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The documentary Dark Side of the Moon was available on CBC VOD (Video On Demand) about 11 months ago. I watched it twice, recorded on to VHS, and then it disappeared permanently from the VOD was the ONLY one that was deleted!

I checked up some of the info, and it's quite intriguing to find that many of the things mentioned in the film could actually be true, and not just a spoof, as Peter Mansbridge at the end disclaimer reiterates.

I think if Kubrick directed the initial moon landings, the budget was huge, therefore the stage could have been, I estimate about 3 football fields in diameter. The most expensive footage ever made in a studio.

If you look closely at some of the moonwalk footage of especially Apollo 14 and 16, you would swear that they are suspended by wires, most noticeable when they are tripping and trying to get up. It could have been the greatest perpetrated hoax on humanity in history.

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I was thinking of the documentary Dark Side of the Moon yesterday when Rumsfeld was all over the news resigning as Secretary of Defense, playing, as he had, such a big role in the moon hoax. He's been around as long as Kissinger it seems, behind the scenes in America, pulling the strings of all the presidents - except JFK.

Rumsfield, 74, stepping down (first held the job a generation ago, when he was appointed by President Ford). MNSBC, Nov 8, 2006

In Dark Side of the Moon Rumsfeld says it was his idea to fake the moon landing and get Kubrick to film it.

I wasn't aware that CBC made videos available of Dark Side of the Moon. I recorded it when it aired on TV and so never had to go looking for a copy. Too bad it's disappeared down the memory hole as it really is a film everyone should see. If fake moon landings aren't the GREATEST hoax on humanity, they at least rank up there near the top.

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Moon Hoax, The (SemiReal): Another Masterpiece By Stanley Kubrick
In early 1968, Mr. Kubrick was secretly approached by NASA officials who presented him with a lucrative offer to "direct" the first three moon landings. Initially Kubrick declined, as "2001: A Space Odyssey" was in post-production at the time, but NASA sweetened the deal by offering to allow Mr. Kubrick exclusive access to the alien artifacts and autopsy footage from the Roswell crash site. NASA further leveraged their position by threatening to publicly reveal the heavy involvement of Mr. Kubrick's younger brother, Raul, with the American Communist Party. This would have been an intolerable embarrassment to Mr. Kubrick, especially since the release of "Dr. Strangelove". Kubrick finally relented, and for sixteen months he and a special effects team -- led by Douglas Trumbull -- worked in a specially-built sound stage in Huntsville, Alabama, "creating" the first and second moon landings. This effort resulted in hundreds of hours of 35mm and video "footage" of the Apollo 11 and 12 moon missions. The bogus Apollo 11 mission was masterfully staged in July of 1969. A Saturn V rocket with astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins was launched into low Earth orbit, remaining there while NASA carefully released Kubrick's studio footage to the press. After the spectacular "lunar landing" and "return to Earth," the astronauts reentered Earth's atmosphere and made a perfect splash down in the Pacific, right on schedule. Several months later, the Apollo 12 mission was successfully staged in a similar manner...

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