To Orwell Today,

I have to inform you of a character confusion typo in the paragraph below. In the movie... It's Mr. Pilkington's wife is upstairs in bed with Mr. Jones. Mr. Pilkington is passed out (at least that's what he's pretending) drunk downstairs. Not as you have state below.

"It's hard to believe that anything could be as bad as the movie version of 1984 but the movie version of Animal Farm regrettably is. Opening scenes show Mr. Jones's wife (non-existent in the book) upstairs in her bedroom having sex with neighbouring farmer Mr. Pilkington while drunken Mr. Jones is passed out downstairs."

-Martin Chavez

Greetings Martin,

Thank you so much for informing me of the character confusion typo I made in my review of the ANIMAL FARM movie (1999 version).

I've just now played the video - fast-forwarding to that part - and you are so right, it's MISTER Jones (not his wife) who is upstairs in bed (sound effects included) with MISSUS Pilkington while Mister PILKINGTON (not Jones) is passed out (as you say, "pretending") downstairs. Mr Jones' wife wasn't home, having left on the train to visit her sister. Duh.

I couldn't help but notice - in the few minutes of other scenes I watched in between fast-forwarding - that the movie is even more disgusting and distorted in meaning than I remember. It's been a few years since I watched it.

Thanks again for pointing out that important glitch - it is very much appreciated, and I have gone and made the correction on the ANIMAL FARM A BAD MOVIE page.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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