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"Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfield - among others" however, are not "laughing and joking about faking the moon landing photos", they are talking about completely other subjects, but their words are taken out of context purposely by the film makers to make a point:, and that point is that anyone can use selected quotes or bits of information to lie, so watch what you are looking at. Notice that none of these government officials ever speak directly about the moon landing photos during their supposedly provocative quotations. The narrator just sets it up like they are. They are speaking about other subjects concerning the Nixon administration, and that's the farce. There is nothing to learn in any moon hoax material other than the folly of faulty thinking and the ease to which the human mind is manipulated; it is something this film demonstrates so well. You don't believe that Kissinger, Rumsfield, and the CIA, et al, are actually talking about the moon, do you?

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Dear Frank,

It has already been established that DARK SIDE OF THE MOON is a "mock" umentary and of course I realize that when Rumsfeld, Kissinger, Haig, Helms, Eagleburger and Nixon's secretary are speaking it is about other subjects. duh.

What you seem to be missing is the point that they have ALLOWED themselves to be taken out of context and inserted into a documentary that purports to have them "conspiring" to make fake moon-landing photos.

You seem to understand clearly that television programs can be fake but for some reason you don't apply that concept to the television program on July 16, 1969, which is the one at issue here.

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Jackie Jura

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