JFK Space Capsule

President Kennedy and John Glenn inspect the Friendship 7 space capsule
that had recently carried Glenn into orbit.
Kennedy had made the race to the moon a top priority of his administration.


Despite skeptics who thought it could not be accomplished,
Kennedy's dream became a reality on July 20, 1969,
(although Kennedy would never live to see it)
when Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong took a small step for himself
and a giant step for humanity, leaving a dusty trail of footprints on the moon.
A total of 12 Apollo astronauts would reach the lunar surface over the next three years,
collecting rocks, driving buggies and even practicing a little golf.

To Orwell Today,


I am looking for any evidence or information that may point to JFK's assassination and the moon hoax.

It was Kennedy that said "we choose to go to the moon", but was he lied to?

Did he know we couldn't do it and was killed (for many other reasons as well) because he couldn't be trusted with the truth of it being impossible? Was he about to go back on his promise of a moon landing?

I'd appreciate any links or information you might have.

Thank you,
Peter Plasillo

Greetings Peter,

Yes, JFK was lied to about the possibility of landing men on the moon - and busy as he was with crisis after crisis being thrown at him from Day One in office - he wouldn't have had any time to be following up on how NASA was proceeding with its Man on the Moon project. He probably left that up to Vice-President LBJ - NASA headquarters being in his home state and Houston being the recipient of the billions of dollars allocated for the "hoax".

As Dave Hook sang in THE MOON SONG - "Jack 'knew Jack' about the complexities of any space mission". Read words to THE MOON SONG

I don't think there's any connection to the moon hoax and JFK's assassination as it wouldn't be necessary - seeing as how JFK was a believer in the possibility of landing men on the moon at the time. His competitive spirit had been aroused when NASA told him the Russians were planning manned moon missions and it would be a slap in the face to the free democratic world if the enslaved communist world beat us to it.

Read JFK's famous speech before Congress where he explains it: JFK MAN ON MOON ADDRESS, May 25, 1961 (...I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth....").

See and listen on You Tube to JFK MOON SPEECH TO CONGRESS and clips of moon landing (..."It's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".... There's a stark beauty all it's own; it's like much of the high desert of the United States.... Every precious minute of their two and a half hours on the surface was programmed....)

JFK would be shocked - were he alive on his birthday today, May 29, 2009 (age 92, 46 years after his death at age 46) - to realize there never was a race to the moon, ie the Soviets weren't competing - just sitting back and benefiting from American technology up to and including today. See an article in a major Canadian paper reporting we'll be handing over our Science Center to the Russians during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver:

Science Canada/USSR Russians to take over Science World for duration of Games. Vancouver Sun, Mar 28, 2009 (Science World will transform into Moscow South -- or Sochi North - when Russian officals take over the facility as their hospitality base during the 2010 Olympics.... It will take over all 62,000 square feet of public space in the geodesic-domed science museum, located on two levels and in the Omnimax Theatre.... "The Science World facility is an icon in the city and situated right smack in the middle of everything that's going on during the Games. It's a beautiful fit"...)

Recall, also, that during the 2005 Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans (suspected of being a man-made weather weapon) the USA handed control of the International Space Station to the Russians. See NEW ORLEANS' 911 and USSR USING WEAPONIZED WEATHER and USA HANDS USSR SPACE STATION

JFK - if he'd lived long enough - probably would have become suspicious of where the money for NASA was going and how far from reality the possibility of "landing a man on the moon in this decade" really was. If you read the interview with John Glenn - done seven months after JFK's death - you'll see that JFK asked probing questions and was capable of piecing things together. See INTERVIEW PROJECT MERCURY ASTRONAUT, COL JOHN GLENN

Actually, the day before he died - in a speech dedicating the Houston Space Center - JFK had made a witty slip of the tongue when describing an upcoming booster rocket as the "largest payROLL in history" instead of the "largest payLOAD".

And there's a funny anecdote about when JFK's 3-year old daughter, Caroline was introduced to John Glenn - him being mega-famous for being America's first man in space - and she looked right past him saying, "Where's the monkey?"

Here's a photo of JFK looking into the space capsule at a ceremony for John Glenn at Cape Canaveral, Florida (changed to Cape Kennedy from 1963-1973) in February 1962, a few days after Glenn had splashed into the water after his first space orbit:

JFK Space Text

The photo and text is from the book JOHN F. KENNEDY, by Joyce Milton, page 125: "The year 1962 began with a dramatic demonstration of American prowess in science and technology. Lt Col John H. Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth, completing three circuits in four hours and 55 minutes. The year also saw the first transatlantic television broadcast (via a Telstar comunications satellite) and the introduction of the industrial robot. American scientist James D. Watson shared the Nobel prize with Britain's Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins for their discovery of the structure of DNA . "Moon River" was the year's Grammy-winning song.... While the president was preoccupied with the Cuban missile crisis which had brought the superpowers to the brink of war.... the campus of Harvard University was in the grip of an LSD craze...."

There's also a touching story about comments JFK made at the Aero-Space Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas the day before he died, where he alluded to the death, three months previously, of his 2-day old son Patrick.

Here's the excerpt from the book JOHNNY WE HARDLY KNEW YE by O'Donnell & Powers, page 21: "...About 125,000 people lined the streets from the airport to Brooks Air Force Base where the President spoke at the dedication of the new Air Force School of Aero-Space Medicine.... We passed a school where all of the children were waving American flags. At the medical center, about twenty thousand people were fighting for the nine thousand seats before the platform where the President was to speak.... After his speech, the curious President ignored our time-pressed schedule and went to a building at the medical center to look at an oxygen chamber which simulated the atmosphereic pressure of an altitude of thirty thousand feet. He put on a headset telephone and questioned four young men who were inside the tank, and then he asked the scientist in charge of the experiment if his work in space medicine might lead to improving oxygen chambers for premature babies. The death of his infant son, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, was still weighing on the President's mind...."

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Happy 92nd Birthday, JFK, RiverFrontTimes, May 29, 2009
Kennedy's made his final visit to St. Louis on September 12, 1962 in order to tour the Gemini space capsule construction site at McDonnell Aircraft Corp. In a speech to congratulate the workers, the 35th and youngest elected president said, "I can imagine no action, no adventure which is more essential and more exciting than being involved in the the most important and significant adventure that any man has been able to participate in in the history of the world".... Kennedy was to have come again to St. Louis in October 1962, but the trip was cancelled at the last minute. The press was told that Kennedy had a cold, but the truth was a bit more sinister. Kennedy had just learned of the nuclear missile sites in Cuba...)




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