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The 'Documentary' that you use as an argument for the moon landing as a hoax is not a real documentary. It is a spoof that is supposed to illustrate how easily we COULD be taken in by the media. Did you watch the ending with all of the people flubbing their lines? Why would they need to memorise lines if they were speaking candidly?

Also, look at the names of the people. Jack Torrance, the fellow in front of the Statue of Liberty. Does that name sound familiar? It is the name of the character Jack Nicholson played in 'The Shining' one of Kubrick's famous films.

There are other names that are obvious jokes as well. Check out the IMDB to see others: OPERATION LUNE

This was a tongue in cheek production.


Greetings Trevor,

Of course it was a tongue in cheek production. Whoever said it wasn't?

It was even introduced as a "mock" umentary when it aired on television here in Canada (on the government-produced, supposedly "investigative-journalism" program THE PASSIONATE EYE, hosted, at that time, by a Haitian woman from Quebec who has subsequently been promoted to Governor General of Canada - supposedly representing the Queen of England - even though she's a proven ally of the French separatist movement.

The goal of the "mockumentary" DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, or OPERATION LUNE as its movie version is titled, was to mock anyone who believes the moon landings were a hoax. See MOON MOCKUMENTARY ANALYSIS.

Its writers/producers knew that if they used real footage of real people (the actual culprits of the moon hoax) taken out of context so as to implicate themselves in the moon hoax that it would have credibility as a "real" documentary and thus discredit 'real' real documentaries, specifically those disputing the moon landings, of which there have been many over the years.

The fact that the creators of the mockumentary used cryptic names on top of their "outed" names is just their way of having fun. They like to expose themselves, right before everyone's eyes, and say it's proof they've nothing to hide.

In many movies these days the powers-that-be lay out their futuristic plans under the guise of "fiction" or "it's just a movie". They also make movies of catastrophic events they've manipulated in the past - ie EXECUTIVE ACTION about the assassination of JFK and then say later "it was just a movie".

I hope that when you again watch the Ministry of Truth production, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON/OPERATION LUNE you'll be able to recognize the doublethink that is going on and realize that they are telling you the truth of what they did in the hope that you won't believe them because you'll think that no one who did what they did would tell the truth about it, or allow themselves to be associated with a documentary or mock-umentary exposing their hoax.

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Jackie Jura

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