Greetings Miles,

Animal Farm is more to the theme "institution versus individual" than the other way around. It was written as a parallel of Communism's take-over in the Soviet Union and how everything it pretended to be was a lie.

1984 has some themes of "individual versus institution" in that Winston and Julia, as individuals, rebel against Big Brother, the institution. One of Orwell's main points in 1984 is that if ENOUGH individuals oppose the institution (Big Brother) then it could be toppled because so few at the top control so many at the bottom. But Big Brother knows this.

Big Brother's plan for staying in power is to kill individuals who try to influence the masses against it, and to keep the masses down by destroying their minds. They do this with the content of their media (mainly tv and movies because people no longer read) and by harsher methods if this doesn't work - ie physical tampering of the brain with drugs, electricity etc. Thinking people are a threat because they can inspire doing people. Therefore, eliminate the thinkers by making thought a crime (thoughtcrime) and run the world like a big Animal Farm of dumbed down, domesticated humans.

Hope this helps. ~ Jackie Jura

Myles wrote:

Hello, I am currently a student ... in Queensland. I was reading your article and was wondering if you could send me some articles on how Animal Farm links into the theme "individuals versus institution", i.e. one small person challenging the choices of the "bigger" people - a bit like in the Insider. If you could send me an article on this type of topic (also relating to a theme in Animal Farm) that would also be much appriciated.

Yours sincerely, Myles