To Orwell Today,


My final thought is that these interviewees did not have to allow "themselves to be taken out of context and inserted into a documentary that purports to have them "conspiring" to make fake moon-landing photos."

I could have used available footage to make a mock TV show, or silly out of context jokes just like the Today Show or Letterman does, and I would not need the interviewees' approval. They would not have to prescreen the program, nor would they care to because these interviews were taken out of the public record, not interviews done for this particular film. Unless they were slandered, they could care less. It is much like when Letterman twists speeches to poke fun at Bush, etc.

That they "ALLOWED" old interviews to be used in this mock investigation is meaningless; don't you think that if they would have raised a fuss over their use, conspiracy theorists would have pounced on it as proof that they had something to hide. When they don't block their use, or "allow" their use, it seems that's also proof that they have something to hide, or at least that they are trying to disguise the ultimate truth.

I suppose, though, the rational you would use is that they allowed these interviews to air to throw off the conspiracy people as a form of reverse psychology, so no one, including me, would suspect that they were really part of the fakery.

The US government could have faked the moon landing on TV. That does not mean they did. It would have been much too difficult to sustain such a huge lie over time, and nothing I have seen since (unlike the JFK assassination, where there is compelling evidence of a high level conspiracy) has changed my mind. There is no reason to fake it anyway, as they had the ability to go to the moon in '69 and still do. The Soviet Union would have never let them get away with such trickery in 1969, and I don't care what anyone says about what the Soviet's may have gotten in return for their silence; such clatter is only that: pure nonsense from the unlearned.

Thanks for responding to my queries.

Kindest regards,
Frank Kusch

Dear Frank,

The documentary DARK SIDE OF THE MOON depicts Kissinger, Rumsfeld and other household names conspiring to fake the July 16, 1969 moon-landing photos and discussing assassinations of the participants. This was shown on Canada's national, tax-funded television network - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) - and on other networks around the world.

Logically one can ASSUME that the TV networks would have checked with Kissinger and Rumsfeld etc before showing archived footage of them out of context for fear of being shut down, sued and thrown into Guantanamo Bay.

I wonder if Rumsfeld and Kissinger (present Secretary of Defense and past Secretary of State respectively) would allow a documentary showing them in- or out-of-context conspiring to assassinate JFK and frame Lee Harvey Oswald. Somehow I doubt it and yet DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is almost on that scale. Why they allowed it to see the light of day is beyond me but indubitably they viewed it before we did.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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SEVEN DAYS IN MAY (1964 drama starring Burt Lancaster depicts attempted coup in Washington using top-secret Pentagon anti-terrorist unit....Cheney & Rumsfeld have created a new, Pentagon spy/special ops organization, blandly named "Strategic Support Branch," complete with commando units, spies, mercenary forces, intelligence gathering and analysis, and a direct line to the White House)

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Jackie Jura
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