To Orwell Today,

I came across your website today and saw mention of my son, Dave. The thoughts expressed are very appreciated and made my heart ache a little, to read. Especially that he spoke of me - fondly. We miss Dave so much, it's nearly impossible to put into words. His brother, Geoff, misses him every day, as do I.

Anyway, nice to see his thoughts and theories living on. He would be so pleased to see this. He was passionate about his causes. We would talk about these things for hours, and I was always amazed at the breadth of his research and knowledge on these subjects. He turned me into a skeptic which I think is a healthy way to approach life in this day and age.

Anyway, just wanted to express my appreciation to you for keeping Dave's memory and ideas out there.

-Linda Koebel

Greetings Linda,

Thanks a million for letting me know you came across the DAVE HOOK articles on ORWELL TODAY and appreciate the sentiments.

Dave and I first exchanged emails six years ago when he sent the lyrics to THE MOON SONG and then later on sent me an autographed copy of his CD. In return, I sent him a JFK t-shirt.

Dave Hook Moon CD

We also corresponded about other so-called "conspiracy theories" which I posted on the website. See PLANES DIDN'T DOWN TWIN TOWERS

I knew, because he told me, that Dave was fighting a brain tumour and that he suspected a link with cell phones. After I hadn't heard from him for awhile I emailed and went to his website but both were no longer connecting. I wondered then if he'd lost his battle with cancer.

A year or so later I found a YouTube version of DAVE HOOK SINGING MOON SONG.

Then, last summer, a friend of Dave's emailed with the sad news that Dave had died three years previously in August 2006 (a few months after he'd sent me the CD). She said she'd remember him as "a kind, gentle soul who loved cats and spoke dearly of his mother". See REMEMBER DAVE HOOK MOON SONG

Later she sent another email explaining the history behind DAVE HOOK RANTS I'M CANADIAN

Not long after that I saw his stand-up-comedy act on stage, via YouTube at DAVE HOOK: COMEDY AT CLUB 54

Actually, godcidently, I think about your son on an almost daily basis because I have his MOON SONG and I'M CANADIAN playing on my iPod and listen to them - along with other favourite songs - as I nordic-walk around the park and through trails as part of my exercise routine. I like the beat and pace - and the words still make me laugh.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Thanks Jackie! All the best to you too!


Jackie Jura
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