To Orwell Today,

If the powers that be wanted to prove their moon landing 'could they not' simply take new photos from a space telescope or earth telescope of things left on the moon from the moon landing?

I can look at google earth shots of my house from space and see people walking, they may be a blur but I know the resolution gets way better than that. I'm sure with the high tech cameras floating around today they could pick out any remaining evidence.

Has this question ever been asked?

Thanks. Aloha,
Keith Brown

Greetings Keith,

Aloha to Hawaii where the star-gazing is great and the moon is almost close enough to touch although not close enough to see any NASA debris. But, as you say, with a high-tech telescope (like HUBBLE perhaps) one would think that it would be possible to zone in on evidence left behind of planet Earth's visit there. If NASA's telescope can zone in on galaxies millions of light-years away, the moon should be a piece of cake, er make that stinky cheese.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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