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Do you think Neoconservatives (neocons) and the Project for the New American Century has anything to do with 1984, the whole global domination thing? Those who are major players in the Bush administration are also involved with the PNAC, as well as prominent media moguls. I've been intensely curious on your opinion of this prospect.

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I don't actually know what Neoconservatives are and I've never heard of the Project for the New American Century.

I am not at all interested in politics or individual politicians and don't follow their platforms or their campaigns. There is no difference between any of them, ie Democrat/Republican in the USA and Conservative/Liberal here in Canada or Conservative/Labour in the UK etc etc.

On the left side of my homepage there are 45 themes and in 5.Pyramidal New World Order Orwell explains that politicians are members of the Outer Party on the same level as bureaucrats, journalists etc. Above them is the Inner Party whose members total approximately six million and from their ranks come 10.The Rulers of the world.

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