ORWELL TODAY website during research into some obscure person I wrote about years ago. See ORWELL ETON FRIEND KING-FARLOW and ORWELL PAL KING-FARLOW REMEMBERS

It seems odd that a self-identified Orwell "tragic" has no comment to make on that particular article or any of the other 20+ years of articles on all aspects of Orwell's life and writings -- which you imply you haven't read.

I have previously written a review of DJ Taylor's first book* -- perhaps search for that and make comments, and if you haven't already, read it. Then you can compare his most recent book and contribute your thoughts on the subject instead of requesting my thoughts -- and explain what is so "absolutely fascinating" about it.

I am not ALEXA -- a robot that spits out answers to disinterested people who "just stumble" upon my Orwell work.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, September 2023

PS - *Here it is from twenty years ago:

...I listened on-line to the George Orwell segment of the BBC radio program GREAT LIVES and my negative opinion of the biography by D.J. Taylor was reinforced. He seems to be the establishment's chosen Orwell authority but in my opinion he is NOT the be-all and end-all of Orwell biographers. Actually, I haven't read his book ORWELL: THE LIFE and wasn't intending to after reading excerpts of it last year when it came out in time for Orwell's centennial. He struck me as a person who is opposed to Orwell. Some of the things Taylor says about Orwell aren't true and seem to be an attempt to discredit him. In the interview he more or less accuses Orwell of lying about his down and out experiences and he ascribes totalitarian characteristics to Orwell that aren't founded. He goes beyond proof in interpreting Orwell's thoughts, actions, motives and attributes and comes across biased against Orwell. It's like he's trying to convince people that Orwell wasn't as good and honest a man as he has previously been portrayed...

To Orwell Today,

Good morning Jackie and thank you for your most interesting and enlightened reply to my query. May one ask which school you went to during childhood? Mine was in Whitby as Mother was from there and my reprobate Father from across the sea in Ireland.

Have you by chance ever met Richard Blair? Am rather curious as to if it's a case in this instance of never meeting the adopted children of your hero.

A bientot,

Hello again Michael,

Sorry for taking so long to respond but am just now getting around to answering some old emails.

I have no idea why you want to know what school I went to in childhood but I'll tell you anyway -- they were all in Canada which is where I was born, raised and still live. My father was a rolling stone and life with him was a roller coaster ride being at the top, then at the bottom, then back on top and it was a joy ride in between. This involved many moves between cities, towns and provinces and I was often the "new kid" in class -- and not always at the beginning of the year -- but half way through and having to catch up.

No, I've never met Richard Blair and he's never emailed comments to my website devoted to his father. But many readers over the years, including perhaps yourself, have reached out from connections to him.

I don't usually respond to readers who don't have anything to contribute to the Orwell discussion, either on someting I've written or something they've written, and instead just send a link to some article someone else wrote and ask my opinion.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, February 2024

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